Part 7




The main reason for our existence is to expand consciousness. We have to face certain lessons or tests before any spiritual growth can take place. These tests are drawn to us in the form of life experiences. They come to us in many ways, but can be divided in two main arenas.  The first arena is natural life experiences and the second arena is self-created life experiences. The way these experiences represent themselves depends on how open or restricted our perceptions are, as well as the experiences we hold within our subconscious and deep subconscious minds. The lessons that we learn through these experiences help us to build character and integrity. It gave us the experience we need for access to higher levels of teachings around an expanded awareness of consciousness.

Our natural life experiences are the tests that originate from the third and forth dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness. These tests are within the life experiences we have on earth. They occur automatically and not any of us can escape them.

The second group of tests comes to us as self-created Life experiences. These tests are formed around the way we choose to handle the lessons that flow from our natural life experiences. It includes this lifetime and the lifetimes before this one. Each one of us create our own unique set of lessons and test through the way we think, feel and act at all times. It does not matter where we are. Every thought we have, every emotion we experience, each word we speak and all the endeavors we take determine our own unique blend of tests and lessons. Self-created life experiences arise from all the choices we have ever made, our negative creations and the way we relate towards everyone and everything that exist within the Universal Field of Consciousness.

All life experiences are meant to assist with our spiritual growth. Spiritual growth opens our consciousness to a deeper and subtler understanding of the divine power of God. It prepares us for our journey back to the highest dimensions were we can be co-creators once again and assists in the divine evolution of Universal Consciousness, untainted by the lower energies of fear, pain, suffering and distrust.

 The natural and self-created life experiences are interwoven with each other and influence all the conscious energy patterns of the Human Field of Consciousness.

What follows is a quick look at the tests that is locked in the natural life experiences on earth and the influence of the Universal Laws of Consciousness on our spiritual growth.


What follow is a brief look at the natural life experiences that challenge our level of awareness and the lessons they hold in the third dimension of the Universal Field of Consciousness: All these tests should be experienced with courage, love and trust. This will propel us foreword to a higher experience and understanding of consciousness. It is not as much about the physical experiences we go through with these challenges, it is more about the psychological processes that they awake in us.

The first lessons make us aware of our basic needs on earth. Here we experience the need for survival, shelter, food and safety. We become aware of our relations on earth. These experiences are part of our instinctive behavior. The influence of the group or species we belong to plays a huge role in how we handle challenges in these areas of our existence. The smaller group, tribe or family we belong to have an even greater influence on our perceptions.

This is where we react instinctively. It could be seen as the domain of our instinctive intelligence and contain all the programming of existence before us. Instinctive behavior only comes to the front when we are in very stressful situations. Most of the times we act instinctively without taking our positive higher development in consideration. It also happens that the negative experiences we have created in the higher dimensions through intellectual reasoning can contaminate positive information within the instinctive brain.  This is where we learn about self-worth. To belong and to be part of this world…

The second group of experiences evolves around our one-on-one relationship with the individuals within our lives. It includes family members, friends, our children and our partners.

The second group of tests also includes lessons around passion, and sexuality. The experience of sex in the first sub-dimension of our consciousness is instinctive and about survival of the species. In the second sub-dimension of our consciousness sex are experienced as more then just instinctive, it include passion and intimacy and is evolving to a means where two individuals can connect on a spiritual level and enjoy the passion that arises from the two energy fields that combine as one.

        It is also where we experience the emotions we hold within us. It is manifested in physical form as our emotional or mammalian brains. We hold emotions in this area, experience them and let their effect be seen. The emotions we hold on to and the way they influence us are hold in the tests and the lessons of the second sub-dimension of our consciousness. This is experienced as emotional intelligence. This is also where we learn about self-esteem and the way we feel about ourselves.

The third group of tests and lessons evolve around our relationship with the world and ourselves. This is where we learn about self-confidence and that we can accomplish anything we set our minds on. This is where the power of others challenges us, some dominate and others are dominated. We learn more about our own power and to respect the power of others, for we all are equal. This is also where we learn to generate the power that will bring success, respect and intelligence in our lives. The intellectual brain gives us the opportunity to choose the way we want to interpret life situations. From here we can change the negativity of all lower dimensions and evolve to the higher dimensions according to the momentum we choose.

