Part 8





Where can we start?


It is time to realize that this moment is universal and includes the All. In it is no past, neither is there a feature. There is only this moment and it contains everything. Some things might seem related to the past, while others belong to the feature. Yet this moment holds only the wholeness of all there is. We exist in the moment, influence the moment and are the moment. The moment flows like a river in an endless continuum of organic energies.  

It is through the working of our rational minds that we have dissected the whole. We have done it with the intent to gain understanding. We have observed it as if everything is separate from one another. We have divided things into a synchronized order of events to get a deeper meaning. Through this process we have created invisible walls between not only the world around us, but between some arenas of ourselves that we hold within our energy fields.

We have focused on the physical world where the effect of energy is experienced as frozen entities. The world of matter only holds a reflection of a greater truth. Somewhere along the way we have forgotten that what we see is the effect and not the cause. We have forgotten that we are apprentices and this is our school.

We are under the impression that this life is more real then our higher arenas of existence and through this, we have caused this world to be more real then it really is.  The bigger part of us is a divine conscious manifestation of our higher selves. These parts are meant to give guidance through the world of gross matter. Parts of us are the evolving innocence that we assist in the journey back to a world of higher existence.

Even though we assume that we are here to bring change, look at how life influence all of our thoughts as well as our emotions. If we can uplift ourselves above the self-created layers of beliefs and negative inner experiences, we will be able to let go of frozen energies and become the whole we once where before. The experiences we have now on earth will get their true meaning… It assists us in evolving back to the spiritual being we once where. The new additional experiences enhance the wisdom we hold. It gives us a deeper understanding of the perfect beings we really are, as well as of the immense power we hold.     

We have to get a different understanding of whom we are if we want to become the masters of our own thoughts and feeling in any given arena or situation in life.

It does not mean that what we know about our being is wrong; it is just limited to a portion of our existence. Most of us do not acknowledge the bigger part of who we are. It is more like there is parts within us that we have never acknowledge. It is now the time to become aware of all the visible and the invisible faculties within ourselves. The present frame of mind of who we are is not enough to propel us foreword on our journeys. It is not enough to make us true free beings.

We are not only held in physical captivity, we are also held in psychological captivity through social conditioning. With this limited perception, we do not realize our ability to choose our own thoughts or feelings at any time. Our ideas are controlled by social conditioning and life circumstances.


It is not outside forces that limit our full potential.

The only limitations are our own beliefs.











The way we view life now is illusive. We focus on the effect and mistake it for the cause. Every day we are put in a certain arena of life. If challenges evoke anger or fear, we blame the situation, person or experience for the way we feel. Little do we realize that the situation was brought on by the totality of our own consciousness.

Instead of taking the situation for what it really is, we focus only on the manifested situation. We might even belief that the entire negative is orchestrate by some higher forces, or that it came to us as punishment from God. The manifested situation is only the effect of the way we utilize and experience the energies of our own arenas of consciousness.

If we realize that the situations we are drawn to are the cause of our own doings, we can start seeing the true reflection of ourselves. We will know what to change, as well as how to change in each situation. The physical situation is the effect. We do not see it in the effect, for the effect in itself has different meanings to all of us.

We have to focus on the thoughts, feelings, words and action we choose during any given situation. The situation and the challenges we experience are not what they seem. They are forces of energy that is drawn to us by the hidden vibrations within each of us. These low vibrations are the negative thoughts and harmful emotions we hide within our own subconscious minds.

Each life situation holds thus the potential to show us the parts within ourselves that keeps us back in life. These parts may be forgotten by our rational minds, yet it controls us unknowingly.

The feeling that someone else may evoke in us is the feeling that must be transformed by us. Instead of saying that someone else causes the anger in us, say that someone show us the quality of our own anger. This is an opportunity to transform that anger to its true pure quality, to evolve as spiritual beings and align with divinity.

