Part 5



From within each of our Essences animates a multi-dimensional consciousness through which we become aware of who we are. The different dimensions of consciousness form energy bodies where mind, feeling, will and perceptual awareness is experienced in different degrees. These bodies experience existence from the highest degree of universal awareness, to a spatial awareness, to the manifestation of consciousness in physical form.

          Each main arena of consciousness hold three conscious energy bodies that give a unique experience to mind, feeling and will.

          Each interconnected arena of consciousness hold one conscious energy body that gives a perceptual awareness of the three conscious energy bodies above and below it.  

Our Conscious Energy Bodies are hold together within cocoon shaped energy fields of many dimensions. These dimensions exist within the same space at the same time and influence each other simultaneously. Our physical form serves as a vehicle from where all consciousness is experienced.

To maintain balance in all areas of conscious are essential for our health, wellness and happiness. Each different energy body is related to a particular area of life experiences. Each body also relates to an area of psychological function.

          The divine information that is transmitted from our Essences is meant to assist us in transforming awareness in the lower dimensions of consciousness. We have to focus on the highest quality each arena of consciousness holds. Not one arena should receive less attention than the others, for this will lead to denying part of our existence. We have to take responsibility for all our creations through mind feeling and will.

          If we don’t, we might be mesmerized by the intense experience of the physical reality and perceive our lives as separate from the rest of existence. This creates a false essence or strengthens an already existing false essence that operates from our deep subconscious minds. Within false essence, the true divine energetic information is misinterpreted, for it is evaluated from a self-centered perception where all intentions, ideas and thoughts are formed for the purpose of self-gain. Ideas might create highly intellectual thoughts, but the affect it has will not take the greater existence in consideration, unless it benefit the growth of our egos.

If we are focused on Essence consciousness, the perfection our Essences hold will transform all lower dimensions to align with divine. If we are focused on the ego-consciousness, the divine information that flows through us is altered within our conscious energy bodies to suit our psychological behavior from a lower frame of minds.

























Universal Perceptual Consciousness is the most expanded interconnected arena of consciousness and is also referred to as the twelfth conscious energy body. It holds and transforms conscious energy patterns between Pure Essence and Essence Consciousness.

Universal Perceptual Consciousness is the connection between the highest states of spiritual consciousness and a state of pure divine being. It is not directly connected to our present form of existence, for it contains all our previous life experiences and influences our existence greatly. It also relates to the deep subconscious and the unconscious where all the experiences we ever had are kept. The deep subconscious is where we hold on to our oldest misinterpreted information.

Universal perceptual consciousness is where we hold the act of perceiving in the form of a universal awareness. We become aware of the light images animating from our Essences, for we have the insight that does not need conscious reasoning.

The inborn tendency to behave in a certain way animates from our Essences to Universal Perceptual Consciousness, to all other arenas of consciousness. This tendency is untainted, yet it is usually overshadowed with misinterpreted life experiences in the lower dimensions of our existence.

Instead of following the higher degree spiritual information that comes to us in the form of light images intuitively, we behave instinctively on information that was programmed from the lower dimensions of our consciousness into our deep subconscious minds. Negative reasoning and destructive emotions like fear, anger, stress or trauma support this instinctive behavior. These thoughts and emotions are overwhelming due to their coarseness and take up most of our awareness. The truth our Essences hold will then not be seen. We will shape our perceptions around distorted information within the deep subconscious and create as such our own separate realities.

Universal perceptual consciousness has the power to transform all the lower conscious energy bodies completely into Essence-consciousness and eventually back to the ultimate experience of pure Essence once again. This body holds the awareness of the reason why we have come to earth.

It is the ultimate energy body that shapes our views of the world and the experiences of who we are. It also holds the power to transform and move the electrons that shape our intentions and our realities. From here our perceptions are fluent and influenced by the combined images, feelings and power from our Essences, as well as the individuated experiences they hold within Essence consciousness. It is the degree of consciousness that holds our realities together the way we see it now. It is our ultimate perceptions.





The totality of our consciousness animates from the four uniquely combined expressions within our Individualized Essences. All its arenas are filled with Mind, Feeling and Power. The main arena that holds the highest and purest degrees of our consciousness can be seen as Essence-Consciousness. This is a perfect distilled form of our consciousness and encompasses everything that is.

Essence-consciousness is not directly connected to this lifetime. It relates to a universal awareness that exists beyond understanding of the rational mind, for it has no sequence, time or space. The following discussion is just an attempt to describe a part of consciousness that exists beyond our present imagination. It cannot be explained for what it really is, but hopefully this discussion will bring us closer to Essence consciousness so that each of us can discover the information it holds through our own unique experience of existence.

Essence-consciousness is the holder of our inner wisdom, our deepest longings and our greatest power in divine bodies of light that reaches the infinite. It underlies all other degree of consciousness and opens our awareness to everything in existence and beyond. Everything, including images beyond our deepest imagination exists in harmony within Essence consciousness. Our awareness connects us to the totality of the evolutionary process of existence. We experience all the unique aspects each light image holds with a clarity, quality and power that relates with the Universal Field of Consciousness.

          The three conscious energy bodies within Essence-consciousness hold the awareness of our intentions in different degrees. Our intentions are formed around the way we interpret, evaluate and manifest higher light images into our world of consciousness. This creates the blueprint around which our ideas and thoughts are shaped.   

We interpreted all light images with the greatest clarity in harmony with everything that has ever existed. This creates our intentions. We evaluate the resulting intentions and experience the quality it holds in relation with the divine sensations of Universal love that we can only described as a spiritual longing. This produces the most awesome power that has the ability to manifest our intentions in dimensions beneath. It all happens in accordance with the harmonious evolution of all conscious energy patterns within the Universal Consciousness, in alignment with a Universal awareness.

The arena of Essence-Consciousness is in line with the perfection of our Essences. It holds the full awareness of our destinies, our true reason for existence and the power that animates from it. It holds the highest degree of conscious energy patterns and has the power to transform consciousness to a state of pure Essence. It keeps us in touch with the one perfect experience of pure individualized Essence.

Essence-consciousness contains energy patterns that act as guidance for our behavior. Our intentions are the foundation for our psychological functions and determine as such our behavior. Everything we do rest on the foundation of the clarity, the quality and the power our intentions hold at the moment we act. The result is that we accomplish what we have intended.

Within Essence-consciousness exists no separate intent or selfish desires. The uniqueness of our Essences does not give Essence consciousness a personal experience alone, but a combined experience of all Individualized Essences. Our uniqueness is attributed to the special way each of our Essences experience this perfection.

Essence Consciousness is the foundation for our personalities and guides the operation and development of our psychosomatic systems.

Our intentions have an immediate influence on our Essence-consciousness in the same way that our psychological behavior have an immediate affect on our psychosomatic consciousness, or our thoughts have a immediate affect on our physical consciousness.