The fourth group of tests in the third dimension is about the way we experience love. It is where we learn about giving and receiving love. If there is no balance, love will be seen as draining, or something we need to work for. This is where we receive lessons about the way unconditional love oscillates. We are tested in many ways to see if we can love all human beings, no matter how much we differ from one another. We learn how to forgive, the meaning of letting go and the way it cleanse our energy fields. More then half of the cells in our hearts are of the same structure as our brain cells, bringing us to the intelligence surrounding unconditional love and can be seen as intelligence of the heart.

The fifth arena of tests is around the way we express ourselves. Do we say what we feel and truly belief, or do we say what we think others want to hear? This is where we experience lessons around the power of the word. We prepare ourselves so that we can speak our own realities into being. It is amazing what can be accomplished when we speak with confidence about what we belief in. This is where we experience intelligence of the word.

The sixth arena of tests within the third dimension is about the way we see and experience the world around us. We learn about divine discrimination. If all the previous challenges are not met, discrimination will be seen as judgment, for we do not always know what the truth of discrimination is. Divine discrimination does not imply that someone is bad or looked down on, for we know we all are one and the same.

We also know that there are energy patterns within the universe that could keep us locked in the lower dimension; therefore we have to discriminate wisely between the quantity, as well as the quality of the different energy patterns we relate to. The energy patterns that oscillate lower then us can either be transformed, or left alone, for no being are denied of free will and as such can resist change. It is therefore important to realize that everything you change in you is enough to change the world. If enough people have changed, all those who resist will change in accordance, for they are part of us as we are part of them. Instead of wasting our time on a stubborn individual, focus on the whole, of which your Self are the centre. Those who are stubborn will change in accordance without draining any one of us, for the power of divine essence is overwhelming.

        The seventh arena of tests evolves around our spiritual relationship with God. Do we experience any hidden issues, fear or anger? The way of spirituality must always have the sound of power, love and trust. If it is contaminated in any way, the teachings will loose their pureness and meaning, for God hold only good. Each time we associate God with any form of lower energy, we reflect spirituality from within our limited understanding back to the world around us. From here we take it in as what we see out there. We should cleanse our inner worlds so that spirituality can be seen for what it really is.

One day we will realize that fear is the distorted view of respect, anger is the distorted view of the tremendous power beyond passion and firmness, depression is the distorted experience of transformation and the spiritual longing to grow. The fluctuating happiness we gain from experiences in this world is the distorted experience of inner joy…















All tests, lessons and life experiences are directed by the Universal Laws of Consciousness. These laws govern the flow of divine energy and are the guiding forces beyond the evolution of consciousness. They are the basic coding for the composition of energy and govern as such our spiritual growth, the dimension we have to incarnate on and the challenges we experience. These laws form the blueprint for the natural flow of all energy within the Universal Field of Consciousness.

The Universal laws are thus part of the deeper functioning of energy. As all energy is conscious, these laws are conscious. If we gain a better understanding on how the natural flow of energy operates, we will gain a better understanding of these invisible higher forces. This understanding will give us a clear perspective on the life situations that we assume are controlling us. It will also give us the opportunity to create life situations that is in harmony with these laws so that we can experience a wondrous journey through the evolution of consciousness. If we do not understand the meaning of our life challenges, they will return to us with more intensity till the needed experiences is gained that prepare us for higher evolution. If it was any other way, the whole process of evolution might be interrupted or obstructed.

What we understand as energy and what we experience, as spirituality is essentially one and the same. Energy is the basis of what we experience as existence. The small part of existence that we can measure and understand is seen as energy. The bigger part of existence that we vaguely experience, but cannot see is known as spirit. Energy is the part of spirit we can experience, study and around which we build most of our intellectual understanding.

Through gaining a better understanding of the natural energy processes, we gain the wisdom needed to understand the invisible world of spirituality. It also gives us a better understanding of the Universal laws that governs our spiritual growth and the challenges we face. It is these laws that determine the level of consciousness we experience. It ensures that we experience only lessons and tests in accordance with the dimension in the universe that resonates with our energy fields.

The Universal laws guarantees that the challenges we meet can be manage by us. If we are propelled to a dimension that vibrates higher than what we are ready for, the challenges will overwhelm us, for the power that animates from our level of consciousness are not enough to understand or manage the truths of the higher dimensions. It also guarantees that no soul that holds negative energy patterns can contaminate the higher dimensions, for negativity can only exists in the lower dimensions.