If we understand this, we’ll realize that each of our thoughts about another does not describe anything separate from ourselves. As we think of it, we imagine it, as we imagine it, we align with a feeling that enhances the thoughts through which we create. Our bodies experience the effect of these thoughts through the emotions that follow. By judging someone else, we experience what we say or think as if we are in that situation.

If most of our thoughts are about the negative or destructive behavior of others, we are exactly that. It means that our average frequencies are determined by the way we think, feel, speak and act. It does not matter if it is about a situation separate of us. All our thoughts, feelings, words and actions create the life challenges we experience.

The only way we can change the world around us is by changing the way we experience it. If we can do this, the world will change in accordance. This is how we can bring heaven on earth.

Start by seeing the good in ourselves, the good in those around us, the good in our enemies, and the good in all of creation. Create the energetic vibrations that will align us with the perfect beings we are, and align with the perfect manifestation from God as Jesus did, and align eventually with the divine consciousness of the Universal Essence. 




Everything in the world around us is neutral. The way we understand, evaluate and experience objects form either a positive or a negative perception in the form of conscious energy patterns around it. For this discussion, we can use money as an example, for it influences so many of us. Some of us see money as good while others see it as evil. This does not mean money is either of these aspects. It is neutral just as any other object. Being rich or poor does not influence spiritual growth.

A perception around separateness, social conditioning and ego-consciousness impedes spiritual growth. It can cause a person with no money to resent those with a lot and see them as selfish or evil. We might then feel betrayed by not being rich. In other cases, when we have money in abundance, we might look down on those with less then us. If we class ourselves above the rest, money shows the distortions that exist within us.

This does not make money the negative force. A perception build around Essence consciousness has no place for judgment, for we all are experiencing abundance in our own unique ways.

At the end money is a neutral power that can be either used for good or bad, as for it is energy. Just as thoughts and emotions, the way we choose to see it influence our consciousness in either a positive or a negative way. It is our choice. By ignoring money and living a good live with no need for it, we assimilate the energy it portray in a positive way, for it has not interfere with the journey to freedom. We might dislike money and act as if we have no need for it, see it as an evil force and those who have in abundance as sinners. On the other hand, we might assume being poor is degrading and that money is the measure of status, which separate the higher class from the lower. We are in both cases the ones that choose to be aware of the negative aspects of lower consciousness and hold on to it.

It is our choice to assimilate the energy that money represents in either a positive or a negative way. The choices we make create the beings we are. We can use any physical object in existence either in a positive, or a negative way. It is our choice how we do it. Intent is the ultimate force of consciousness from where we act in accordance with our Essences, or in accordance with our egos.




All cultures with their diversity of religions explain the world of spirit in their own unique ways. Self-created religious doctrines are filled with detailed explanations and rules about the symbolized teachings that once had originated from pure spirit. These teachings are shaped and rationalized to fit the perception of the group involved in it.

Even though there are so many interpretations of the spiritual realm, all religions belief that we are spiritual beings in a physical body. This is described in many different words, yet in essence it stays the same. The spiritual part of who you are is described as our true Selves or Souls. This part of us is ultimately connected to what is explained as the Source of all creation or the wisdom of God. We could easily confuse our identities from the created world with our real spiritual selves. 

We are taught according to our culture’s perception about the world of spirit. The real meaning of these teachings is influenced by the perception of our teachers, social conditioning, as well as by the way we interpret and understand them ourselves.

        If awareness is only centered on the created world, the personal needs of our personalities will influence the meaning of these teachings. Our physical situation will be of most importance and the true inner meaning of the spiritual teachings will not be seen. We will interpret these lessons through our intellect so that they can make sense to our inflexible perceptions of the created world. The only way we would know if we have misinterpret these teachings is through our world of feeling consciousness, which we experience as emotions.




