Part 6




Within the Human Field of consciousness are many spiraling energy vortices that exchange life supporting energies between our different consciousness energy bodies. Universal energies are transmitted to our physical bodies and back to the Universal Field of Consciousness. It is through our energy transmitters that we experience other people, animals, nature and everything else. It includes the experiences of our thoughts, our emotions, our imagination and our understanding of existence.

It is the means through which we experience relationships between the dimensions of our own consciousness and all of existence. These energy transmitters act as intake organs for conscious energy patterns through which we interpreted, evaluate and experience all our conscious energy bodies. It could be either in relation with Essence consciousness, or with ego-consciousness. These transmitters interpenetrate all dimensions of the universal field of consciousness. The clarity, the quality and the power of the energy that is metabolized by these energy transmitters are determined by our psychological states. Conscious energy patterns flows into all these energy transmitters in the same way water is sucked in by a waterspout, or the way air move through a hurricane or whirlpool. 

Within the human field of consciousness are many different conscious energy transmitters that vary in size. They are seen as openings for energy to flow into or out of our energy bodies. We have twelve major energy transmitters. They are divided into five universal energy transmitters and seven main energy transmitters.

The five universal energy transmitters exist within a universal space and relate to a universal awareness. The influences of these energy transmitters are more related to the interactions within the totality of existence. They have an indirect, but powerful influence on physical consciousness. They are related to the molecular patterns of earth, the universe and beyond. Their purpose is to connect us, through our higher selves, to vibrational states of Essence consciousness and pure Essence. These energy transmitters will be discussed in more advanced studies. 

The following discussion is more focused on the seven main conscious energy transmitters along the spinal column, for they are directly connected to this lifetime and are experienced within our physical bodies where it have an influence on our health, vitality and overall wellbeing.

There are also several minor energy transmitters in other parts of the body, and even smaller ones that could be the same as the acupuncture points that is referred to in the Chinese literature.


Connection to the physical body

According to the law of correspondence, the experience in one conscious energy body has a corresponding affect on all the other dimensions of consciousness, including the physical.

          This law influences us through our conscious energy transmitters.  Information is spiraling down from the highest dimensions of consciousness to all other dimensions. The information any one conscious energy body holds are experienced in all other energy bodies and transmitted back to the conscious energy body of origin in an endless cycle. Transition of energy from the one dimension to the next happens instantaneously. It is not limited by space or time. It is only within the sequential mind that we connect the experiences to a specific time and area.

          The differences between our dimensions of consciousness influence the clarity, the quality and the power of the energy that spirals through our energy transmitters. Each energy transmitter is influenced by the combined experiences of al conscious energy bodies, for it interpenetrates them all. This creates a unique experience within the dimension of origin.

          Each energy transmitter also carries two forms of experiences. The first experience is related to quality. It always carries a sensation of a feeling or emotion that is in line with the quality it holds. The quality is in accordance with the way it evaluate the symbolic information mind-consciousness hold. This has an affect on the front aspect of the energy transmitter.  

          The second experience is related to quantity. It carries power in the form of will. It quantifies the way we interpret and evaluate what mind consciousness holds from the body it relates to.

Both of these experiences relate to the clarity of information within each dimension. Clarity depends on the way mind consciousness interprets information received from the Universal Field of Consciousness through our individuated Essences. The alignment of all dimensions of consciousness is thus very important. 

We can work with our energy transmitters to provide a balance between the following expressions:

1) Our reason in accordance with the way we process the universal energies, which is located in our heads centers.

2) Our feelings, or the quality of our energy that arises from the way we evaluate universal energies, which is located in our front energy transmitters.

3) Our will, or quantity of energy that is available to us as power, which is located in our back energy transmitters.


          Each energy transmitter also relates to a specific nerve plexus, body area and part of the spinal column. Thus, the way we experience different areas of consciousness has a specific influence on our bodies, our wellbeing and our vitality. It would be easy to categorize a specific psychological behavior to a specific disease or issue, but the corresponding affect of all other dimensions of consciousness force us to take a more complex multi-dimensional approach to personal growth and healing, as well as to gain a better understanding of the specific influences of different degrees of psychological behavior in different areas of the body.  

This does not imply that our approach should be more difficult; our approach should be subtler and centered around experiencing our inner consciousness. We must also become aware of the powerful influences we have on all conscious energy patterns within existence. 

          Even though all conscious energy bodies are part of one consciousness, the information each of them holds is unique to that dimension. We also experience each dimension individually, but within a spatial oneness.

Conscious energy patterns flow from one layer to another through our energy transmitters. This energetic information must pass through a related point in the spine where it is regulated and transformed for physical use.

The function of our energy transmitters is to metabolize energy that comes to us in the form of light images from the Universal Field of Consciousness. This is also where we let in experiences and deal with all the energetic information that is reflected within our arenas of consciousness from our subconscious and deep subconscious minds. The psychological information that is related to each of our energy bodies is brought into our awareness through our energy transmitters. It is for us to process and transform the personal material that is released from our subconscious minds before we can align with the higher dimensions of consciousness and integrate the new information it holds into our lives.

Each main energy transmitter interpenetrates the physical body in a spiraling motion that decrease in radius, till a fine point where it connects with the main energy stream that flows through the spine. Each transmitter relates to a certain area within the body. As the spiraling motion decrease in diameter, the experiences it carries are intensified and transformed from light and color impulses that influence our ideas, to energetic impulses that influence our thoughts, our emotion and our vitality.

Each energy transmitter is also located near a specific nerve plexus. Each nerve plexus contains subtle energy receptors through which specific energy impulses are transformed to nerve impulses. The energy impulses are thus transformed to nerve impulses within the nervous system, and eventually to chemical impulses. It regulates molecular and hormonal activities within the glandular system from where it influences our physical bodies. The exchange of energy between our dimensions of consciousness is controlled within the point where it is seated in the spine. Blockages in the paths of the energy transmitters may eventually lead to disease.

When distorted, or negative information is transmitted from ego-consciousness instead of Essence consciousness, our energy transmitters will become distorted, blocked or imbalanced. Instead of receiving untainted universal life supporting energies, low quality energy patterns with very limited life supporting abilities, or even destructive energies are transmitted from our subconscious minds to the physical body. This information comes from a part of the subconscious mind that is our own making and is limited to the lower dimensions of consciousness.

These low quality energy patterns are transformed to chemical impulses of the same quality within the body. The affect is very mild muscle tension in the specific area. Most of the time this will go unnoticed till prolonged tension cause more visible problems. It also leads to obstructed flow of subtle nutrients, poor communication between different cells and a lack of equilibrium within the body’s natural balancing system. It may lead to low energy levels, listlessness and a weakened immune system. This opens the doorway to all sorts of health problems. We are then more open to a great variety of pathogenic invasions, food allergies, autoimmune problems and any other dis-ease. 

The influences on our health are multi-dimensional. The greater collective morphogenic energy fields connect us to the group, country, or human race and have a tremendous influence over all of us. This reminds us of our connectedness with everyone and everything else.

Babies that are born with disease may also fall under this category. Through this the perceptions and the beliefs of parents, families and the greater group are challenged for transformation and evolution of consciousness. Some of us have a purpose that reaches beyond physical health. Even then are we bonded to the universal laws of consciousness and are connected to all the experiences everyone else have. Growth and evolution of consciousness is for everyone the same. Not one of us is more, or less special than the other and we have to face our responsibilities within physical existence. If we are born with a chronic health problem, or with a physical limitation like being bonded to a wheelchair, our challenge may not necessarily be to pursue ultimate health or to walk. Each of us has our own unique experience of health, no matter what our physical conditions are. In these cases, the challenge and purpose may be to show the rest of the world that a perfect state of consciousness filled with inner joy, peace of mind and love for the whole of existence, is within reach of all of us.