By understanding the universal laws of consciousness and their application to the world bring us in touch with power beyond our intellectual understanding. These laws were known for a very long time, but not acknowledge by most. As our consciousness evolved, we are more open to their deeper meaning. Most of us were, and still are so busy with lower existence that there are no time for understanding the higher dimension or the wisdom they hold. If we do not open ourselves to the meaning of these laws and how they influence our lives, any situations that arises from outside our comfort zones and challenge us to grow, will fill us with fear, anger or depression. We will act like nervous trapped animals trying to escape the impossible.

Understanding these laws are not meant to open any shortcuts; it gave us a better understanding of our tests and lessons. It helps us to build great knowledge and the strength of character to apply the knowledge we have gained. These laws will be meaningless if it is taken as pure intellectual knowledge. They should be applied in our lives, for the lessons they hold can only be completed in the moment they happen.

Intellectual knowledge gives us a better understanding. The way we experience life challenges on all levels of our existence determines if we are ready to gain access to higher levels of teachings. The way we handle all life experiences give us prove that we have the discipline to handle the responsibility that comes with higher knowledge.

Learn to pay attention to your thoughts, for your thoughts are the gateway to your mind. Your mind is the gateway to higher consciousness, which is the gateway to your divine essence. We have to realize that our true minds are free from social conditioning and hold the power that can create all the power that is needed to guarantee happiness, peace and the spiritual love that will take us back home again.



Everything in the Universe consists of energy. Everything is energy. This brings us to the understanding that we all are part of one greater whole. Not any one of us, or anything in existence can escape this. Not anything can step outside the Universal Field of Consciousness, for we are part of it. 




All conscious energy patterns are in motion. Everything vibrates. It includes our thoughts, emotions, actions, desires and what we will. The only different in these experiences is there frequencies, or the way they oscillate.   Higher levels of consciousness consist of higher vibrations. Lower levels of consciousness consist of lower vibration. Thoughts of higher quality, as serenity, peace, harmony and the understanding of interconnectedness have a much higher frequency then thoughts of violence, separateness and negativity. Higher vibrations radiate further out then low vibrations.  Emotions like love, compassion, joy and courage has a higher vibration as hatred, jealousy, depression, guilt or shame. Negativity, pain, suffering, and even viruses are of low vibrations and cannot reside for long in the higher vibrations.

WE ALL ARE INDIVIDUAL – Energy never rests. It moves, vibrates and pulsates. Each conscious energy pattern has a unique vibration that gives it individuality. All conscious energy patterns within a bigger energy field create a unique frequency, which gives individuality to the whole pattern. In the same way, the patterns of all the energy within our energy fields give each one of us a unique experience of consciousness. Through this we can be aware of our own individual presences.  Each conscious energy pattern, as well as the whole energy field of which it is part can transform their frequencies to a higher or a lower tone. This brings us to the conclusion that even though we are part of the one greatness, we all are individual with the power of free will to choose our own unique frequencies. Different energy frequencies can have a great influence on one another; we can therefore choose to give our power to energy patterns outside of ourselves and be in control of others; or we can learn to master the flow of our own power and be in control of our own lives.

WE ALL ARE EQUAL – Any one of us, including all things in existence consist of conscious energy patterns and can transform their frequencies in countless ways. On an energetic level, we all are equal. We all are individualized Essences surrounded by pure divine energy and animate a certain range of frequencies in the form of conscious energy patterns. These patterns resemble our psychological function and can be transformed through our perception from the lowest vibrations of consciousness to the quality and openness of divine essence.  We all are equal and have the right to be fully realized to the degree that each of us deserve. It is only our socialization, cultural beliefs and lower values that caused us to forget this. By not believing that we all are equal we deny our own power. We are all children of God and it is time to realize our full human potential. We can experience life in a full productive way filled with trust love and divine beauty.



Energy never rests, it is active, creating and expressing infinite experiences. Within the higher dimensions are no restrictions of coarseness as in the lower dimensions of our resent understanding of consciousness. The only action needed to transform energy is that of thought. Thus, within the higher dimensions, manifestation results from subtle actions. In even higher dimensions, manifestation results from will. Within Essence Consciousness, creation is intended into manifestation. 

Within the third dimension of The Universal Field of Consciousness, the power of thought does create, but physical manifestation can only result if we take a stronger approach to action. The coarseness of conscious energy patterns within the third dimension is more limited to motion than the conscious energy patterns within the higher dimensions.