Life may seem more in favor to some then it is to others.  It is only true if we are controlled by ego-consciousness.  Not any of us can escape the emotional challenges life brings to us. We all experience the same emotions once created by us. We may try to protect our children from the harmful emotions, but it will be of no avail. It does not matter how hard we try to protect them from the negativity life holds. Eventually they will discover sadness, anger and fear. Not one of us is free from these emotions. We have experienced all qualities of existence in the form of emotions. We have seen the effect of long-term negative emotional thoughts. We have the ability to choose the thoughts, emotions, words and actions that we associate ourselves with.

          Do not compare our challenges to that of anybody else. Not any challenge is beyond our abilities. The situation itself can be misleading, for the challenge it brought does not lay in the physical appearance, but in the quality of our behavior.

To some, worry and fear only sets in when they have nothing to eat. Another will have the same degree of worry and fear if not having luxuries; others may experience the same because of the subtlest reasons. If we get use to our lifestyles, we automatically put ourselves in a comfort zone. The lifestyle that we want creates the challenge we receive.






Meditation is a very important tool that can assist us tremendously on our journeys. The best way to describe meditation from a holistic perspective is as the art of inner silence. What is the aim of meditation?

It is used as a tool to relax and assist in healing. Meditation makes us aware of our bodies, our breathing, our natural balancing systems and other subtle processes within our bodies.

          All these aspects of meditation are of great benefit, but are mostly related to therapeutic relaxation. The greater benefit it holds is that we can align our lower bodies and center on a spatial awareness that fuses with a universal consciousness. We align with the untainted universal part of ourselves without interference of mental, emotional and physical stresses. Thus, we tap into a part of ourselves from where our original blueprint radiates.

          It is also a way of bringing the negative information within the subconscious and deep subconscious minds to conscious awareness. Beliefs, traumatic experiences and other distorted psychological behavior are hidden from our conscious awareness. This makes it difficult to understand our own behavior.

          We act different in stressful situations than what we would like to. The only way to change this behavior is to become aware of the issues that empower it from within us.

The art of inner silence is a wonderful way of opening to higher perceptual senses. These senses are able to pick up the origin of any distorted energy pattern. Our higher senses are able to pick up experiences in accordance with their meaning from a spatial or universal arena of consciousness.

How to meditate


It is important to be relaxed in all dimensions of physical consciousness. It includes the body, our lower will, our emotional state as well as our mental activities.

          The physical body is the fist to relax. Any muscle tension, or other tension in the body is a sign of emotions we hold onto. If we relax our bodies, it is easier to connect with calmness in the higher dimensions.

Stay relaxed; yet always be aware of your body and its senses. Be aware of the sense of sight. Notice everything around you. Have a good look at your hands and observe it for a few minutes. Close your eyes and focus on the sense of hearing. Be aware of every sound, no matter how subtle. Move your awareness on the sense of taste. Be aware of the flavors in your mouth. Taste your skin… Now focus your awareness on the sense of smell. Be aware of the aroma of air, the freshness it holds or any other scent. Focus on the sense of touch. Experience everything that your body is in contact with. Be aware of all your physical senses.

Proper breathing is very important. It must be relaxing, rhythmic and with a proper inhale and exhale. Be aware of the silence between the in-breathe and out-breathe. It will assist in taking us to the super sensory state of higher perceptual awareness. Make sure every muscle in your body is relaxed. Start at your toes, focus from there on every body part and give in to the freedom deep relaxation holds.

Now become aware of the sense of movement. While still relaxed, move your arm slowly from the one side to the other. Be aware of the different sensations around your arm when you change direction. Now become aware of the position of your body. You have reached a state where your body is open to the natural flow of all energies. 

The next step is to connect to a beautiful experience. This will bring emotions forth that are in line with the experience higher feeling consciousness holds. Higher feeling consciousness hold the true evaluation of higher mind consciousness.