Most of us experience the vibrations from Essence consciousness as distorted and do not benefit from the true power it holds. Lower intent and desires are from ego-consciousness and for self-gain in the one form or the other. Ego-consciousness does not take the higher arenas of consciousness or the rest of existence in consideration.

We can only become aware of Essence consciousness if we reach within and beyond the arena of the deep subconscious mind. This is when our brainwaves are measured as Theta state. All lower dimensions of our consciousness must be aligned and quiet down before we can experience the wonders that this state of consciousness holds. If we hold on to any distorted perception, intentions, beliefs, ideas, thoughts or emotions, a deep meditative state will not open our awareness to true Essence consciousness, but awake distorted information from a dormant state in the deep subconscious minds so that we can become aware of the negativity that keep us locked within the lower dimensions.

If the energy patterns of any of the above distortions are transformed and released to their original untainted states, we will receive the true experience Essence consciousness holds.

We go through this state of mind just before we enter a deep dreamless sleep, and just before we awake from the state of deep sleep. If we can master our awareness and be fully aware when we reach this state, we are in the arena of consciousness where spontaneous change in all lower dimensions of consciousness is possible.   Deep-rooted perceptions and beliefs, hidden in the subconscious and deep subconscious minds can be reached and transformed. Only a few people have earned the mastery to stay focused, awake and aware within this arena of consciousness. It is also known as the deep unknown. When we reach this state of consciousness, our normal senses surrender to the Universal Consciousness with universal senses through which we can experience Essence consciousness with the greatest clarity.   


Description of Essence-Consciousness


In here, the perfect divine awareness of Mind, Feeling and power exists as three points on a vertical line that defines the center of our bodies.  It indicates the individuation of the combined expression of divine mind, feeling and will that exists in oneness beyond consciousness. This line is about a centimeter wide, and is seen from a point about one meter above the head, extending down to the core of the earth. This line oscillates at the same range of frequencies as the color gold. It only exists in all its perfection if all areas of Essence-consciousness are in harmony with themselves, as well as with one another.  




















The first light body within Essence Consciousness is known as divine Mind-consciousness. It is the perfect awareness of our Higher Selves and is also referred to as the eleventh conscious energy body. It represents the position and awareness of our first individualization from the Universal Essence into incarnated form. Divine Mind consciousness is from where we interpreted the light images within our Essences. This creates our intentions in an untainted form.     

Within divine Mind consciousness, our awareness includes everything in and beyond our present existence. We create our intentions as such from a universal awareness that is focused beyond sequential and spatial understanding in an infinite arena with no end and no beginning.

We are in touch with our highest aim. We become aware of the greater plan and purpose for our existence. It holds the design for our existence, our end-goals and what we have in mind for ourselves. Our purposes are in line with everything that ever was and will be. Even though divine Mind consciousness contains everything in a great oneness, the unique experience of individuality exists very strong. These energy patterns can only be compared to Intent in its purest form; for this is where our intentions are manifested in accordance with the way we interpret universal energies that comes to us from the most pure awareness of consciousness.

Within Divine Mind consciousness, our understanding of intent is in line with that of God consciousness. It is a knowing beyond resent understanding of the interconnectedness, wholeness and wisdom within each conscious spark in existence. Divine Mind consciousness holds the awareness that all conscious sparks contain God individualized and are God individualized…

Through the divine Mind consciousness we receive clarity of the light images we interpret as our intentions. Our intentions appear in the form of symbols and we projected them through our own fields of consciousness, as well as through the whole of the Universal Field of Consciousness. The conscious energy patterns within divine mind consciousness hold creative energies that are of benefit for the whole universal process of evolution of consciousness.

Divine Mind consciousness is also where our childhood memories are hold around our connectedness with God. Through connecting to these experiences, we can recollect the personal experience we hold of God without relying on what others tell us of God. We do not have to use someone else’s description or rules as it is in many organized religions. We can experience God through our own arenas of consciousness.


Disconnecting from Divine Mind Consciousness


If we are disconnected from divine mind consciousness, we will experience cynicism about life. There is no knowing or understanding of God, the Universal Essence. We might think that the teachings around God are just another fantasy or fairytale.  We might form the belief that religion is to contain people, for there is no true God from this limited perception. If we are not aligning with our point of origin, we might not have the personal experiences of divinity through which we can relate to God. This distorted information is experienced within many disguised situations, for the information that draws these situations to us is well hidden in the subconscious or deep subconscious minds.  This challenges the way we interpret each situation that comes into our lives.


The center of this conscious energy body can be described as a very small inverted funnel or vortex above our heads. It can be imagined at the top end of the laser-like line that runs through our bodies. It is just two to three centimeters in diameter and point down towards our heads. It is through this point that we can connect with our divine Essences. That is why many people visualize at the top of the head and above as a vehicle for connecting to divine Essence.  









The second light body within Essence Consciousness is Divine Feeling Consciousness. It is also known as the tenth conscious energy body. This is the highest, most complete awareness of our Souls. It holds the conscious energy patterns that represent divine love. This awareness is shaped around a universal sensation that is connected to the totality of the unconditional love that radiates from everything that has ever existed. The sensation it creates exists far beyond our present understanding, for it is not only connected to this lifetime alone. All that we experience from our level of understanding is a spiritual desire in the form of a longing. It is this longing that drives us to experience universal love once again.

The universal Love that Divine Feeling Consciousness hold is experienced as a spiritual longing. This longing develop from the way we evaluate the intentions that is created within Divine Mind Consciousness. Divine Feeling Consciousness gives a deeper meaning to our greater purpose, which is hold within our intentions. We become aware of our importance and the meaning for our existence. It holds a strong sense of the behavior that is of benefit for our spiritual growth. This is where we treasure the beauty within our Essences and evaluate our intentions in accordance with a universal purpose.

It is the site where we experience our intentions that was created in the Mind of Essence-consciousness. We evaluate and hold our missions, our purposes and the reasons for our incarnation on earth. It connects us to our immortality and is the place where we become conscious of the longing to follow our spiritual purposes. This radiates from a universal awareness that loves and considers all off existence, including everything that ever was. It is a love with no conditions attached to it, for it radiates from a higher understanding and not from the personal needs of the ego. 

Longing is the highest quality of desire and leads us through life to the true experience of universal love. This is where we can find everything we long to experience in form of our life purposes. It includes from the smallest to the most immense experience. This longing should not be confused with the desire that is created for self-gain of the ego within the lower dimensions of our consciousness.  It arises from evaluating the conscious energy patterns of our intentions that is created within the awareness of Divine Mind Consciousness.

If we are open to the true consciousness this body holds, we will experience excitement of knowing what we are going to do in life. Life has thus a deeper meaning.