 Every thought we have transforms consciousness. The thoughts with the strongest feelings attached to it have the best chance to create and transform. That is why anger and fear manifest so easily in our lives, for it is easier to focus our awareness and thought processes on the overwhelming feelings these emotions create.

We need to learn discipline and to focus when we apply action to create. Action cannot be applied on only one field of existence. This is not enough. It takes action to form the ideas around the dreams we want to bring in manifestation. It takes action to keep our will centered on these ideas. It takes action to choose the thoughts that support the ideas. It takes action to be aware of the feelings that supports our thoughts. It also takes action to transform the feelings that does not support these thoughts. It takes action in the form of physical activities to manifest our dreams in this reality. Thus, it takes action on all levels of existence to transform conscious energy patterns within our personal form of existence.

It is difficulty to bring our dreams and ideas into manifestation within the third dimension of the Universal Field of Consciousness. This challenges us to build a better understanding of the true creative power of our minds. We experience the result of all our thoughts emotions and beliefs within a physical reality. It is a secure arena where it cannot contaminate our total existence.

We can experience both the negative and the positive energy patterns that were created by us in a rational sequence where portions of it manifest in the physical world. We can see our creations within ourselves and in the world around us. We can experience the result of our actions on all levels of our existence, preparing us for the great power of our true minds.

We cannot afford not to have total control over our thoughts, words, feelings or actions, for if we create any negative thought forms in the higher dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness, the affect on our existence will be beyond our control.  It might propel us to experience a deep dark world where the escape from our level of consciousness are perceived as impossible.



The different frequencies of conscious energy patterns create dimensions, energy fields, conscious energy bodies and the experience of individualism. This is kept together as a one great whole by the instantaneous correspondence between all conscious energy patterns in existence.  Everything exists within the same time and space. There is no distance. Action can only happen in the moment and has an instantaneous corresponding affect on everything else.

          If there is change in one conscious energy pattern, it will affect all the other patterns. Any transformation in one dimension will affect all the other dimensions within the Universal Field Of Consciousness in one or the other way. In the same way, any negative affect on one conscious energy body within our energy fields will have a corresponding affect on all the other energy bodies within our energy fields.

The correspondence between the different energy patterns, the different energy fields and the different dimensions is what keep the oneness together. We are all part of one great experience. A change in one of us will affect all of us in the same way as a change in one plane affect all the other planes.

In our bodies, any change in one system will affect all the other systems. A problem of one family member will affect the whole household. A problem between two countries that leads to war affects all the people of both countries. On a greater scale, it has a corresponding affects on all humans on earth. Even if it is just the feelings it evoke in us if we see it on television or read about it in the newspapers. The quality of our behavior has a corresponding affect on all of nature.

A Change in our thoughts will have a corresponding affect on our emotions, our actions and our perceptions.  A change in our emotions will have a corresponding affect on our thoughts. A change in our higher arenas of consciousness has a corresponding affect on the lower arenas. The ways we behave during any situation on earth have a corresponding affect on our higher arenas of consciousness. Everything is in correspondence with everything else, for we all are energy and everything else is energy.




The motion of energy is always in a circular or spiraling path. This can be seen in the movement of earth around its own axes, its movement around the sun, as well as in the electromagnetic fields that surrounds the earth and each one of us. The circular path of energy is life without the dimension of experienced time. Circles within the lower dimensions ensure that lessons and tests we have not mastered return to us.

Not any lesson can be skipped or ignored. If we think it is possible, we live in an illusion and we are in denial of our own shortcomings. Not anybody can move above this law, for we all are energy. 

It is the law of cause and effect. What we sow is what we reap… Al this indicates how the natural flow of energy influence our daily lives. If we are overwhelmed by any lessons, the same lessons will return again, but disguised to take us unaware. The only way we can recognize the lessons is in the emotions and thoughts they evoke in us. When we do not learn from these lessons, we miss on opportunities to grow and they will return to us in the circular path of energy.

If we can experience any lesson or test flawlessly and let the divine energies flow freely, the circle will be transformed to a spiral of upward moving energy, which will propel us to higher dimensions of expanded consciousness. These arenas hold new lessons, test and challenges that can propel us to even higher arenas of consciousness.