We transform power with our thoughts and experience the result through our emotions. Emotions of courage and joy open our awareness to the super-sensory abilities that resides within us.  We should not expect an overwhelming spiritual experience of the self; these experiences are of different meaning. They are for us to experience, but do not hold the only key to true self-understanding. As they come, they may go. The true inner journey beyond the heart is of super subtle sensory nature.  It is beyond experience of the normal senses, thoughts and emotions. To experience it is beyond silence, calmness and serenity. It is to experience the consciousness that already exist within us. It means no mission out there, no loud noise, no overwhelming emotional sensation, just an acceptance of the perfection in the way everything is, a perfection that need no change. This is where the journey takes us. The Self that is the Source. The Source that is the Self, and what we see, a subtle reflection of the Self… The Source that is interconnected through all…

The stuck emotions that are hidden just underneath consciousness might be brought foreword and evoke thoughts in accordance. By relaxing the body, we ensure that all conscious energy patterns can flow freely through our bodies. It also ensures that we can cleanse ourselves of any negativity.

When we calm our thoughts and give over to an inner silence, we align with our higher dimensions and can then experience images that relate to Essence consciousness, rather than ego-consciousness.


          To master the art of inner silence is an ongoing process. We need to learn patients, courage and devotion. Our rational thoughts are eager to interpret any images we become aware of. This automatically brings our attention back to lower mind consciousness, for any intellectual reasoning is part of the lower mind.

The images from our higher mind should be evaluated by higher feeling consciousness and expressed through higher will consciousness before we can interpret it through our intellect. We have to master the ability to experience not any thoughts when images enter our awareness during meditation.  If this can be done with consistency, we will align our awareness with a more expanded degree of consciousness. Images will be experienced in accordance with the spatial awareness higher mind consciousness holds.

There is not just one step-by-step system that leads us to inner silence. There are countless ways. A deeper understanding gives us the ability to create a way that suits us best.

Protect yourself from the negative experiences you might hold onto within the deep subconscious mind. We want to transform these experiences, not be confused and overwhelmed by them. Choose the experience you want and let your mind guide your awareness to that area. Be aware of the immense wisdom, beauty and power that radiate from the universal Essence, or any spiritual figure that uphold this perfection.

The only demons that we might have to concur are those created by ourselves. Meditation opens us to higher dimensions of consciousness. Unfortunately, the negative energy patterns we hold onto within our subconscious and deep subconscious minds limit us to experience only that.

Thus, even though meditation enhances evolution of consciousness, we are still connected to the universal laws of consciousness. Meditation is a wonderful tool we can use to come face to face with the negative aspect within us that we have ignored till now. The silence within makes us aware of any negativity we relate unknowingly with. Do not turn away from it. Do not blame somebody else for it and do not try to cover it with positive affirmations… use the situation to transform the negative to its original quality.  









As we evolve through consciousness, we naturally become aware of higher degrees of power. To evolve, we have to change. Different abilities within us function simultaneously to manifest the realities we desire. To evolve, we have to transform the part within us that keep us where we are. We have to search the subconscious to discover the distorted beliefs that keeps us in bondage.

          We have to rid ourselves from the habits that have evolved around it by not doing it. At the same time, we have to clear our energy fields of obstructed negativity by letting go through forgiveness, and focus on the higher qualities we want. We dream up the feature in accordance. These processes are all part of transformation and are taking place instantaneously.

In the following discussion, it will be divided in four categories. This is just to give us a better understanding of the processes involved in personal transformation and spiritual growth.   

  • The Art of Recapitulation  – Tracing the subconscious
  • The Art of Not-Doing – Transform negative behavior
  • The Art of Letting Go – Cleansing and Forgiveness
  • The Art of Dreaming – Creating the Feature  







A situation from the past can be made real in the moment. As soon as a negative or traumatic situation from the past is triggered…make it real. Remember it now as you have seen it then. Experience the emotions that you have created in the past. Make it real… The images, the emotions, the thoughts and the words must be made real.

          This is the only way a situation that causes stuck emotions can be freed. The situation was frozen as emotional thought forms in time and space. The negative emotions we experienced mostly at present are in accordance with the way we have processed a traumatic experience long ago.