Disconnected from Divine Feelings Consciousness

If we are out of touch with this area of consciousness, we will not have the ability to feel what we want in life. Life is experienced as boring and meaningless. If this is experienced we will carry a deep sadness that overwhelms us most of the time.


In change, mourning is important. This state is needed to release the life plan for further enfoldment. It allows for a new experience and for other people and situations to be let into our lives. Thus, when change occurs in our lives, mourning can lead us back to a deeper longing that hold the key to our greater purposes.  


Description of Divine Feeling Consciousness


Divine Feeling consciousness can be imagined as a beautiful diffuse light in our upper chests. It is the second point on the vertical line of concentrated light that represents Essence-consciousness and it expresses our spiritual longing that lead us through life. An extreme disruption in the natural processes of this arena may manifest as a sunken in chest in our physical bodies. This might be a sign that we have given up or don’t care about life in a very deep level.









The third body of light within Essence consciousness is Divine Power Consciousness. It is also known as our ninth conscious energy bodies. This is the highest awareness of Divine Will. The energy patterns of this light body create a power that is in tune with the universe and holds our form of existence together. This awesome power manifest from the perfect alignment of understanding our divine intentions with the longing to fulfill the purpose it holds.

Thus, the perfect alignment of Divine Mind Consciousness and Divine Feeling Consciousness create awareness of divine Will consciousness. It is the power that wills the clarity and the quality of our intentions into existence. It is the power through which we can move or shift our awareness and experience the reality that is needed to reach for our highest goal. It is the gateway to our destinies and holds the power through which we can fulfill our spiritual purposes.

The untainted form of divine power relates to a universal awareness of power. It is connected to all the same conscious energy pockets of power that has ever existed. The totality of the same degree energy pockets is seen as morphogenic energy fields.  The source of power in Essence consciousness is thus of such infinite magnitude that we can use it to accomplish the unimaginable. 

Divine Will Consciousness is from where all movement originates. It is from where we have drawn up our physical bodies from within the world of matter and hold it in physical manifestation. It has the one frequency or sound that is in harmony with the natural frequencies of earth and holds our bodies in physical manifestation. 

          Divine Will Consciousness holds the blueprint for all lower dimensions. It creates conscious energy patterns of divine space through which the less distilled spiritual energies, as well as the coarser energy patterns of the lower dimensions can flow. As such it shape all energy patterns of the present existence in conscious energy bodies within and below Essence consciousness. The way these energy patterns are shaped depends on the way we interpret, evaluate and experience Intent.

When we change the frequencies of the energy patterns in Divine Will Consciousness, our entire bodies will change in accordance. From here, our bodies appear to be made of a gelatinous substance and change happen in accordance of Will.

          Through this arena we connect to the deeper awareness that is held within earth and the most perfect frequencies that holds her together. We synchronize with the earth’s electromagnetic fields and combine these energies with our power. 


Description of Divine Will Consciousness


Divine Will Consciousness is referred to as the tan-tien in Chinese. It is described as a strong rubber-like hollow ball of energetic power. It is about ten centimeters in diameter and is located more or less eight centimeters below the navel in the center of the body. It represents the third point of individuation on the vertical line of Essence Consciousness. It has a luminous membrane that keeps it in tact. This represents our will to live in the present live.

It is also the power center that is used by martial artist, as well as healers through which they access the power through which healing, or great feats of strength is accomplished.

This is done by using our minds to draw power from the molten core of the earth into the energy line of Essence-consciousness, bringing it to this center. When we do this heat can be felt throughout our bodies. 


Distorted Divine Will Consciousness

If we try to jump ahead of our life tasks, hold back from our life tasks or ignore our life task, the power that it hold will be tainted. (This can lead to lower back problems.)











The closest we can come to Essence Consciousness is in he world of dreams. Thus, our dreams are our connection to our highest goal in the form of intentions. The clarity and the quality of our intentions create the power that manifests it as ideas within psychosomatic consciousness.  When there is uncertainty, or disconnection within the totality of our lives, negative results are likely to follow. Fear, emotional discomfort and layers of negative beliefs leads to spiritual loneliness and is the result of not being in touch with our life purposes.

Clear intentions, a divine feeling that expresses our deepest longing and a strong will, bring us in touch with our life purposes. Then we will see that guidance is given in every situation all around us in a continuous way. Everything that happened to us before is the guidance we have followed, or ignored till this moment.

If something interests us and we want to do it, go for it! If we do not, we will deny ourselves of miracles and lessons that takes us on a journey to our purposes and our destinies. We must not let fear of failure, or anything interfere with our destinies. It is for each of us to follow the trial that is laid out by us for ourselves. This is the start of developing the deeper unique universal senses through which we can receive more prominent guidance.

          When all the areas of Essence-consciousness are aligned with the divine expressions within our Essences, we will not feel the need to argue on what is right and what is wrong. There is no opposition with whom to argue or to fight. It is not that we assume that we are right, or prefer to ignore an argument; it is that there is just not anything to argue about. There exist no right and no wrong, everything and everyone is part of one greatness. Arguments mean that some of the arenas of consciousness are not aligned with our Essences. The internal disagreement between different conscious energy bodies will manifest as disagreement with another person on an outer level.  

If we are centered on Essence-consciousness, we understand that every small life task is connected to a higher task. We therefore focus on the task on hand in the moment, for we know how it is connected to the higher task and everything else. Within Essence consciousness, we are synchronized with the whole. We experience integrity and our personal purpose in abundance, for we are aligned with the universal purpose. Essence-consciousness is a very free experience. If we are aligned with it, we are aligned with everything and everyone else.

Everything within the material world that is not in harmony with our life paths will either change or fall away. We can use clear intentions to bring the different conscious energy bodies of our Essence-consciousness in alignment. Intent things the way it should. We should keep our intentions in alignment with a universal awareness and create in accordance.







Higher perceptual consciousness is also referred to as our eights conscious energy bodies. It follows Essence-consciousness and keeps all our lower energy bodies in tact. Higher Perceptual Consciousness is an interconnected arena and is the bridge between Essence Consciousness and psychosomatic consciousness. It enfolds, interpenetrates and holds all lower dimensions of consciousness together. Higher Perceptual Consciousness interpenetrates the deep subconscious and the subconscious minds. It can be found beyond Alfa and Theta brainwaves. It connects all our previous life experiences with this present lifetime.

It reaches the deep unknown and the unknown. Higher Perceptual consciousness is experienced through our universal senses and our higher senses. Even though it contains the clarity of Essence-consciousness, it also contains all our previous life experiences, as well as all the present life experiences. This is why we have to reach the deepest states of mind before we can understand the way it influences us.