Our conscious energy transmitters have been described as wheels of light, life force centers and chakras. Each of these energy transmitters interpenetrates all our energy bodies and takes on the vibrations of a specific dimension to correspond with the layer of consciousness it is in contact with. It gives the effect that each energy transmitter has its own dimension in correspondence with the energy body above and below it. Each energy transmitter has a unique way of transmitting and experiencing consciousness.

Our experiences also depend on which arena of consciousness our awareness is centered.  At this stage, our awareness is mostly aligned with the third dimension of the Universal Field of Consciousness and we experience consciousness in accordance.  If we evolve to higher dimensions, the experiences our energy transmitters carry will change in accordance.

Our energy transmitters receive vital life force energies and distribute it to all our dimensions of consciousness, as well as the different parts of our bodies that is the nearest to it. This multi-dimensional experience of universal energies affects our mental, emotional and spiritual behavior, as well as the health of our physical bodies in different ways.

Each energy transmitter is also connected to a spiritual principal that assist us in understanding life better and aid in our spiritual growth.  It is important to know and understand the spiritual and mental forces that are connected to each energy transmitter.  It provides us with the tools to live productive and fulfilling lives. It will also give us the knowledge to counterattack the destructive or negative forces that can diminish our energies so easily. 

The seven main energy transmitters form and shape a powerful vertical conscious energy current that flows through the middle of our bodies. Conscious energy patterns move up and down through it along the center of the body like interwoven light streams of all colors and let us experience all dimensions of our consciousness. This conscious power current begins at the base of the spine from the first energy transmitter and extends till above the top of our heads to the seventh energy transmitter.

The lower two energy transmitters (one and two) are related to physical energy and how sensations of emotions are experienced within the body.

The middle three energy transmitters (three, four and five) govern personality development. It includes our intellect and the way we take care of ourselves. It holds our relationships with other people, the way we share our ideas, how we plan to accomplish our goals and how we relate within the professional world. It metabolizes the way we take our ideas in and speak them into reality. We share our ideas and create success in our lives.

The top two energy transmitters (six and seven) give us an experience of spiritual practice and the accomplishment of higher human characteristics, such as to live a life of unconditional love.


The higher we evolve, the higher frequency or light we emit and the closer we get to a spatial approach of existence, which will eventually lead to a universal approach. All energy transmitters radiate specific vibrations, which can be compared to the notes of a musical scale, or the colors of the rainbow. The lower energy transmitters emit a lower deeper note, sound or color. The highest energy transmitters emit a frequency, sound or color that vibrates of much higher frequencies. 

Different colors vibrate at different frequency rates. A certain range of vibrations creates a certain color. Each energy transmitter has a unique frequency rate that relate very close with a certain color. The color with the lowest frequencies, like red is associated with the energy patterns of the first and lowest conscious energy transmitter.

The color purple oscillate at the highest frequencies that we can perceive with our normal senses before it changes to ultraviolet and beyond. The frequencies band of purple relates very close to our seventh conscious energy transmitter, which is also the energy transmitter with the highest oscillating energy patterns that is connected to our bodies. 

The way color change in accordance with their vibrational rate can be seen in the formation of a rainbow. Red is associated with the first energy transmitter, orange with the second, yellow with the third, green with the fourth, light blue with the fifth, indigo with the sixth and purple with the seventh conscious energy transmitter.

Each of our five senses is also related to a specific energy transmitter. Touching is related to the first energy transmitter between our legs, within the coccyx.  Hearing, smelling and tasting is associated with the fifth conscious energy transmitter situated in the throat area, and seeing is associated with the third eye center or sixth conscious energy transmitter, which is located in the forehead above and in the center of our eyebrows. 

We also receive universal energies in the form of spiritual nutrition through air intake and proper breathing. A full rich intake of this life energies let our energy transmitters radiate with intense brightness of clarity, quality and power. Simultaneously, the surrounding organs also receive full energy supplies and experience equilibrium and health.

When an energy transmitter receives insufficient supply of pure life energies, it becomes weak, the immune system is depressed, and disease results. This happens as a result of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances or other instabilities within consciousness.


The main functions of our energy transmitters

  • To strengthen all our energy bodies, including the health and vitality of the physical body.
  • To bring out the development of different aspects of self-consciousness. Thus each energy center is related to a specific physical, psychological and spiritual function. 
  • To transmit energy between our different energy bodies.
  • To give us a multi-dimensional experience of the quality information each conscious energy body holds.



This is a dormant source of power that is located close to the base of the spine. When it is released, it moves upwards through the center of our bodies and through each main energy transmitter. It is a circular spiraling force of tremendous power. We can access this power to develop new awareness and to move to higher awareness of spiritual growth. The power is naturally released when all conscious energy bodies are aligned and experience within Essence consciousness.

We might experience an involuntary release of this energy and experience it in the form of feelings of warmth, buzzing types of noises, and other symptoms of discomfort. This may also be experienced when we meditate; do visualization, breathing exercises and most activities that help us to connect with our spiritual selves. All people experience the release of this energy in a different way. Some people may experience it vaguely, while others have strong, even overwhelming sensations. We should learn to control this energy, for it may be a powerful source of energy that can be tapped into for assistance in healing.






Relation with consciousness

Our seventh conscious energy transmitter is connected to Higher Mind consciousness in relation with our subconscious minds. The information we hold within higher mind consciousness determines the clarity of the experiences this transmitter carries.

It transmits the life supporting energies from higher mind consciousness to the physical body where it influences the way we interpreted our direct knowing. This energy transmitter transforms energy from personality to divinity and back again.  It is associated with the way we understand our true nature and all the reasoning that enfold from this.

The seventh conscious energy transmitter gives a clear experience of everything we hold within the subconscious mind. These experiences are formulated around a spatial awareness, which include the totality within our direct understanding of all that is in this present existence. The way we interpret the combined affect of all our beliefs, our imagination, our religion, as well as our views of existence are experienced at once as a direct knowing through this transmitter. All this information exists together in a great spatial continuum.

The information Higher Mind consciousness hold cannot be interpreted by our senses, or by rational thinking, for it includes everything and everyone at once. We thus experience how we have interpreted our direct knowing of true spirituality through our seventh conscious energy transmitters.

Within Higher Mind Consciousness, we experience the creation of new ideas in the form of subtle, clear light and color images within our imagination. These ideas, in their untainted form, are meant to give us a better understanding of a higher knowing around spirituality and our dreams. It enhances the process of evolution of everything that exists in the lower planes of consciousness. Our intentions and our dreams are interpreted to create ideas that are of benefit for the self in relation with everything and everyone else. If we interpret our intentions in alignment with Essence consciousness, we will experience the framework for our ideas as life supporting energy patterns within the subtlest arena of our imagination. Everything that our imagination holds is experienced within the lower dimensions in the one way or the other.  These experiences are refined through our sixth energy transmitters, as we will discuss later.

The seventh conscious energy transmitter is our only real connection to experience the higher realms of Essence Consciousness and beyond, for these arenas reside beyond our present understanding within the deep subconscious mind and are not directly connected to this lifetime. It converts related conscious energy patterns in a spiraling motion down the spine to be experienced within all levels of our consciousness, including the physical body.


Aligned with Essence consciousness


In its untainted form, this energy transmitter represents the experience to be in one with the Universal Mind. We experience existence in relationship with God, the universe and all human beings. This gives us the ability to understand the conscious energy patterns that represents the totality of relationships, as well as the deeper meaning of existence, manifestation and evolution. When we are aligned with Essence consciousness, this energy transmitter gives us the perfect experience of our oneness with everything in the universe. The result is subtle, but powerful life supporting conscious energy patterns that feed our physical form.