We must realize that all negative feelings, emotions and experiences that we have not transformed are still alive within us. It is from this frozen time-space continuum where it controls our conscious awareness without us knowing it. 

The past exists within the moment. This means that we can observe a traumatic experience in the past from a more matured perspective.  We can transform the feelings this experience creates by interpret the situation from a different frame of mind.  In this way we cleanse ourselves of emotions that obstruct our spiritual growth by transforming them to a better quality.

For the first time, the part of us that were hiding from life somewhere within us can meet the part that is in alignment with our higher arenas of consciousness. A relief is now possible, for we do not have to hang onto it. We understand.

To ignore a destructive emotion we hold onto can cause just as much harm then to struggle with that emotion. Hidden emotions can be tricky to those not aware.  We are on a journey of Self-discovery. A part of it is to discover those things we do not want to remember. It takes courage to process the negative experiences within us. Transform it to its highest quality and make friends with it so that we can love those parts within us that were for so long forgotten.

To know ourselves, are to know our bodies, the vehicle and receptor of life, as well as the emotions and the thoughts that are drawn through us.  Know them all, their relations and their lessons.

If this is done, all will balance and form a subtle synchronized foundation from where the journey to our hearts can begin. To reach our next destiny could happen in a blink of an eye, or it could take many lifetimes…

How long this will take depends entirely on how willing we are to trace the arenas of the subconscious mind.

To look deep inside the Self and be totally honest takes courage. This courage is in reach of us all, yet so few of us have enough of it to be completely honest with ourselves. Without knowing it, we might fear to feel old feelings, for they are now part of the sub consciousness.  Our subconscious minds influence our daily lives tremendously. If we do not know some parts of us for it is to painful, to angry, or to worthless, we’ll be controlled by it, even though we do our best to get away from it.

          This causes so many of us to fight and resist part of us. We disregard part of who we are as foreign just because it is contaminated with the residue of a secondary emotion. Rather let us rid ourselves from the affect of a negative emotion, than to ignore a part of who we are.






To change means not to do what we previously have done. We act, think and are emotionally in a routine that are formed by our restricted perceptions. Repetition leads to habit, and habits lead to boredom, and eventually we are hooked to a cycle of habits.  Even if we do come to the realization of change, it might be of short term, for as soon as we relax our attention, we will be over swamped by our old habits.

As we have traced the subconscious, memories are brought foreword that we now understand differently. The affect of these memories may still haunt us. They are caught within our behavioral patterns in the form of habits.

Transformation may have occurred within our deeper dimensions, but the behavioral patterns that were created by it might draw situations of the same qualities into our lives. If transformation is not fully rooted, another negative belief system may be formed around the situations we draw into our lives. We have to be aware of all the negative habits and behave in an opposite way. It includes the way we act, think and feel.

In the beginning it might be difficult, even draining, for we act in a different way we normally would. By doing this we change the way we use to behave.  We can only change if we know our selves.  This is why it is so important to trace the subconscious.

Why then don’t we just get rid of these habits? Everything is energy and energy cannot be destroyed; neither can it be created; yet we can transform it. By transforming our perceptions, we transform power, and by transforming power, we transform the world we see…

For any permanent change, we have to stay focused on our new perceptions. It is not something we can apply for a while and then forget. It is an ongoing process. We have to focus on our new perceptions and be aware of any old habit at all times. We must be aware of the new perceptions till we become it and it becomes us.

The physical form of existence is denser than the higher dimensions. This coarseness gives us the slowest experience universal consciousness holds. It is the only arena of consciousness that is divided in sequential time and separate space. In the higher dimensions, everything happens instantaneously.

Even though each thought have an immediate spatial and universal affect, we experience the sequential affect in portions. Therefore, we do not give the time for the whole process to play of and see the changes that enfold from it. We therefore assume our thoughts have only a limited influence on our lives. We experience everything in slow motion. An event that takes place within an instant are taken apart and divided into time and space. This is why we need patients, faith and courage to manifest the new reality. We need to form a clear image of our new beliefs, transform our old habits and replace them with new ones. Keep on doing it repeatedly till it becomes the habit. Thus, we are not limited to our views of existence, even though it might appear that we are disconnected from this magic.