The arena where our true Higher Perceptual Consciousness is hold can only be found within and beyond our deep subconscious minds, or Theta state of mind. The lower dimensions of consciousness hold only a tainted reflection of the truth higher perceptual consciousness holds, for our intellectual thoughts include even the distorted beliefs within sub-consciousness as reality.

The energy patterns within this arena of consciousness represent our ultimate beliefs. If this arena is distorted, information will not be experienced clearly from Essence Consciousness. We are then more influenced by all the negative repetitive behavior of this present lifetime. This information are formed by the lower degrees of our ego-consciousness and stored within a spatial awareness of our subconscious and deep subconscious minds. We then shape our perceptions and beliefs around a limited world of dualism.

          Higher perceptual consciousness influences our psychological behavior and gives each one of us a unique awareness and experience of reality. It is the first arena of consciousness that is directly influenced by ego-consciousness, for it relates to this lifetime. It is part of Essence consciousness, but also individuated from the totality of Essence consciousness and connects us to a spatial consciousness that is related to our present form of existence.

          It is from higher perceptual consciousness that we restructure distorted beliefs around Essence-consciousness and our Essences to suit ego consciousness. This is done by negative influences of ego- or physical consciousness that has entered our deep subconscious minds. It has not replaced the truths our higher perceptual consciousness holds; it overshadows it from the deepest arena of the lower mind. This is the “unknown darkness” that we hold in our deep subconscious minds.

To change any energy pattern in this arena is easier than to change the conscious energy patterns of Essence consciousness or Divine Perceptual consciousness, yet it still takes more discipline than it takes to change the energy patterns of our psychosomatic consciousness. It is a more refined degree of our consciousness and has a tremendous influence on our psychosomatic and physical behavior.

We have to refine our awareness through calmness and quietness of mind to connect with this degree of consciousness, or to transform the energy patterns it holds. It holds distorted energy forms for cleansing before it can be transmitted to pure Essence consciousness. It therefore is not only a bridge to the spiritual dimensions of consciousness, but also an energetic veil that keep the true resonance of spiritual consciousness out of our reach till we are ready to experience the true beauty it holds. 

Within the arenas of our psychosomatic-consciousness, change happens according to our behavior in moment-to-moment experiences. Higher perceptual consciousness is less limited and exists within a deeper dimension of consciousness. It is therefore not directly connected to the lower conscious energy bodies.  

Change can only happen here if all the lower conscious energy bodies are aligned with it, for the combined influences and repetitive behavior of the lower levels influence our perceptual consciousness as we have seen above.

Our psychological function, our thought and our emotions are meant to give us a deeper meaning of our beliefs, yet we gave in to the ego consciousness of our false essences. Instead of shaping our beliefs in accordance with the information higher perceptual consciousness holds, we use our lower conscious energy bodies to reconstruct the information it holds in a false morphogenic energy field from where we let it control our realities as external negative forces.

Higher Perceptual Consciousness contains all the principles that we accept as true or real, mostly without proof. It gave us assurance and is the dimension of consciousness where we hold the highest degree of trust of God.

This is also the area of consciousness from where all dogma is created, for it is the changeover between dreams and ideas and influences our imaginations greatly. It is the body that holds all our intentions and ideas in the form of beliefs. When there is no trust in what we belief, we are aligned with ego consciousness and not the true qualities of higher perceptual consciousness.

Truth is transmitted from our Essences, but if our perceptions are aligned with ego consciousness, truth will be formed around misinterpreted life experiences.

In the downward spiral that originates from our Essences, these beliefs are formed around Essence-consciousness from where it is transmitted through higher perceptual consciousness to psychosomatic consciousness; but in the upward spiral that comes from the lower dimensions, we create beliefs that influence our perceptions. Our beliefs underlie and engulf all lower dimensions of our consciousness.

This energy body raps itself in a spiraling motion around the lower bodies and keeps us connected to the totality of this life experience and everything beyond. It keeps us connected to the planes of consciousness that provide higher guidance. It is beyond direct communication with the lower seven bodies, yet influence them greatly.

          Our beliefs are thus a pathway that encompasses all levels of consciousness. It acts as a link for evolution from the lower dimensions of our consciousness to align with Essences consciousness again.




This arena is also known as our spiritual experience of existence. The reason is that it is our closest link to true spirituality. It contains our understanding of spirituality and is the higher vehicle through which we can become in touch with the true spiritual beings we are.

Essence consciousness is not directly related to this life experience. It includes all previous life experiences from the first beginning in a universal awareness. Psychosomatic consciousness is directly related to our experiences in this lifetime.

It is the dimensions of consciousness that hold and represents the different degrees of our psychological behavior. It relates to a spatial awareness that includes everything and everyone within this lifetime. It includes our imagination, our concept of existence and our views of God through religion and spiritual experiences.  

Our imagination is from where our concept of existence, spirituality, our views of God and all religion originates. Everything we cannot experience through our physical senses, our thoughts, or our emotions can only be experienced within our imagination. This is where we formulate our view of our present connection to existence.

Imagination may include images build around our dreams, as well as a world of fantasy where fairies, dragons and super hero’s reside. It may even include monsters, demons and other evil. These images are formed around recollections from personal experiences combined with higher images. These personal experiences are mostly related to story telling, television and other physical influences we gain through life experiences.

From a separate view of the rational mind alone, some of these images are accepted as the spiritual, while others are disregarded as fantasy or illusive. From a spatial awareness, even the fantasy of imagination always has an underlying meaning. Within psychosomatic consciousness, we can connect to the symbolic language of this reality and see that it has a great influence in our physical lives.

From the spatial awareness of psychosomatic consciousness the true meaning of all imagination is realized. As we evolve through consciousness, the fantasy world might slowly be transformed to hold clear untainted images that are directly related to Essence consciousness. Our awareness will then be a clear window to the true experiences spirituality hold.

If our subconscious minds are overshadowed by distorted information ego consciousness holds onto, our imagination will respond in accordance with the thoughts and emotions it holds. It is in this cases usually underlined with fear, anger, sadness or any other related emotions. 

Psychosomatic Consciousness is where the awareness of the divine expressions within Essences consciousness manifests itself within three conscious energy bodies of light. They are directly linked to this life experiences and influence our daily lives tremendously, yet we are most of the time not aware of it.

It holds the conscious energy bodies of our higher minds, our higher feelings and our higher power. Thus, the intentions we hold within Essence-consciousness are transformed to ideas. Our ideas are evaluated to create the feeling that gives structure to the ideas and the ability to move towards those ideas. This creates a higher form of power that is in line with the clarity and the quality of our ideas.

Distorted information from our subconscious minds has a direct influence on the true information psychosomatic consciousness holds.

         Our psychosomatic Consciousness resides beyond the area of the subconscious mind. When the true portals of this state of mind are reached, our brain activities are slowed down to a calm and relaxed state. It is not focused on stresses, or our normal day-to-day actions and the brainwaves are referred to as Alfa state. 