          The law of cause and affect can be seen in the circular movement of energy. Our beliefs, thoughts, and feeling are responsible for the manifestation of the created life experiences we draw to us. Every thought we have has an effect. Through the circular path of energy, the effect returns to us in the form of a lesson. More serene experiences can also be drawn to us; all depends on what thoughts, emotions and actions we choose. Not any one of us can escape the affect of our psychological functioning and the challenges they draw to us.

          The law of cause and affect make us aware of any negativity we hold onto so that energy can flow freely through a natural spiraling motion of spiritual growth and evolution of consciousness. 



The circular path of conscious energy patterns does not only affect us on a psychological level, it also affect us on a physical level. The quantity, as well as the quality of energy patterns that is created by our thoughts comes back to us in the form of compensation. We are compensated according to our own perception on our worthiness on all levels of our existence.

We have to break away from any form of poverty-consciousness. It includes emotional, mental, spiritual and physical consciousness. What we truly believe we deserve is what we get. The quality of our thoughts has an affect on the form of compensation we get. What goes around comes around. This is also where we receive in according with the way we give to others and ourselves. Pureness of intent is of most importance. If our intent is contaminated by the rational mind in any way, compensation will happen in accordance. Even if our deepest thoughts contaminate our intentions on a sub-conscious level, compensation will happen in accordance. If our intent is to gain richness by being good to others, the true intent will be distorted and we will be compensated according to the false intent. The manifestation of our abundance may seem real, but it will be just as false as our artificial intent.

Abundance is not just measured in form or with clever thinking, but with the quality of the energy patterns beyond each thought. Abundance, and the realness of it are in accordance with the reality of our energy patterns, and not the realities of our egos.  Thus, if we do not understand the meaning of unconditional love and do not apply it, abundance will be tainted and received in accordance.

True abundance holds treasure for us on all levels of existence and not only the physical. Abundance on the physical level alone is illusive. It creates only fluctuating happiness and not inner joy.

Abundance is only true if it is received on all levels of our existence. It is received on a physical level as money, physical health or any other treasures. On the emotional level, it is received as inner joy, friendship and a loving family life. It is received on the mental level as success and peace of mind. It is received as unconditional love from all around us. It is received as respect and praise. It is received in the ability we have to transform others and to heal ourselves. It is also received in the form of wisdom, love and the divine power that flow from this. All levels of our existence deserve to receive in abundance.  




All conscious energy patterns are arranged according to their frequencies, or patterns they hold. The same patterns are attracted to each other and form as such a continuum of dimensions from the highest to the lowest frequency, in the same time and the same space.

In life, we draw situations to us that vibrate of the same frequency as our perception. The thoughts and emotions we hold within our subconscious minds draw situations, people and experiences to us that vibrate of the same frequency. Thus, we are arranged according to the conscious energy patterns of our energy fields within the different sub-dimensions of the third dimension.

        Even though the energy patterns around us hold the same frequencies as the energy patterns within us; our individuality holds differences that give each person, animal or object a unique identity. This creates spiraling energy streams between everything and our fields of consciousness, which we experience through our energy transmitters. 

Everything that is in line with our perception will be more visible to us and seen as the only reality. We are drawn to situations as these situations are drawn to us according to the quality and the quantity of the conscious energy patterns within our energy fields.  

If we understand the law of attraction, we will realize everything we attract is a just mirror image of the reality that our way of thinking represents. What we see in others is just a reflection of what we fail to see in ourselves. The only reason why we are able to perceive shortcomings, or inspiring aspects in others is because we relate to it. We can only relate to something if we contain the same quality and quantity energy patterns. That is why it is most important to notice what we see wrong or negative in others, for this is what we need to change within ourselves.

We cannot always see the aspects we need to change within us, for these aspects are hidden in our subconscious minds. They are part of us and influence our daily lives. As we gain mastery over the way we think, feel and act, we will attract situations in accordance. We cannot overlook any negative aspects within us, for if we do, life will draw situation to us that will make these negative aspects visible to us. It gives us the opportunity to transform all lower vibrations, for the law of attraction will draw situations within our lives that will bring any hidden feelings, thoughts or believes to the surface for the purpose of transformation.


Energy lives forever. It cannot be destroyed. It is just transmitted from the one field of patterns to the next. It is also transmitted from the one form to the next. If energy bodies are transmitted to a higher dimension or different form, the conscious energy patterns it holds are transformed in accordance. This can be seen within the upward spiraling path of all in evolution. What we see as death is just another form of transformation of energy.