By not doing repetitive behavior of negative thoughts, emotions, words and actions, newly shaped conscious energy patterns enter our subconscious minds and eventually our deep subconscious minds. Transformation is only real if it is applied in all arenas of consciousness. The quality of our new perceptions brings us in alignment with Essence Consciousness.

We experience a newly created reality and disconnect from ego-consciousness by transforming the energies it holds. Universal energies will then flow freely through our fields of consciousness to the Universal Field of Consciousness, and back to us again. Our realities can then be experienced for the truths it holds from the arena of divine perceptual consciousness.     






We cleanses ourselves by letting all energy patterns flow rhythmically through us from the lower to the higher dimensions, and to the Universal Field of Consciousness.

Within the Universal Field of Consciousness, these energies are rejuvenated and send back to us as divine life supporting energies, injected with the positive experiences of all in existence, as well as the Universal Essence. If we hold onto any negative experiences, the flow of conscious energy patterns will only be limited to our deep subconscious minds from where it is reflected back to conscious awareness. Even though ego-consciousness within the deep subconscious is only limited to a lower perceptual awareness, it is still connected to a lower dimensional universal consciousness from where all negativity is strengthened by powerful morphogenic energy fields.

We cannot change any physical experience we ever had, but we can change the way we response to these situations. Through this we cleanse ourselves of the negativity we hold within ourselves.

If we have relived a situation that may have been an obstacle in reaching our potential, and if we have transformed the way we feel and think towards the situation by not doing, the only thing that is left is to rid ourselves of all the negativity that are controlling us. This part of who we were has served in its duty in intensifying our lessons. We can clear it from our existence by transforming it so that we can be fluid again, for no part in us should prevent us from being free.

It can be perfected through forgiveness, which is the art of letting go. Forgiveness is not a noble act where we free someone else of our anger. It is a noble act where we free ourselves of our own anger. We free ourselves from the negative energy patterns that prevent us from moving foreword. It is the last act of cleansing before we can align with our highest power through which we can create the world we want.






By clearing the passed, a new world needs to be created. It is not possible to clear the passed without filling it.  The past is part of the eternal now, as well as part of each of us.  By sending a part of us back to the world it belongs, we should fill the void with what we deserve. For if we don’t, life might surprise us and give us the unexpected.  

This is connected to the world of dreaming. A world ignored, yet fascinated by most, but so powerful as to create a world of many realities. Some may deny dreams, but any invention started of as a dream. A friction of our imagination… Without seeing it this way, nothing new can be invented.  Dreaming is the only connection we have to the universal awareness of Essence consciousness.

This is the doorway to new ideas and insights behind thoughts. Without this, our minds can only search for what there already is. It may look new, but still is only a combined effort of those before. So align with Essence consciousness and dream! Bring in new ideas and share it with the world, for what we know is not enough. We need to dream. We need to imagine, for this is where creativity is at its peak. We combine this with the rational mind, centered from the heart…




As we expand our consciousness, we realize our highest goal is to become the beings we once were and to exist in a universe we once did. We are created to the image of God. Thus, we are in one with the divine within us. Our universal aim is to become all that once again. To be the untainted image of God, we have to experience the divinity it holds.

         God is All. He is everywhere and within everything in existence. To be one with God, we have to respect, accept, understand and love everything that ever was and will be, for God can only be found within all.

          From the highest levels of our consciousness we connect to the universal awareness of our creator. Day and night becomes a blink of the eye. A year, a lifetime and even eternity is locked within this day, within this moment, in this space and everywhere else.

Even within the tiniest floating spec of dust, only visible in the reflection of the sun, exists the infinite power of the entire universe.




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