          It is the first arena where we experience higher sense perception. This perception only appears when our awareness is not focused on what our physical senses pick up. The doorway to higher sense perception is thus our spatial awareness of the subconscious mind. It is a more refined state of our senses and stretches far beyond their physical uses, yet it is not as expanded as the universal senses of Essence-consciousness. The spatial mind does not only include a portion of our existence, but the totality of what this lifetime holds.  It means that everything that share this life with us, including the universe, what we can see and our imagination exists in a great reality at once.

Psychosomatic consciousness is also referred to as the unknown, for we cannot perceive the information it holds with our rational senses, yet it is due to become the known, for it manifests our ideas from within our imagination. 






This Dimension of psychosomatic consciousness is also known as the seventh conscious energy body. It provides us with a deeper sense of oneness with the universe. It regulates the inward and outward flow of conscious energy patterns from a universal consciousness and guards against the penetration of unhealthy energies.

This is the conscious energy body of the Higher Self and is our highest direct mental connection that is related to our present life experiences. Our Higher Selves are experienced within individualized light bodies and hold the understanding of the Oneness that connect us to our Essences. It assures that all alignments of the lower bodies are complete, even through the physical plane.

The Higher Mind’s energy body is the vehicle for the Higher Self that can be used to transport the Soul, the higher Will and our lower conscious energy bodies through the gateway of higher perceptual consciousness to the arena of Essence Consciousness. It is the perfect body of our Higher Selves, which waits to take us back to a state of Essence consciousness, and pure Essence.

          This is where we become aware of our service to humanity and where we hold the wisdom to complete our missions.   

The conscious energy body of Divine Mind is our higher mental consciousness that relates to this lifetime. It keeps a very strong sense of our individuality, as well as our divine oneness. This protects us from the negative outside forces that is created by humanity. It interpenetrates all other dimensions of our consciousness and regulates the flow of energy through our energy bodies, including the physical. It also regulates the proper flow of conscious energy patterns from all energy bodies to the space beyond. It nourishes the body and connects us to everything else around us, as well as to all our other conscious energy bodies.    

This is where we hold the awareness that we are one with God. We have a clear and strong understanding around God. We experience the divine mind within us.  We understand that we are part of the greater pattern of life. We feel safe and understand that we are imperfection within perfection.

          This is also the last conscious energy body that is related to this life.  It holds the conscious energy bodies of this present incarnation together. It holds our connection to all previous lives that is held within higher perceptual consciousness.

          The energy body of divine mind is where our intentions within Essence-consciousness are transformed to ideas. Intentions are interpreted through higher mind consciousness and transformed to ideas, which hold an objective plan for our existence according to a spatial awareness. This plan is formed around impressions from intentional images in the higher dimensions of consciousness. We hold a clear understanding around the creation of these ideas. We understand the concept about existence, the world and the nature of its patterns. We understand how our ideas fit into these life patterns.

          Higher mind consciousness is where we begin to understand the greater universal patterns. It brings us to the reason for being. From here is where the souls purpose for existence animates. We understand the reason for the experiences we’re having. If we are aligning with the higher mind, we experience only curiosity, no fear. Experience of life is lifted to a transcended reality. We know that all is right in God’s world. There exist no blame; all is unfolding just the way it needs to. We experience serenity.


Disconnected from Higher Mind Consciousness       

If we are disconnected from this level of consciousness, we will experience no creative ideas. We will not know where we fit into the universe. The universe will appear random and chaotic in nature. Nothing appears to be connected. We will not experience the divine mind for the truth it holds.  We might become in denial with our imperfection. We perceive our minds as isolated and assume it has little to do with creation. Our understanding of existence will be formulated around negative images within the subconscious mind.


Description of Higher Mind Consciousness


Higher mind consciousness holds the awareness of this life experience. On an energetic level, this can be seen as a strong egg-shaped cocoon that is golden of color and enfolds us completely.

The strong outer layer keeps all information that is not directly related to our imagination or this lifetime out of our conscious awareness. Information still flows from this body to the higher dimensions and back again, but it is transmitted and controlled by our energy centers. It also has a vertical flow up and down the spinal column that connect to all parts of our bodies. It divides the body in two distinctive halves. This relates to the gender of all in existence. It relates to the inward and outward flow of energy, the balance between implosion and explosion, expanding and contracting. We experience it in polarity, the differences between two balanced energy fields that create a field of experience, as well as the rational and irrational side of mind. The equilibrium between quality and the quantity of everything is orchestrated by the higher mind.    

When this level is strong, it is seen as beautiful golden lines of energy vibrating at a high frequency. It seems as if streamers of light are interwoven to form the physical components of the body and holds all lower bodies of the present form of existence together. These streamers form a golden egg shaped energy sphere that protects us from any negativity that is not related to our life experiences.






Higher feeling consciousness is also known as the sixth conscious energy body. This is the soul level and allows for the soul to be expressed in the physical body. It is the connection for our souls to this present life experience. It indicates spiritual love and joy.

This is also known as the directional force body and directs or guides our missions on earth. The directional force body receives the flow of electrons from our Essence through the higher arenas of consciousness. It redirects or transforms these signals that are interpreted in higher mind consciousness in such a way that the lower bodies can relate to it.

This body is connected to the higher symbolic thought forms we receive within higher mind consciousness. We need to reach for higher levels of spiritual mastery to be more closely aligned with the true information of Divine Mind Consciousness.

The more we are aware of higher feeling consciousness, the more we are aware of the human experience. We evaluate the ideas within higher mind consciousness and as such develop a deeper, more intense experience of ideas, which we experience as sensations of joy and love. The quality of these feelings is in line with the clarity of our ideas.  The higher love that we experience relates to a spatial awareness. It holds love, care and compassion for humanity and everything else in creation. It also includes anything we can imagine, spiritual beings, and God, the source of all creation. It brings a great calming affect to the body for healing. It is experienced as spiritual love, joy, euphoria and harmony.

Higher feeling consciousness is where we evaluate our ideas in accordance with a spatial awareness. A spatial awareness has no sequence and holds all time and space in a continuum of existence. We become aware of the meaning of our ideas and create sensations in form of feelings. These feelings are in accordance to the quality that we give the concept of our ideas.

Our ideas surrounds and are influenced by everything that has happened to us from around birth till this moment, as well as everything and everyone that exists in this present lifetime, even though we are not always aware of it. The feeling we experience is in accordance with the way we evaluate our ideas that manifest from our intentions.

          The only way for us to become aware of our higher feeling consciousness is if we silence the rational thought processes and listen within. There is many ways this can be done. We can use meditation or relaxing music to reach this state of calmness. It is the level where we become in tune with everything else. We are in touch with the spiritual and the physical. It includes humanity, plants, animals, the stars in the universe and everything on earth.