It is the main opening to higher spiritual consciousness, for it connects us to our Essences, which hold our divine spiritual heritage. It is important to develop a healthy clear understanding of existence, the creator and our place in the universe. The seventh conscious energy transmitter could be developed through any religion that holds the understanding of the Universal Love of God.

The seventh conscious energy transmitter is also involved with experiencing the integration of personality with spirituality. This is where we realize that spirituality can only be made real from the perspective of being in a human body, for we understand that we are human beings in physical form. We integrate spirituality into matter rather than trying to escape life and become spiritual. We all have incarnated in a holographic manner out of the whole of the universe and not just from one part of it. We are thus connected to everything else, but mostly to the reality that we experience now.

This also means we are connected to all the experiences anyone else had anywhere in the universe. We can tap into any life experience, for we are it and everything else. We are aware of the influences of the choices we make, how we use our imagination and how we spend our time.  

When this energy transmitter is fully aligned with Essence consciousness, we’ll experience a state of oneness with higher-dimensional existence.  We’ll receive spiritual life supporting energies in the form of a direct knowing and distributes them through the body, providing energy, as well as clarity from within. It has a great affect that cleanses negative energies.

This energy transmitter also represents inner peace and happiness. If it is well developed, we’ll have full control over our mental and spiritual bodies. We’ll realize that life hold a greater purpose and has meaning for everything in existence.


Aligned with ego consciousness


          The seventh conscious energy transmitter cannot be directly experienced through rational thinking, intellect or specific emotions. In the lower dimensions, we only experience portions of existence in relation with specific situations. If physical consciousness is experienced as separate from spirituality, we cannot interpret any information within the spatial mind for what it truly is. We tend to relate all our inner experiences with external situations.

The related energy patterns are experienced in accordance. Distortions are caused by our subconscious beliefs that the physical world exists separate from the spiritual. This distorted view can lead to two main streams of opposite experiences that have almost the same result.

The first distorted experience is formed when we ignore the spiritual side of us and focus only on the physical experience of live.  Spirituality is seen as non-existing or out of our reach. This may be a way of escaping some form of fear for our spiritual existence.

          The second distorted experience is formed when we ignore the importance of our physical existence and focus only on the spiritual realms. We do not acknowledge our natural responsibilities as human beings and avoid dealing with life. We try to use our spiritual connection to escape from being human. We are thus disconnected from Essence-consciousness, but our awareness is also not fully connected to our physical bodies.

In both cases distorted ideas are created around which we build our relationships with everything in existence. It even influences the way we take care of our personal needs within the lower dimensions of consciousness. We operate then from a part of subconscious mind that relates to misinterpreted experiences within the physical world.

These experiences are forgotten, but not fully metabolized and exists as reality within the subconscious, or deep subconscious minds. The distorted information that is stored within our deep subconscious minds influences how a situation is interpreted within the subconscious mind through the seventh conscious energy transmitter. Within this form of detachment many individualized experiences are held.

On the one hand we might belief that we are just mortal beings on earth. We might assume that we are guided from the spiritual realm, but never do we belief that we are part of it. Some of us might have no understanding, while others belief that this is our first and only life experience and death ends it all.

On the other hand, we might belief that we are from another world. We might belief that we are more special than others, or that we are perfect and only hear to change those that are not. As such, we deny our connection to earth. We have to acknowledge our humanness, ass well as our divinity, for these are just two extremes of one experience.


Relation to physical body

The seventh conscious energy transmitter is located above our heads and its tip is seated in the middle of the upper part of our heads. It spirals information down our spines in the form of conscious energy patterns. The upper brain and right eye receive energy from it.


Health problems

Dis-ease could manifests within our physical realities in the form of depression, inability of the body’s normal development through the maturation process, headaches, and in severe cases, mental disorders like schizophrenia.

If it reaches into the deep subconscious mind where energy patterns of our past lives are hold, we might be born with what is known as mental disorders. It may happen when we are unwilling to incarnate in physical form, or due to other traumatic experiences within the deep subconscious mind around spirituality that was not resolved. Mentally challenged people are mostly part of this category.

This does not mean that all mentally challenged people fall under this category, some of us might have chosen this experiences as part of our greater life tasks. We might have volunteered to assist certain families in making them aware of a more universal understanding that create some greater meanings around love. At the same time, we gain the needed experience and wisdom from the disabilities we were born with to assist us in evolution of our own arenas of consciousness.


This energy transmitter is also referred to as Chakra Seven, or the Crown center. It is associated with the color purple.










The sixth conscious energy transmitter relates to higher feeling consciousness. Higher feeling consciousness is where we evaluate and experience our understanding around existence. If we are aligned with higher feeling consciousness, we will experience a quality of energetic sensations in accordance.

These sensations are a more refined form of feeling, but has a relation with the emotions we experience within the arena of physical consciousness. It is related to a spatial awareness where higher feeling is experienced as a super sensitive awareness to all conscious energy patterns. It is thus referred to as the higher quality of seeing, which is associated with intuitive seeing. It is experienced beyond the ego-imagination that is connected to thought. It is experienced within the untainted arenas of true imagination. 

The sensation from feeling consciousness creates the opportunity for seeing how higher concepts are transformed to ideas. This experience might be subtle, yet it is so powerful that it influences all other conscious energy bodies, for it holds the greater experience of unconditional love, as well as all the other emotions that evolve from it. We experience an untainted form of higher love towards anybody or anything we exchange these energies with. This represents the pleasure and joy of recognizing the light and love within everything and everyone.

This transmitter metabolizes two aspects. All the energy transmitters below the seventh, except for the first energy transmitter, is split into two forces that is part of the universal laws that keeps everything together. These two forces are related to the law of gender and assist in creating the experience of existence. Everything in existence is endowed with this spiritual form of gender.  Feeling is the feminine aspect related to the one experience of gender, while will, or power is the masculine aspect related to the second experience of gender.

It is in relation with the law of polarity, which is experienced as two poles, mainly through the differences of the seventh and first energy transmitters. These two aspects are the opposite expressions of one experience. There exist many such differences within our fields of consciousness.

Other forces work in harmony with these aspects to influence the experience of existence. The vibrating conscious energy patterns that shape our realities, the law of rhythm that carries these patterns from the one extreme to the next between opposite poles of one experience. It spiraling up and down in a circular motion, injected with the experience of gender in the form of feeling and will. In a perfect state, all this are orchestrate by the clarity of our higher minds, in alignment with the higher self through Essence consciousness. In a troubled state, we might align with the separate perspective of ego-consciousness and create our realities as such.


The Feeling Aspect


The first aspect within the sixth energy transmitter relates to the feminine quality and can be seen as the frontal aspect of this center. It is related to conceptual understanding, for we are open to experience and evaluate our creative ideas. It is associated with the ability to visualize and understand mental concepts.

The feeling aspect let us experience our concept of reality, for the way we see the world, bring forth how we think the world is going to respond to us.


Distorted Feeling Aspect


If we are not aligned with the feeling aspect of this transmitter, the images of reality we hold within our true imagination will be distorted and usually filled with negativity. We will not be open to the creative ideas that were shaped within our higher minds. We might then experience disorganized ideas that are transmitted from a part of the ego that is hidden within our subconscious minds. This will overshadow our untainted experience of imagination and we will evaluate ideas that are created around traumatic experiences within the subconscious mind.




The Will Aspect


The second aspect of the sixth energy transmitter is associated with the back, or the will-aspects of masculinity. Within the first aspect, the quality of our direct knowing is experienced. Within the second aspect, we receive the power of will through which we carry our ideas out in a systematic fashion, which lead to their realization in the dimensions below. The second aspect develops as an expanding power in accordance with the way we evaluate our direct knowing. Thus, we experience the power to follow the appropriate action and transform the images that is formulated within the frontal aspect in such a way that we can implement them in he lower dimensions of consciousness. These images eventually materialize in the physical world.