In nature we can see how energy is constantly re-used within an enclosed system that is part of bigger systems. Physical form is transformed in many ways. What we eat is transformed by us to energy we can use. What leaves our bodies are transformed by microscopic organisms and ready for use by plants again. This is how the same energies are transformed in many ways before it reach the beginning of the cycle once again. The conscious energy patterns within the food we eat are either taken in for transformation by our energy fields, or it goes back to the greater cycle for further use.

        Our thoughts are transmitted as conscious energy patterns and can influence everything else. It is transmitted through the whole Universal Field of Consciousness. The strength and the distance such and thought pattern can travel to influence creation depends on our focus, concentration, will and feeling around the thought.

        Thought patterns can also take form and influence us as such from a subconscious level. If we look at all the cycles in nature, if we look at energy patterns of different frequencies, we will see that higher frequencies transform lower frequencies. Lower frequencies cannot transform higher frequencies.

        The quality of the energy patterns in our energy fields depend on the thoughts we choose. It gives us the opportunity to experience the power we hold if we are in line with the higher faculties of the mind. Not any challenge can therefore overcome us, for we can choose the quality of our thoughts. As we align ourselves with the highest quality thoughts, we open ourselves to the highest power through which we can transform any energy that flow through us without being affected in a negative way.
        We have to realize that power and will is one and the same thing. Our power is determined by what we will our thoughts and perceptions on. We need to develop a strong will to be in control of the conscious energy bodies that hold our thoughts and our emotions.

        If we look at the natural processes of energy, we see how a conscious energy pattern with a higher frequency transform the energy pattern of a lower frequency that are long enough in contact with its energy field. This is the power we hold. We can will our attention to any area of the mind. The thoughts we choose form a path of least resistance for energy patterns of the same frequency. We can focus on a lower energy form within us and transform it through calmness, serenity and love to a higher quality.



Even though all energy are integrated to the natural laws of consciousness, the way they move, oscillate or behave are relative. If we look at the natural energy, the behavior of any conscious energy pattern is relative to the other patterns it came in contact with. This means that we cannot predict the path of any conscious energy pattern, for the influences of all things and all life situations open infinite possibilities and choices. Each choice we make has a certain affect that creates a new reality, or fields of energy patterns. These energy patterns open many new choices, as well as many new outside influences to our consciousness. Each new influence can affect the path of the energy pattern once again in many ways.

To a certain extent the feature can be predicted. The situations that come to us can be predicted according to the energy patterns we hold at that moment.  A person that understands the flow of energy can see that any action has a reaction. What goes around comes around. They might see what type of situations will be drawn to us, but each situation that comes to us can be disguised in many ways. Each situation can also be approached in many ways. The way we are going to response in any situation can only be assumed according to our previous behavior. The way we truly are going to response are relative, for we have free will and can choose the way we want to think, feel, act or behave in any given situation.      

The ways we react in a situation shapes our feature. If we choose to react different than we did before, we transform conscious energy patterns in such a way that it change certain subconscious beliefs, thoughts and the way we perceive the world. Thus, the feature and the way energy influence us are relative.



Energy cannot move or flow without two different poles. Two opposites create a field that is experienced as conscious energy patterns. These opposites are seen as separate in the lower dimensions. We see things either as bad or good. We like something or we don’t.  It makes us resist the part we do not like or see as the dark. This is how we have created our own false perception of good and evil. As with any balanced energy field, there are two opposites poles, which exist in harmony, for it is really one continuum of the same energy field. If the opposite pole is resisted in any way, the energy field cannot exist in harmony and comes in conflict with itself, which only can lead to self-destruction.

We have to realize that the opposites we see is the different side of the same thing. The negative part of anything in God’s creation holds only good. It is only through our limited view that we see it as bad or evil and therefore resist it. If we realize that the negative and the positive are part, we will know that not any part of us can be destroyed. We will stop resisting what we see as negative and instead, transform our perception to see the negative as just the opposite pole of one and the same thing once again. We can then experience the true meaning of the field that is created by the two poles. The conscious energy patterns on the negative pole can still be transformed to their highest quality. 

We have to find the balance between the two poles and transform anything in it to the highest quality of conscious energy patterns there is.