          Higher feeling consciousness relates to the subconscious mind, we therefore need to go beyond a relax state of mind to experience it. It can be reached through meditation, or by repeating a sound, or a set of sounds with no meaning.

This is the dimension of consciousness that hold the experiences where the beauty of a sunrise or any other beauty in nature or life inspires us. It is situations that usually fill us with wonder. We experience a feeling of amazement that encompasses all that there is. These experiences are unique to each of us and revitalize the soul. Just as important as it is to feed the physical body; so important it is to feed the soul’s body. 

          We experience unconditional love towards others and ourselves. This means that we care for everything in existence without expecting anything in return. It can only be done if we accept everyone, as well as everything in existence exactly as they are. Honor and respect for all. Be delighted by the differences everything holds and support all in the pursue of excellence. Like Divine Feeling consciousness, higher feeling consciousness, as well as lower feeling consciousness contain our desires. We carry the desire for spiritual growth and to feel happy and good about ourselves. In the higher feeling energy body our desires are around feeling connected to all there is, including God. On the lower perceptual level, desire is around our relationships with others.  It also holds the desire for intimacy, for loving home and loving friends. Lower feeling consciousness is shaped around our desire to feel good about ourselves, to love ourselves and to be happy.

Within higher feeling consciousness, we reach a point of being where we know and experience our connection with the entire universe. We see the beauty and love in everything that exists. We feel thus one with God. We first have to become aware of our love for all of humanity before we can open our awareness to this greater love.  

When this body is blocked by ego consciousness, we will not so likely have spiritual or inspirational experiences. We assume that those who have any form of inspirational experiences live in an illusion created by their imagination. Divine Feeling consciousness becomes tainted and less energized if we had traumatic religious experiences or if we were brought up with no religious background. It is mostly the result of a traumatic experience that leads to the rejection of God or religion.

A distortion in Higher Feeling consciousness is also used to avoid the physical reality. We may expect God to take care of us as if we have no connection to the physical world. This is only because of the fear to acknowledge our responsibilities within the physical experience of consciousness. We drain a lot of energy avoiding the challenges it holds. This can easily cause us to become cynical towards life. Life holds one obstacle after the other with lack of health and joy. According to the Universal laws of consciousness, situations will be drawn into our lives that will challenge this type of denial and it will not take long before we are awakened from this illusion. We will learn through this that the physical world exists within the spiritual and that we have to acknowledge both.

This is the body through which the spiritual guides communicate, from the most divine dimensions through the seventh level of the Universal Field of Consciousness.  Silence and devotion must be learned before this body aligns with the lower five bodies.



This level consists of beautiful streamers of colored light extending from the body. It is a bit more limited then higher mind consciousness; for it is formulated around the way we evaluate our ideas. It contains all colors and also vibrates of very high frequencies. The health of this level can be seen in the brightness and energy.






This is the level where our divine will are transformed into a conscious energy body of higher will. Higher will consciousness is directly connected to the experience of existence in this lifetime. It forms the outline for the physical body, as well as all other life in a holographic image. This is the main level for all forms and symbols. It is thus the blueprint for all form. With the alignment of higher will consciousness we maintain order in our lives. 

Higher will consciousness receive its messages from our Essences through a series of impulses sent down from the higher dimensions. Our ability to receive clear messages from higher mind consciousness depends on the degree to which our higher will has absorbed the lower, inharmonious frequencies of the three bodies that exist below it in the sequential world of physical consciousness. When all is in alignment, we proceed to fulfill God’s will before the will of the ego. Then we can experience what higher mind consciousness really means.

           Higher will consciousness is aligned with a divine will that is the expressions of universal will. Will is synonym with power. We cannot claim power from the world out there, or expect the Will of God to fulfill our wishes without taking any responsibility ourselves. Our higher will only enter our awareness if we align with the higher feeling and higher mind from within psychosomatic consciousness. Higher power is the result of the perfect animations from higher mind and higher feeling consciousness. Thus, we need clear ideas and evaluate it in accordance with a spatial awareness to experience the highest quality feelings around our ideas and the true power higher Will consciousness holds.

The way we interpret our ideas, together with the way we evaluate the quality of these ideas bring forth the power our higher will consciousness holds. This is in alignment with all in existence and influences the way we experience power in the physical world. 

Will is thus not a force that we can claim from anybody else. It is the natural product that forms around our psychosomatic behavior. This brings us in alignment with the universal will of God. We can either choose to align with the separate ego-will, or we can align with the divine will of God. From our level of awareness, to understand and align with higher will consciousness is very important. Our biggest challenge at present is to transform our lower will, or ego will to the quality of Divine will consciousness. Only then will the subconscious and deep subconscious minds be transformed to serve as a pure untainted experience of the universal field of consciousness.  This power is influenced by all the beliefs that are held within the subconscious and deep subconscious mind.

          Higher will consciousness is connected to all the power of spatial awareness. Our higher will consciousness contain its own individuality, but in alignment with all the same quality power that exists within this present lifetime.

It also relates to our subconscious minds, which holds the average frequency of our power in relationship with all the power in this present form of existence that oscillates at the same frequency.

If we are aligned with ego consciousness, the true power that higher will consciousness hold will be distorted. God’s Will is seen as something that is forced on us. Even though we might remember that we have free will, the choices are limited, for God’s Will overshadows it. We blame all the negative situations, death, and the challenges that come to us on the Will of God that is forced on us. This is the false perception of ego-consciousness. The separateness it holds put our will separate from any form of higher will. Because of this, we do not take responsibility for our own lives and blame others for our problems.

We must understand that if we choose to align with the highest thoughts and he highest feeling, we automatically align with the divine will of God.

When we are not in alignment with divine will, the truth of this level will be distorted and we will not feel connected to the world around.

The morphogenic energy fields within the lower dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness also hold the conscious energy patterns of tremendous force. These morphogenic energy fields are groomed within the subconscious mind. Repetition, or purposeful feeding of negativity strengthens it. This will strengthens the illusive power of force. Even though we can experience tremendous power within this ego-state of spirituality, the power it holds are only supported by force.

The power of force can only become real to the detriment of someone or something else.  The power of force creates its own resistance, which eventually leads to the fall of this false ego-based power. Power animates from our inner core as a result of the choices we make. True power has no resistance. It is an infinite creative force that does not become less if it is used. It empowers all that align with it and energize itself as such.  

Will is the power that is synonym with action, movement and transformation. It is the power we use to create our lives and shape our forms. Within higher will-consciousness, we take action by transforming ideas to a state ready for becoming thoughts.

If we are focused on ego-consciousness, we will rely on intellect and reasoning alone and this higher power stays unseen. Intellect does not belief in anything that cannot be perceived by our senses.