Distorted Will Aspect


If the back aspect is distorted, we will find it difficult to let creative ideas manifest within our imagination as clear structured images we can relate to.


It may happen that we are open to our creative ideas, but not have the strength of will to give them structure. We are then open to experience and evaluate our direct knowing, but do not have the power to manifest it as clear rounded-of images.

It could also happen that we are aligned with the back, or will aspect, but not the front, or feeling aspect. In these cases, the information that we receive as ideas are false or negative of nature, yet we have the power and the strength to bring it in reality. 


Causes of distorted information


The way these energies are experienced in our physical realities are easily distorted if we are forced into a religion that we do not believe in. The distorted information reaches our physical bodies from the subconscious mind. The energy patterns they hold are not sufficient to support health and vitality on all levels of our existence.

If someone forces negative ideas of life into our minds, negative feelings will be experienced. Thus, we will disconnect from the higher feeling consciousness and as such miss out on the beauty it holds. It may then be difficult to acknowledge feeling consciousness and the greater truth beyond structured imagination. 

This energy transmitter provides energy to the lower brain, pituitary gland, left eye, ears, nose, and nervous system. It is also associated with the sense of sight.


Disease related to the sixth conscious energy transmitter


It could result in physical dis-ease that we experience as headaches, confusion, disorientation, schizophrenia and learning disabilities.

The sixth energy transmitter is located in the lower forehead, in the front and the back of our bodies. Our physical bodies receive energy from both sides through a spiraling tip in the center of our heads, extending to the front and back. It is located in the area of the low forehead between and above the eyebrows. The aspect of will is experienced in the same position at the back of the head.

The ability it has to experience and evaluate our higher knowing creates the highest quality feeling. We referred to it as the window to the soul, for if it is developed, we’ll have the ability to develop prophetic vision and psychic powers. This energy transmitter is also referred to as the Sixth Cakra, or the third Eye center. Indigo or dark blue is associated with this energy transmitter.






The Throat Center


The fifth conscious energy transmitter is related to higher will consciousness. It is shaped and influenced around the way we interpret and evaluate the information we receive from the universal awareness of Essence consciousness. The qualities and the power the fifth conscious energy transmitter hold is thus in line with the experiences that is transmitted from the two energy transmitters above it. It is also aligned with a spatial awareness, which include psychosomatic consciousness, the subconscious mind and what we hold within our imagination. 

The sixth and seventh energy transmitters create the foundation from where our personalities are formed. The fifth conscious energy transmitter carries the first experience that has a direct influence on the development of our personalities.

          If all the energy transmitters are aligned, we will receive the downloading of our true blueprint as it is transmitted from our higher selves. This can only happen when we find balance in our lives and live in accordance with divine will instead of the ego’s will. 

This transmitter is also called the energy regulator, for it holds the power to transform our subconscious beliefs and evolve to a higher perceptual understanding of existence. It is related to communication, understanding and living according to the universal laws of consciousness.

We experience giving and receiving through truthful communication of words, sound, music and symbols. All relationships are formed for the purpose of learning. It also reflects to the lower dimensions as giving and receiving in the physical world. It assimilates speaking the truth and is called the gateway to the soul.

The fifth conscious energy transmitter experiences the feminine aspect as quality in the front and the masculine aspect as power at the back.


The Feeling Aspect


The feminine, or frontal aspect is associated with the way we take what comes to us. It relates to the openness to higher information, to take in and to evaluate. The way we have interpret, evaluate and ordered our ideas within our imagination are brought into realization within our personalities.

Higher information might also come to us through physical means such as words, music, books, and images. It is our responsibility to take in what comes to us. We take responsibility for our personal needs, for we realize it is only ourselves that can fulfill our own needs. We cannot blame others for what we lack in life, we should go out and get what we long for.

It is through the feminine or feeling aspect that higher information is brought as formulated ideas into our realities. This is where we hold the responsibility to take this information in and give it value in accordance with the clarity and the quality it holds. If we take responsibility, there will be no one to blame, not even ourselves. We take responsibility for everything we experience in our lives. We realize that whatever we experience is our own making.

Whatever we expect to come to us, good or bad is what we experience through this transmitter of consciousness. What we expected from life is what really exists within our subconscious and deep subconscious minds. According to the law of attraction, likes attract likes. Through this energy conductor we experience our universal understanding of reality. It is connected the awareness of a higher quality subconscious thought processes that interpret and evaluate the ordered images within our imagination. The feeling aspect of this transmitter let us experience how we receive whatever comes to us in life.


Distorted Feeling Aspect


If we are not aligned with the feeling aspect of higher will-consciousness, we will not take what is given to us, for we will not perceive the value it holds. We will not be aware of the influences of subconscious thought processes. We will not receive clear ideas of Essence consciousness and we will not hear those who speak the truth.


Will Aspect


The back, or masculine aspect reflects the power of the experience within higher will consciousness and expresses it through our words and higher thoughts. This is where we experience the sense of self within society. Our relationships with people stretches beyond a personal level. It carries our relationships and communication skills with others on a professional level, for our ideas are in alignment with the group’s needs and not just the individual. If we are aligned with the back or masculine aspect of this transmitter, we will be successful in life and well suited in our work. We will be satisfied by the work we do and realize it is connected to our life tasks and we will give our best with the greatest of ease. The words we speak are in alignment with a higher truth. This power it holds give us the drive to go for the profession we have always longed for…


Distorted Will Aspect


If we are not aligned with the masculine aspect of this energy transmitter, the energetic information that is transmitted will be distorted. We will not be comfortable in relationships with professionals. We could easily be drawn to ego-consciousness and will use pride to compensate for the lack of self-esteem.

We will hold back from giving our best in life. We may easily conceal our lack in success beyond pride.  This distorted information may let us experience ourselves as being victimized by life.

This is also the energy transmitter that holds the fear of failure if energy is misinterpreted.  Thus, even the experience of rejection is received from the subconscious mind and reflected to the world, which reflects it back to us again as reality. This causes us to avoid other people in turn to avoid rejection. We may end up in a constant battle fearing if we are liked on the one hand, and the false belief that we are better than the other on the other hand.


Causes of distortions


We become out of harmony with our higher will consciousness if we went through traumatic or difficult experiences regarding truth. In childhood it happens when parents, caregivers other authorities do not believe children when they tell the truth. When we do not trust our children, or do not belief they are responsible, we distort their views of trust. They might not belief enough in themselves to acknowledge the wisdom in their own ideas, or to express them to others. It also happens when we as parents don’t take responsibility for our roles, like protecting our children from harm.

Some of us harm our children by taking our frustrations out on them, or even by physically mistreating them. The degree we mistreat them have a great influence, but the way they interpret this treatment and the trust they receive has even a greater influence. The way the child interpret and understand these negative situation determine the degree it traumatize, or distort the child’s view of communication and success. This is orchestrated according to each person’s unique concepts of existence and reality.  

It distorts the true power we hold within higher will consciousness. The fifth conscious energy transmitter misinterprets all the conscious energy patterns that are transmitted to physical consciousness. We will not easily trust other figures of authority, even as we grow up. We will not see the truth in our own subconscious minds, not trusting our own higher knowing. It also has an affect on our communication skills. Anger, blame or fear may be expressed in form of words to indicate the subconscious distrust we hold.


Connection to the physical body


The fifth energy transmitter is connected to and interpenetrates the throat area in the front, as well as the back of the neck. It sends energy to the thyroid, bronchi, lungs and alimentary canal. It is associated with the sense of hearing, tasting and smelling.