Energy pulsates, move, vibrate and flow in a circular path… To and throw. We experience the natural rhythm of existence in the seasons, in day and night, in uphill and downhill. The path of energy and the cycles in nature indicate the great rhythm that enfolds everything. Not any one of us can escape this rhythm. The highest part of an energy wave reflects the highs of the rhythm, where the lower part of an energy wave presents the lower swing of the universal rhythm. Rhythm can also be seen in our heartbeat. Rhythm exists within our inward and outward breathe. Rhythm is life…

        The way this law affect us can be seen in the highs and lows of life. Every high must have a low. Toddlers are a good example of this. If a child is involved with activities that bring over- excitement from the outer world, the same child will experience very low energies in the form of irritability or moodiness at a later stage of the same day. This is the natural balancing action that is part of the law of rhythm. We should not let our power escape through over excitement that last for not so long. We should find balance at all times and learn to notice the joy that radiates from within our own power and use it wisely. We can also see how very emotional people move from one high extreme of emotions to the next. Emotions are fluctuating out of control from one extreme to the next. Find the calmness and enjoy the energies produced by inner joy.

This rhythm takes all of existence automatically from the highest quality energy patterns to the lowest. It takes us from lower quality energy patterns in the Universal Field of Consciousness to a higher quality energy patterns. Within the higher frequencies, life is easier and we can gain mastery over all negative aspects within ourselves. Within the lower frequencies, we are challenged to the extremes of our subconscious beliefs. Every negative aspect within us is brought to the front. This gives us the opportunity to transform any negativity within us at the moment it happens. It also ensures that we are not under the false impression that everything in us is perfect while there are many hidden issues that needs transformation.

The easy times are when we have to learn mastery over all the negative parts, even the invisible. If this is not done and we are unaware, lower frequencies will overwhelm us and we will be left in control of negative forces in the lower swing of the pendulum of existence. We learn to control our thoughts and our feelings so that we can be in balance of our own energy at all times, even if the rhythm of life takes us to a low…




We have seen that all energy is endowed with opposites. It also has a rhythm that takes us from the one pole of opposites to the next.  Energy also has an inward flow and an outward flow. Implosion and explosion… To take apart and put back together again… This is the yin and yang, or male and female aspects and is part of the anatomy of energy. Without gender existence cannot be. It is male rays of the sun that impregnated the fertile mother earth. Gender exist in everything, for it is part of energy. The Universal Field of Consciousness contains both male and female aspects in a perfect balance.

A balance in the feminine properties as humbleness and the male properties as Self-confidence within us give the highest quality of power that are noticed and respected by all.  We have to see the importance of gender and experience both male and female aspects so that we can become the powerful beings we deserve to be.

The dark aspect that is feminine is from where all new information comes. This is awareness of our irrational minds. The male sides in us have the ability to interpret the new information and put it in a logical sequence. The male aspect gives us a better understanding of new information. But the feminine part gives us this new information. The male side takes apart and learn. The female part put back together again and remembers the whole. We have to acknowledge the male and the female aspects within us and be both in relation with one another to evolve to the full beings we all are.

The male aspect can be seen in the Universal Mind; the expanding force. The female aspect can be seen in the Universal Feeling, the contracting, binding creative force. The combined oneness between these two, but one Universal Expressions reflect the gender within the Universal Essence, or God. This divine balance of gender brings forth the tremendous universal power through which creation and manifestation is Willed into existence.

  This combined power creates even more Universal power that opens the feminine ability of the male aspect within the Universal Mind to bring more and new divine images into consciousness for the purpose of creation and manifestation. The male aspect is also strengthened within the female aspect of the Universal feeling, for the love and joy it holds is projected outward to the world…

In a Holographic Universe filled with conscious energy patterns everything is interconnected to everything else. Everything contains everything else. Everything is everything else and everything influences everything else.

  Everything is interpenetrated with Essence, Consciousness, Mind, Feeling and Power.

Essence is the I Am in us. Consciousness is the I Am aware that I Am in us. Mind is the I Am understanding that I Am in us. Feeling is the I Am experiencing that I Am in us. Power is the quality of our perceptions of I Am. Form is the manifestation of I Am that I Am.

Essence is the true existence we hold. Consciousness is our awareness of our existence. Mind is our understanding of existence and the tool through which we create the conscious energy patterns that represents our awareness of consciousness. Through the power of mind we can expand our consciousness. This is the only key we have to transformation. The mind is our greatest tool; therefore, the mind is All…


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