If we follow the guidance of higher will consciousness, we must tune into our higher senses. It includes the unknown and gives us the courage we need to journey into a spiritual world that we do not know.

This is where we have the will to choose to follow the deeper longing above intellectual reason. Reason is about what is right or wrong. Higher will exist in dimensions beyond intellect. If we do not have the faith, trust and courage to follow this higher guidance, we will be kept within a world that is created out of social conditioning where most right and wrong are created for personal gain. We will circle in this lower world and assume that we are doing the right thing, not knowing that our first steps to freedom lays in our higher will consciousness. Obedience and courage to the higher purpose in life are the keys to master within this body before we can advance further.



It can be imagined as a sapphire blue light that oscillates at a very high frequency. Everything seems the reversed of what we perceive in the lower levels. What we would expect as clear space is filled with blue light. What we expect as solid is empty space. It is almost the same than a blueprint of a photograph.

This is why the fifth level is seen as a template for the first. The conscious energy patterns of the first level fill and flow through the empty space that is expressed within the fifth dimension.    In the same way that this body forms the template for the first energy body, so does our first energy body hold the form for our physical manifestation.

The empty space that is created by will-consciousness forms the grit structure of conscious energy patterns upon which the physical body grows.  The structure of lower will is formed around this body. In this level, sound creates matter.


Within higher mind we create ideas in the form of imagination. Higher feeling consciousness give order and meaning to our imagination, while higher will consciousness manifest our ideas as higher thought energies, ready to be received with clarity by our intellectual minds.











Lower perceptual consciousness is also referred to as our fourth conscious energy bodies. This is the lowest interconnected arena of consciousness and acts as a bridge between psychosomatic consciousness and physical consciousness. It can be seen as a bridge between personality and psychological behavior.

This is the level where we hold relationships with people, animals, plants, inanimate objects, the Earth, the sun, the stars, and the universe. If we are healthy on this level, we will have good relationships with other people. At this level, energy is sent out to other individuals. This is also where weak souls or individuals connect to us and drain us from our energy.

Lower perceptual consciousness is also called the causal body. It is made up of a source of conscious power that imbeds the lower three bodies for the purpose of shielding them from harmful forces that exist on the astral plane. It limits all conscious energy patterns that oscillate of a lower frequency than this arena of consciousness. Thus, the distorted morphogenic energy fields within the subconscious and deep subconscious minds are limited to lower perceptual consciousness. Not any of this information can reach the untainted higher arenas of consciousness, for our awareness are only limited to the physical world. A false reality of the higher dimensions is held within this limited awareness. This is how we create our understanding of existence and spirituality. It forms out of the distorted information within the dimensions of the subconscious minds that are formed around physical experiences instead of seeing them in relation with spirituality. (All these harmful forces are created by the human nature and the wrong use of free will.) This veil also serves as a filter for higher thought forms that comes to us as ideas to enlighten us on a spiritual path.

It contains the power to merge the vibrational frequencies of the lower bodies into a higher vibration. This produce the foundation for the successful merging of the conscious energy bodies of psychosomatic and physical consciousness before Essence consciousness can be experienced.

It also influences the way we relate to other people. It carries our whole world of relationships. We interact with other people, animals, plants, the earth, the sun, the stars and inanimate objects. It holds all our feelings about each other.

This dimension of consciousness contain all the love and joy, as well as the struggle and pain of our relationships. This level does not let any negativity reach the higher dimensions of our consciousness.

Lower perceptual consciousness relates to both spatial and sequential awareness. It is also the gateway between the conscious and the subconscious mind. This interconnected arena acts as a shield that not only protects us from destructive forces in the interconnectedness it holds, but keeps all the lower experiences that leads to the negativity in the physical world for purification. It is held within a subconscious state that reaches the same depth as the higher and spiritual realms, but without influencing these dimensions. It overshadows these realms, but never in a direct way where it can contaminate the truth it holds.

The ego-part of the subconscious mind only resembles the higher dimensions, but in a distorted way and influence as such our untainted imagination, but never becomes it. Everything that ever was misinterpreted by ego-consciousness is limited to the illusive part of lower perceptual awareness where it is hold for cleansing and transformation.

This is also the arena where we hold the power to transform love from a physical experience to a higher experience that is connected to divinity.     

When we are aligned with this conscious energy body, we will have a lot of strong, good relationships with others. Our friends and family makes out a big part of our lives. We may like to be around people and choose a profession where we can serve humanity, or we will find the beauty in the professions we already have.

If we are focused on the separateness of ego consciousness, relationships with other people may be less important to us, or for self-gain. Relationships will be filled with force and resistance and might strengthens the belief that relationships are more trouble than they are worth. In other cases we might feel overwhelmed by those that are aligned with the fourth conscious energy bodies. Through this level, we are connected to our parents. This creates the blueprint of how we will continue relationships with either the men or the women in our lives.

If we are not aligned with this level of consciousness, we are open to a world of pain, discomfort, a feeling of heaviness, a feeling of exhaustion and eventually dis-ease.

An understanding and commitment to one’s greater journey in life must be absorbed into the body before the individual can advance on the spiritual path. 




All the arenas of consciousness above the physical exist outside the limited world of time, space and physical form. It exists beyond the reach of our normal senses. These arenas form part of our spiritual and divine experiences of our conscious existence. It holds the highest knowing and understanding, the highest feeling of universal love and the highest experience of power in the form of our will.

In this dimensions of our consciousness everything is experienced and understood at once. The attempt to explain it can never reflects the totality these arenas of our consciousness holds. This is because most of us only use a portion of ourselves and limit ourselves only to the physical experience of consciousness. Everything above physical consciousness needs a higher sense perception that can internalize the whole before we interpret it with rational thoughts. Without tuning into this higher awareness, all higher dimensions of our consciousness are illusive or non-existing, for they exist beyond what we normally call human.

The physical experience of consciousness is thus the only reality that most of us acknowledge.

          Physical consciousness relates to a sequential awareness. Our concerns are about our personal lives in the physical world. We are focused on situations, people and things that could influence our lives positively or negatively at this present stage, or portions of our lives.

If we are centered on the true physical experience, our intellectual minds are aligned with higher consciousness and interpreted higher symbolic thought with clarity to intellectual thought forms. The way we evaluate our thoughts indicates the quality of our thoughts in the form of emotions. These interactions bring forth our lower will, which determines our wellness and our vitality.

If all conscious energy bodies of our physical consciousness align with higher consciousness, the personal experience of existence will be infused with compassion for everything else. It creates the most intense experience of existence through the higher information in its untainted form. This exhilarates spiritual evolution tremendously.