Relate disease

Dis-ease that can develop from this distorted energy flow influences the area of the throat and lead to hypoactive thyroid, goiter and misalignments in the neck. It is also related to lung diseases.


More information


It is referred to as the sixth chakra or throat center. Blue is the color that is associated with it.









The fourth conscious energy transmitter is related to lower perceptual consciousness. From here, it exchanges the energetic information it holds to all other arenas of consciousness, including the physical body. This is the center where all the subtle qualities of our emotions, our higher feelings and the strong desire to will it in existence unite and influences the way we experience love.

The untainted frequencies of this dimension act as a portal opening to both ways between psychosomatic consciousness and physical consciousness. All experiences of lower quality are regulated and held within lower perceptual consciousness. Instead of transmitting any negative information back to the higher arenas of consciousness, it is conveyed to an arena of the subconscious mind that belongs to ego consciousness. All information is held here in the form of conscious energy patterns. This arena of the subconscious mind exists within the same spatial and universal awareness as all higher consciousness, yet the lower quality experiences are always limited to the lower dimensions.  Any information that resides beyond lower perceptual consciousness will then not be seen for what it really is.

It is impossible to reach true spirituality through the path of ego consciousness. Ego consciousness is connected to a specific pool of powerful morphogenic energy fields that hold the same quality of negativity as we expresses within us. All distorted information that was ever created is drawn together according to their qualities and has the power to influences everything relating to it. Higher quality emotions align us with Essence consciousness, while lower quality emotions align us with these low quality, but powerful morphogenic energy fields.

 Negative situations that are forced on us from past or present experiences are fused in oneness. We can harmonize them, and align as such with the higher arenas of existence. This assists us in manifesting our spiritual blueprints, which determine our missions in life.

This transmitter is seen as the balancing center that harmonizes the lower three physical energy transmitters with the upper three spiritual transmitters. Even though it has the potential to bring balance between the physical reality and our understanding of spirituality, it also have the quality to hold all negative views around separateness in a realm where it cannot contaminate the higher dimensions.

The experiences of the fourth conscious energy transmitter are also expressed in two aspects. The front aspect is associated with love, and the back aspect with will. Thus, it does not only bring balance between matter and spirit, but also between love, power and wisdom.


The feeling aspect of the fourth energy transmitter


 The feeling aspect of this energy transmitter is where we experience unconditional love. It is related to giving and receiving love, both for the self and for others. It is related to emotions like kindness, joy, compassion, affection & goodwill.

It transmits the conscious energy patterns that represent our connectedness with all life. The more centered our awareness on the totality of existence is, the further our love for all will radiates. This love includes all in existence, even people we do not know and have not seen.

When we are aligned with these energy patterns, we will experience love towards ourselves, our families, our children, our friends, our pets, our neighbors and everything else in existence. We experience the connectedness with everybody and everything else. It opens us to see the whole within everything, for it includes the physical and the spiritual in a great wholeness.

It is also a very important transmitter for healing energies. Energies are transmitted from the earth arena, as well as the spiritual arena and combined in oneness where it flows through us to heal someone else, or ourselves as directed by our intentions.






Distorted Feeling aspect of the fourth energy transmitter


When we are not aligned to the information that this energy transmitter holds, we will have trouble loving without expecting anything in return. Love will be blended with negative emotions, like possessiveness, jealousy, anger, fear, sex and intimacy.

Unconditional love might be understood in concept, but not experienced within the soul. Love becomes a dangerous two-edge sword that can give us comfort and safety; but on the other side, it can rob us from our freedom and enslave us even deeper in a world of ego consciousness.


Will aspect of the fourth conscious energy transmitter.

The backside of this energy center is related to the intellectual will. This is the transmitter that carries the experience of power through which we act in the physical world. It is formulated around the way we experience love in the frontal aspect, as well as around the understanding we hold of existence.

We go for what we want and have a positive attitude about accomplishing things in life. We see all other people as support for our accomplishments. We realize it is all in existence that gives it meaning, for we are empowered by the support of others. We experience the result of our will in harmony with divine will. Our will is also in harmony with the will of everybody else, for we are interconnected to, and experience everyone else.


Distorted will of fourth energy transmitter


When we are not aligned with the masculine aspect of this dimension of consciousness, we might experience God’s will and the will of other people as opposing our will. People will appear like obstacles that interfere with us in getting what we want. Life becomes a battle where we are under the impression that we have to use force against those that oppose our will to get what we want. We see it as the only way we can be successful. We are even under the impression that life itself brings situations into our existence just to oppose our will.

We are in an illusion and do not see that what we experience is our own making. This is where we experience the belief of my will over your will. Or God’s will over my will… This is also where we experience deep-seated beliefs relating to how the universe function. If we belief the universe is a hostile place, we will act as if it is and think the only way the world can be a safe place is if we control others.

We should realize that a hostile environment is only created from our own forms of aggression. If we transform our attitudes of control or dominate through anger or force, the world will change in accordance and we will realize that there is no need for control. It is our need for control that creates the hostile environment where the need can be fulfilled, for we are al co-creators of this universe.

Being disconnected from this dimension will let us experience the conscious energy patterns in term of power over others, rather than power from within. It is from this distorted experience that we treat our life partners as our property rather than an equal. We are in such a case connected to our power, but disconnected from unconditional love. This happens when we are open to higher will or masculine aspect, but closed to the softer feeling aspect. We then use force instead of love to get what we want.

When the feeling aspect is open, but the will aspect is closed, we will show compassion, but will not have the power to stand up for ourselves. We will be under the impression that we share our love with all, but do not receive any back. We create as such an experience where people are drawn to us and misuse our generosity.  Balance between the love and power this energy transmitter holds is of utmost importance before we can evolve to higher dimensions of consciousness.


Causes of distortions


This transmitter is distorted during unhealthy love relationships. It can be during childhood, or at a later stage of life. As the trauma is repeated during life, the distortion gets empowered. In some cases the situations that causes these distortions can be more overwhelming than in other cases.

          It forms around a misconception of the true meaning of love, the experience it holds and the sensation it gives us. We do not realize that we relate love with certain conditions. We are unaware that we connect love in accordance with a child’s behavior, or accomplishments.

          When our views are distorted, we do not reject negative behavior of a child, but the child underneath the behavior. As such, we all are involved in creating our own unique distortions around love, and then force it on others to belief the same. 

If we belief love is the reason why firmness is not used when needed, we will loose touch with the power love holds. We might as such create the opportunity for people to walk all over us. We might also misinterpret love for weakness and only focus on the power of force. In these cases we would not take the feelings of other people in consideration in getting what we want.           

To understand the multi-dimensional experience of untainted love cannot be explained by someone else. By aligning with the highest quality thoughts, emotions and feelings, we ensure our evolution through consciousness so that we can experience universal love once again. To experience love is to experience the perfect awareness of our souls. Love can only be obtained as an experience that enfolds around the way we interpret, evaluate and experience the Universal Essence in alignment with the true power it holds.


Body connection

The two aspects of the fourth energy transmitter enter the body on both sides almost in the center of the chest and directly behind at the back. It provides energy to the heart, circulatory system, thymus, upper chest and vagus nerve. It has, along with the lower three charkas, tremendous influence on our health and can be used to bring the body back in balance when it is in state of disease. It influences either past or present life experiences. Our conflict to fight of those that oppose our will constantly can reflect on the health of the immune system, which may lead to autoimmune diseases. 


Related Health problems


Disease that results from the distortion of the fourth energy transmitter manifest as hurt of intimate love relationships, heart pain, palpitations, arterial fibrillation and the damage to heart tissue that later results in heart attack. It can also lead to autoimmune disease.


More information


It is also referred to as the fourth Chakra, or the Heart Center. The color green is associated with this energy transmitter.






The Solar Plexus Center


The third conscious energy transmitter is related to the arena of physical consciousness. Physical consciousness holds the most intense experience of existence, for it is only focused on a small part of it. This energy transmitter is related to a sequential awareness of the physical mind. It gives us unique experiences of the evolutionary processes within the lower dimensions of consciousness that is linked to all the experiences we need to change within ourselves. If we are only focused on these experiences, we disconnect from Essence consciousness and our concern will be around gratification from the physical world.

Our physical experiences contain the conscious spark, filled with innocence and programmed by experiences and interpretations of all the present life situations.

          It is also connected to the experience of evolving existence that is connected to all previous life experiences; ready to align with the spatial awareness of the higher dimensions of conscious existence.

          As we align our thoughts with higher mind consciousness, transition of untainted information will follow our intentions from Essence consciousness, to light and color impulses that shape images within the form of ideas, and eventually to energetic impulses that can be interpreted and metabolized by our thoughts within lower mind consciousness. This creates life-supporting emotional sensations of happiness, pleasure and joy that are experience through the emotional energy transmitter below it.

            When we are not aligned with the higher dimensions, the powerful morphogenic energy fields we relate to within the subconscious and deep subconscious minds will distort all energetic information. The way we interpret this distorted energies will create negative emotions in accordance.

          Our bodies should be shaped and molded around physical and spiritual consciousness. Instead, through our choices, we have shaped and formed our bodies around matter and physical consciousness alone.

          Guidance should be given from our spiritual awareness to the lower dimensions. The lower dimensional evolving existence receives our guidance and transform through evolution to higher dimensions. We are within the physical experience to give guidance from above. We cannot center our awareness on physical existence alone. This causes us to fuse in one and become the lower dimensions. This is referred to as spiritual intercourse between higher dimensions of energies and the lower dimensions of matter. It is also referred to as the wedding between spirit and beast.

          We are in physical existence to give guidance from above. Physical consciousness include the evolving innocence that can either be influenced by ego-consciousness, which is linked to powerful morphogenic energy fields within lower perceptual consciousness; or it can align with Essence consciousness and receive as such untainted information for the benefit for evolution of the self, as well as all in existence.

          As we evolve in totality, the energies that shape our form will be of more refined qualities. Even though our bodies will contain the same shape, it now will be less restricted by the coarseness of matter. From these bodies, our ideas manifest through will and are not limited by the time and sequence of the three-dimensional world of matter.  

This third energy transmitter is also known to be the opening to the soul, for the thoughts we choose can transform anything with its energy patterns. We can use our thoughts to direct the flow of energy to any creative endeavors we wish to experience.

This transmitter can transform anything that is out of balance in the arena of physical consciousness once we begin alignment with higher arenas of consciousness. We will experience thought processes around our true intentions and the ideas that form around them.

The third energy transmitter relates to who we are in this form of existence, how we connect to others and how we can take care of ourselves. The way we metabolize energy through this transmitter represents our personal relationships with the self and those that affect our lives. Taking care can mean different things in different relationships. Taking care of a child means being there for their everyday needs. It includes washing, dressing, providing food, reading bedtime stories, putting them in bed and being there for guidance.

Taking care of ourselves include the thoughts we choose to interpret higher information so that it could benefit our own lives in balance with all in existence. We deserve and receive the same care than anybody else. Some of us know how to love, but do not know how to take care. Others do know how to take care, but does not know how to love. Balance is very important between these two aspects.

The feeling aspect in the front is open to receive information on how to take care of ourselves in physical existence.  The back, or power aspect contains the will to maintain physical health. This is where we generate the will to take care of the health of those close to us, including our own. 


Feeling aspect of the third energy center


When we are transmitting high quality energies through this transmitter, we experience the feeling that we belong. Each one of us is grounded within the universe. We can align with spiritual wisdom only from understanding that each one of us is the center of our own unique experience of the manifested universe.

Even though this is our connection to our intellectual level of consciousness, our emotional life has a direct influence on its healthy function. Our rational thoughts are the regulator for our emotions. It is only through mental understanding that emotions can get order and be part of a positive reality.

When we are aligned with this energy transmitter, we will experience a deep fulfilling emotional life that does not overwhelm us.

We are deeply rooted in physical existence. We are part of a very long ancestral line that has served to create the physical body we now possess. We are connected to this huge morphogenic energy pool of emotional thought forms that enclose all the past experiences of humanity and influences the natural evolution within the lower dimensions tremendously.

We are connected to our parents through this energy center from birth. All the people that we relate with, or are connected to are experienced through this transmitter.   The more we relate to a person, the stronger and clearer experience will be evoked.  


Distortions of the feeling aspect

When we are not protected from ego-consciousness, our thoughts will not be able to control our emotional flow and we will be overwhelmed by uncontrolled extremes of emotions. We are even open to be influenced by emotions from others that will confuse our thought processes even more. Each time we focus on the negativity of somebody else, we experience emotions in alignment with the thoughts we have. We might assume our thoughts are used to explain the negativity of another person, but the emotions we form influences our bodies, for our thoughts regulates the flow of our own consciousness, and not that of the person we think of. Thus, every time we focus on the negativity of someone else, we become that experience and show the emotions to proof it. This is how we are influenced by the negativity of others, even if we reject their behavior. We combine their negativity with our rejection and become that.

Distorted energy patterns eventually lead to unnecessary stress and physical pain in this area, and could manifest as a disease like adrenal exhaustion.

We can also disconnect our thoughts from our feelings and block the flow of emotions by subconsciously trying not to feel anything. This is the cause of not being connected to our own uniqueness. We will not align with our purposes or our importance in the universe.

Being disconnected from this area can also lead to poor connection between love from the heart and sexuality, for through our thoughts we regulate the balance between love and sexuality. Disconnection can either lead to the concept that sex and love are separate from one another. Sex will not be deeply connected to love and love will not be connected to sex. 


The will aspect of the third conscious energy transmitter


The will aspect of the third energy transmitter relates to our intentions to physical health. The way we take information in and interpret it in the front aspect influences the quality of power we have to apply it in our lives. We have the ability to choose thoughts that enhance health, or to choose thoughts that is an obstacle for health.  The will aspect of this energy transmitter is the motivator that empowers us to take the physical action that ensures our health. We are willing to take care of our selves and are open to respond on the messages our bodies sent us through our natural balancing systems. 

If we are not aligned with the feeling aspect, but with the will aspect of this transmitter, taking care might evolve around physical appearance rather than comfort and health. We might chase health fashions, but not be interested in taking care of those close to us. We will be self-centered.

When the feeling aspect is open and the will aspect is closed, our concern might be to take care of those close to us, but in the process avoid taking care of ourselves. Thus, we will not have the sufficient power to take care the people close to us   or ourselves.







Causes of distortions of the third energy transmitter


Trauma in this transmitter spreads from the lack of nurturing, or obsessive nurturing in the form of control. This causes a distortion in the energy patterns within lower mind consciousness, as well as the way they are transmitted through the third conscious energy transmitters.

A lack of nurturing can lead to a search through life for that nurturing from other people. Instead of taking care of ourselves, we look for relationships where the partner can take care of us. Taking care in the form of over control can lead to a protective attitude that is meant to protect oneself from being controlled. Being taken care of is also very important, but from an imbalanced perspective, it might be seen as a way of limiting our freedom.

It can also cause us to disconnect from those that we think control us and we might end up in a confusing world of the Self at a very young age. This might lead to the formation of distorted beliefs surrounding the way we take care of our families and ourselves. A distortion in this aspect makes it difficult for us to connect to others in a healthy and fulfilling way.    


Body connection


This energy transmitter is found at the solar plexus at the area where the ribs meat. It is connected to the glandular system and its color is yellow. This transmitter also supplies the internal organs with energy and is associated with intuition. It is located in the front and the back of the body. It supplies energy to the stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, adrenals and nervous system.


Health Problems


Disease that originates from distortion of conscious energy patterns within the third energy transmitter are linked to digestive problems, liver problems, diabetes, inflamed pancreas and adrenal exhaustion.

Problems that result from caregiver can lead to hypoglycemia, diabetes, pancreatic cancer, indigestion, ulcers, sluggish or under functioning liver, infectious liver disease or liver cancer.






The Sacral Center


The second energy transmitter relates to lower feeling consciousness. It is also connected to higher feeling consciousness in relation with physical existence. Emotions are formed around the way we take care of ourselves. Within the higher dimensions, feelings are experienced around a spatial and universal awareness. We evaluate the way we interpret our thoughts through this transmitter. The emotions we create within lower mind consciousness are experienced within lower feeling consciousness. It is the transmitter through which we sense and experience our emotions in the form of pleasure, fun and sensuality. It can also be experienced as fear, anger, pain and sadness.

This transmitter is also related to the lesson that we have either learned, or not learned in all of human existence reflecting our personal experiences with nature and ourselves, as well as our past and present life experiences in connection with constructive and destructive personal relationships with other people.


Distortions of the second energy transmitter


The second energy transmitter connects us to all the feeling related experiences we held within the subconscious and deep subconscious minds. The conscious energy patterns of these experiences exist in the form of powerful morphogenic energy fields beyond our sequential awareness. These morphogenic fields are connected to even more powerful energy fields, which are shaped around all the distorted feelings, emotions and love that was ever created.

Each time we interpret mind energies from ego-consciousness, we create lower quality emotions. These emotions connect with the powerful energy patterns within the subconscious mind and enhance the experience by bringing out all the negativity of the same quality that was ever created by us.

The negative energy patterns we hold within our deeper dimensions are always alive within us, even when we are not aware of them. This subtle, but intense distortion of feelings within the subconscious mind will magnify situations in live that have the same qualities. Thus, we center our awareness on all physical situations of the same quality than the negativity we hold within ourselves. 

This creates thought patterns in accordance, which creates emotions of low quality. We experience these emotions through our second energy transmitters. Instead if interpreting the information in relation for what it is. We blame the cause of the feelings on the situation that made us aware of these feelings. Thus, our interpretations of the sensations we experience are distorted. It creates even lower quality emotions that we hold within our second conscious energy bodies, from where it strengthens the bond with the subconscious ego-reality. It exists then within hidden dimensions from where it controls our perceptions of life. 

The energy patterns that are transformed through the second energy transmitter have the capacity of affecting the RNA & DNA coding we carry within us. It also provides us with our spiritual inheritance, in that painful lessons from the past can be transformed into positive experiences.  This guarantees spiritual growth and rewards in this lifetime.

The conscious energy patterns that we experience through this conscious energy transmitter relates to the experiences of fun, pleasure, sensuality and sexuality. It can be seen as the physical experience that gives us a vague reflection of universal love. 

The quality of our thoughts brings us in alignment withal activities involving these emotions. During childhood, the tendency to play and have fun comes natural. This brings forth the pleasures that connect us to the natural free experience of spiritual joy. It is brought forth as a result of our compassion toward existence in whole and being connected to the universe.

Playing with other children is thus a way we experience the differences between ourselves on a one-on-one relationship. It comes naturally to us and brings forth the emotions of love, joy and happiness. Healthy thoughts make way for a free flow of different emotions. It does not hold onto anything negative, for playing is our way of pursuing our deepest most positive experiences.

All of us have the natural tendency to look for the joy and pleasures life offers. It connects us to our higher dimensions of consciousness where we keep the true experiences of inner joy, peace of mind and unconditional love.

When we are aligned, playing involve fun, friendships and happiness. As we mature, we still enjoy the pleasures of fun and play, but our interests broaden and the experience is given a deeper meaning through becoming aware of our own sensuality, passion and sexuality towards the opposite sex.

Sex, in its untainted form reflects our inner longing to bond with a partner and experience the sensation of letting go of the awareness of separateness. It is the unity of two experiences. We find joy in experiencing the different aspects of true spirituality. It keeps us connected to the deeper spiritual longing that exists within all of us.        

This transmitter represents the enjoyment of life’s richness in sensual and sexual relationships. The higher this realization, the better we are matched and as such we experience a better sexual relationship, as well as a healthy understanding of the beauty it holds.

          If we have issues around our sensuality and our sexuality we will experience this problem in all our sexual relationships. Sexual relationships are very strong and keep us connected through the rest of our lives.  It can cause confusion when we had a lot of meaningless sexual relationships. 

If we hold onto any negative information within feeling consciousness, the unresolved issues we are bonded to will block the natural flow of conscious energy patterns. The second energy transmitter, which relate to lower feeling consciousness hold on to all these unresolved issues in the deep subconscious mind and will block the flow of energy upward, which will not allow the higher blueprint to flow down. Higher feeling consciousness works in harmony with our bodies, through the nervous system and brain, regulating the energy currents that provide us with life. 


The Feeling aspect of the second energy transmitter


Feeling aspect relates to how open we are to receive joy, happiness and pleasure in our lives. It could be from how open we are to receive joy from our higher dimensions of consciousness, or how open we are to receive it from somebody else.

The feeling aspect is related to the quality of our one-on-one relationships with other people. It includes our friendships and the compassion we have toward everybody in our personal lives. We take those involved in consideration and do not experience pleasure if it degrades somebody else.

Another important aspect of the second energy transmitter is the quality of our love for the opposite sex. If aligned, we will enjoy sexual intercourse and experience orgasms. It includes the way we receive physical and sexual pleasure. When open we realize that we are filled with unlimited beauty and exist within a magical multidimensional form. We enjoy immersing into our depth and personal mysteries. When the feeling aspect of the second energy transmitter is distorted we experience unsatisfactory life circumstances. 


Distorted Feeling Aspect


If we are not connected to the feeling aspects of the second conscious energy transmitter, we will experience negative emotions in alignment with what we hold in ego-consciousness. Emotions of fear, anger and sadness that are held onto will be experienced.

They might fluctuate with some vague desire for pleasure that can easily be distorted. The feeling aspect make us open to take emotional experiences in. If these emotions contain uncomfortable, or depleting sensations, it might lead to a stage where we ignore the experiences they hold.

Our bodies still experience the affect of our emotions, but we refuse to acknowledge their existence, as well as their influences. When these emotions are brought forth by stressful or challenging life situations, we’ll blame the situations for the cause of the negative emotions we experience.


The Will Aspect of the Second Energy Transmitter


The back part of the second energy transmitter is related to the quantity of our will to experience pleasure, fun and joy on a personal level. It is also related to our ability to give and share the pleasures we experience with the people close to us. We experience the drive to pursue healthy activities that bring out these feelings. These emotions are our only connections to the experiences hidden beyond our deepest longing.

When this transmitter is aligned, we will also experience healthy sexual power. Sex is rejuvenating experience that energizes, instead of depleting us of our energies.


Distortion of the will aspect in the second energy transmitter


If the will aspect of the second transmitter is blocked, we experience not much energy to pursue, create or share the circumstances that bring us fun and pleasure. We experience no surplus energy to have fun or to do the things we enjoy.

We also have no sexual drive and may prefer to avoid sex altogether. We may not recognize the importance and pleasure it holds.

Together, the feeling and will aspects hold the longing for spiritual union. This breaks the barrier of separateness and draws two individuals closer to each other. It assists us in letting go of ego-consciousness and experiences the higher dimensions of feeling consciousness.

When sex is done with love and respect for the uniqueness of our partners, it is a holy experience. It is a union of the physical and spiritual aspects of two human beings.


Distorted energy patterns within any aspect of the second energy transmitter causes us to have no relationship in giving and receiving pleasure and joy. When both aspects are blocked, we will not experience any feeling and miss out on the joy within us. We will not have fun and miss out on the pleasures life offers.

When the feeling aspect is closed and the will aspect is open, pleasure will be gained to the cost of someone else. Fun is seen as something that we must contain from the world around us, no matter who gets hurt in the process. We do not take the feelings of our friends, or those close to us in consideration. We have no compassion for others and our search for pleasure take us away from the inner world.

Thus, we experience strong drive to pursue pleasures, but with no consideration for our friends or partners. When we are having fun, the feelings of others are not kept in mind.

We might experience strong sex drive with little interest in the harmony of giving and receiving. Passion is missing. It will be hard to satisfy this type of sex drive and it can lead to negative sexual experiences.

Most of the time, it leads to imbalances in our personal love relationships. We are not open to receive sexual nourishment from a partner, which can lead to the inability to reach organisms.

Women may not enjoy penetration, or it might be that the woman always want to be in control with a sexual act, for she does not know how to receive within the feeling aspect of the second energy transmitter. In a healthy state, we are active and receptive in sex, which means both partners are giving and receiving in relation with one another.

When the feeling aspect is closed and the will aspect open by the male, it can lead to premature organisms. When both sides are closed, it could lead to the inability to achieve an erection. Fear may exist on a deep subconscious level to make the male hesitate in giving his full sexual power and withhold it as such. 

This might even lead to avoidance of intercourse. Most of the time, two partners are drawn together with the same issues, which leads to blame towards the other person for the problems that exists within ourselves.


Causes of distortions


Distortions within the second energy transmitter can be caused by any situation where we had a traumatic experience around fun, pleasure or sexuality. Most of these experiences are held within our subconscious and deep subconscious minds, which means they could be related to any part of our present, or previous life experiences. These experiences come to us from a universal awareness. It is not possible to experience them for what they are through our sequential minds, for these abilities limit us to a small portion of existence. The conscious mind is limited to a portion of existence that influences our lives at this moment. The bigger part of existence is not seen through our normal senses. We are thus most of the time unknowingly influenced by previous life experiences, or early childhood experiences in this lifetime. These experiences are not fully metabolized and are held within the ego’s subconscious mind.  

Difficulties regarding sexuality and sensuality can take on many forms. A general disregard for sex may be caused by humiliation around sexuality or sensuality in our childhood environment. We might build a misconception around tenderness touch, love, sensuality and sexuality.

When we directly reject and disregard a child’s sensual or sexual expressions, distortions may result. Extreme cases like childhood sexual abuse or rape has an overwhelming negative affect on the health of this energy transmitter.

Invasive medical procedure on a young child in the area of the reproductive system can also causes a child to disconnect from lower feeling consciousness. When a person is mistreated in a love relationship, it will definitely strengthen a distorted view around the experiences our lower feeling consciousness holds.

The above causes might give us a distorted perception around fun, pleasure, sensuality or sexuality.


Body connection


This energy center is located just above the pubic bone on the front and the back of the body. It is situated about two centimeters below the belly button.

It also relates to the pancreas and the spleen, for it supplies these areas with energy. It also supplies our reproductive systems, as well as our immune systems with energy.


Health problems related to the second energy transmitter


Disease associated with distorted second conscious energy transmitters causes poor energy supply and imbalances in the pubic area. The diseases that might follow is the inability to achieve organism, Impotence, Prostate cancer, Vaginal infection, Vaginal cancer, Ovarian infection, Pelvic inflammatory disorder or any health problems of the reproductive system.

Depressed sexuality and sexual perversion can be the result of sexual abuse. Confusion around gender can be caused by repeated rape by a person of the same sex. (This does not imply that homosexuality is a disease, for there are many other factors involved.)


Of most importance is that sexuality must be expressed with love, compassion and trust…






The Root center


The first energy transmitter is related to lower will consciousness. We interpret higher energies, as well as our life experiences within lower mind consciousness through structured thoughts. We evaluate our thoughts within lower feeling consciousness and experience the quality it holds in the form of emotions. The clarity of our thoughts and the quality of our emotions are experienced in the form of energy, vitality and physical power within lower will consciousness.

          The way we evaluate and interpret our personal life experiences within this time of our existence create the power to live an active, healthy and productive life. This power is experienced through our first energy transmitters and gives us the most intense experience of existence in the form of energy, strength, vitality and optimum health. We have the ability to experience all of above simultaneously, yet individually to give us a multi-dimensional experience.

It stimulates the creativity of the soul and grounds it in this present embodiment. The first conscious energy transmitter opens the realization and stability of our will to live in the physical body in relation with the earth and in relation with everyone else.

This is where the life force has first manifested into carnation within the world of matter.

When we are aligned, we experience a strong will to live in the physical world. It animates from us as vital energy and power that energizes even those around us.


Disconnected From The First Energy Transmitter


If we are disconnected from our lower will consciousness, the conscious energy patterns that are transmitted to our other dimensions of consciousness will be distorted. We’ll have no will to live in the physical world. We will not make a strong impression in the world and avoid most activities.


Causes For A Distorted First Energy Transmitter


Birth trauma can disrupt a newborn’s ability to connect to earth at birth. Early physical suffering that obstructs a child’s growing relationship with the earth and prevented the normal connection to the nature. A child also tends to copy the behavior of their parents who were not connected to the earth and the physical reality.

Physical abuse early in life that is experienced as life threatening will provoke a child to prepare to leave. It leads to disconnection from their relation with earth. 

Some accidental damage to the coccyx can cause distortion of the information received through this energy transmitter.

A child’s reluctance to incarnate can cause disconnection from the will to live on earth, which makes them lose interest in life and physical activities


Body Connection of First Energy Transmitter


The first conscious energy transmitted is located between the legs and is connected to our gonads. It is associated with the sense of the body position, sense of body movement and the sense of touch. It is related to our will to live and supplies the body with physical vitality.  It supplies energy to the spinal column, the adrenals and the kidneys.

This energy center also maintains the life force energy that flows through us from birth to death. It is associated with the color red.




The Light and wisdom within us can be accelerated through the energy transmitters. It takes concentration and discipline, and must be done on a daily basis. This light is the highest energies within the Universal Field of Consciousness animating from the UNIVERSAL ESSENCE and contains all intelligence.


The seven major energy transmitters reflect the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The seven colors of the rainbow forms white light. For us to be filled with white light, we must keep all these transmitters vibrating at their maximum strength at all times.

This is done through the power of the mind and visualization. This process is enhanced through meditation.

We can visualize each energy transmitter vibrating to its full color and power. When all major energy transmitters are fully activated and vibrate of the purest color, the seven colors merge as one and create a cocoon shaped energy field of white light. This forms a protective shield of energy that surrounds us all and give off a glow of energy that is called illumination.

When we do not have control over our intellectual and emotional bodies, the colors become scrambled and are arranged along the spine in a disordered way. 

We must learn to control our intellectual and emotional bodies at all times so that we can control the colors within and command our energy fields to be white light.

When we are in peace and does not get caught in the every day stresses, or negative attitudes or perceptions, our souls draw more prana or chi energy into the energy fields in the form of conscious energy patterns, which further nourishes the energy transmitters. This will create an even stronger force field of energy and will give us more command over surrounding elements.

We must make an effort to clear our energy transmitters on a daily basis. This is essential on the path of mastery and spiritual growth.   



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