If we focus on ego-consciousness, the intense experiences create a sense of separateness that overwhelms us with fear. This fear might be disguised by any other negative emotion that flows from it. Thus, hidden fear underlies all other negative emotions and is the source of power that keeps our egos alive.            Physical consciousness consists of our intellectual processes, our emotional experiences and the physical power that animates from it to form the blueprint for our physical bodies in matter. It exists within and beyond our conscious minds and is measured at Beta brainwaves. It is where hard-core action takes place. It is where we experience our lessons and challenges in the form of life situations. It is the known.

          The physical experience of consciousness holds the evolving life form with no experience of the higher realms of consciousness. We are incarnated within the lowest dimensions, and each one of us is assigned to an evolving being that become part of us. It is for each of us to align this lower experience with the higher experience that radiates from Essence consciousness. This is how we assist in transforming consciousness, as well as the universal evolution of consciousness.

           The lower dimensions of our consciousness are coarser and easier to experience than the higher dimensions. Most of us has forgotten this and assume that we are only the evolving being within a physical body. Instead of becoming the lower being and create as such our egos, we should transform this part of us to align with the awareness of our higher conscious energy bodies. This is how we intent to bring heaven on earth.

          Physical consciousness is meant to give us the most intense experience of all conscious existence. These experiences are transmitted back to the higher dimensions to give us a perfect rounded of, multi-dimensional experience of each image that was ever created within the divine mind of God. Unfortunately, we are overwhelmed by the intensity and coarseness of physical consciousness and assume that we are only what we pick up through our senses, thoughts and emotions. 

          We know of spirituality and God, but subconsciously we hold the belief that divinity exists separate from the physical world. This can be the start of infinite challenges and issues, all related to a belief system that is build around this separateness.

We either form our believes around the concept that we are physical beings created in sin, left in the mercy of God or other unknown forces of good or evil; or we form it around the concept that we are spiritual beings, not acknowledging the responsibilities of physical existence. These two concepts are formed around portions of a bigger truth, for we are both. When we realize this and take responsibility for both our physical and our spiritual existence, we began the journey where we can transform anything that hinders the natural evolutionary process of consciousness. 















Rational Mind

Lower mind consciousness is also referred to as our third conscious energy bodies. This is our sequential dimension of mind and is also referred to as intellect. It is associated with rational thoughts and mental processes. It contains the structure of our ideas in the form of higher thought symbols that originates from psychosomatic consciousness. The clearer and better formed the above ideas are, the clearer and better formed the thought processes around these ideas will be. The clarity of our thoughts influences the quality of our emotions. When this level of consciousness is aligned with the higher dimensions, the rational and the intuitive mind work in harmony with one another. We will experience all ideas with clarity. We will have a strong clear mind that serves us well. We will be interested in learning.

          Habitual thought forms become very powerful well-formed forces that affect our lives greatly. We are very aware of our mental processes and consider ourselves as a rational, intellectual or analytical society.

If we are aligned with ego-consciousness, we will not receive the information from the higher dimensions with clarity, for we hold the belief that we are separate. We will lack mental alertness or clarity.  If this level is distorted, we will not demonstrate mental clarity and won’t be interested in learning activities or other intellectual pursuits. We might have a strong intellectual appearance, but all knowledge is related to self-gain. Our habitual negative thought processes causes our negative thought forms. What we experience as logical may not be, but the power of our own rational minds is very strong. Each thought we have aligned with a bigger thought pocket of the same quality and eventually with the same quality larger morphogenic energy fields that hold all related energy patterns.

If our awareness is just limited to this dimension of consciousness, we will tend to live more in the mind than our feelings or our will. We will be more interested in reasoning and feelings are not taken in consideration. It is not possible to ignore our feelings, for they surround intellect and must be interpreted for what they mean.

Negative feelings we hold onto limits the natural flow of energy and influence our intellect in accordance.  It is a habit to support negative thought forms. It is also an excuse to blame any situations for the thought we choose. We have to look within what situations mean towards our inner selves, for we realize that we must contain some form of relation with the situation, otherwise it would not have enter our lives. We must realize that a negative thought about somebody else arise from our own negativity that is hidden within the subconscious. 

This body receives the thought processes in the form of ideas from psychosomatic consciousness and process this information through a filtering system located in the pineal gland of the brain. Lower mind consciousness is the conscious energy body that collects the data received from the higher mind consciousness and other higher dimensions and transforms them for use in all other arenas of consciousness.

The highest form of communication that can be transmitted to the mental body comes in the form of symbols.

The highest symbols the mental body must integrate into its essence before it can unite with the higher frequencies surrounding it are truth and service to others.

We prefer to maintain the habits of negative thought forms. We do not sort things out; we rather talk to others about it and do not transform the negativity from its source.

People with strong clear minds have lemon yellow energy lines pulsating at a very high rate.














Lower feeling consciousness is also known as our second conscious energy bodies. This is where feelings and emotions are expressed about ourselves. When we are aligned with Essence consciousness, we will experience positive feelings about ourselves that we label as emotion. When we are aligned with Ego-consciousness, negative emotions will be experienced, or we’ll move from the one extreme of emotions to the next with no control.

          Ideas are interpreted through our lower minds to create our thoughts. Our thought processes are evaluated within lower feeling consciousness. The quality of our emotions is in alignment with the clarity of our thought processes. Thus, the emotions we experience are created in accordance with the thoughts we have. Emotions give a more intense experience of our thoughts. Thus, it gives our thoughts a deeper meaning.

Lower feeling consciousness includes a complex system of energy fields that produce vibrational frequencies that affect both the intellectual and the physical bodies.

It holds emotions and feelings about ourselves. It holds thus our personal relationships with ourselves. Our lower perceptual consciousness holds awareness of our relationship with everything we have experienced, and our higher feeling consciousness hold the awareness of our relationship with all our experiences and everything in existence, including what we can imagine, spirituality, and our relationship with God. Divine feeling consciousness holds our awareness around the totality of the evolutionary process of consciousness in a continuum beyond time and space.

          When we are aligned with the higher dimensions, we will experience positive relationships with ourselves. Our emotions engulf and interpenetrate our physical sensations and our physical bodies.  Clear emotions that are made up of a high quality conscious energy patterns, like joy and love has a healing affect on the lower dimensions. Negative emotions are made up of conscious energy patterns that vibrate at a lower frequency and could lead to low levels of physical energy and eventually dis-ease.  From within ego-consciousness, emotions might appear as a mixture of feelings, either negative or positive. When we are aligned with Essence consciousness, our emotions will be experienced with clarity for what it means. Each emotion will be seen for what it is. If our emotions flow naturally, even anger could be experienced as positive, for we will see it for what it really is and transform it to its highest quality.

When we are aligned with ego-consciousness, we might easily experience negative relationships with ourselves. We might even not be aware of the feelings we have towards ourselves. In extremes, we might even hate ourselves. It might even be reflected in others, for we might hate or fear all those we assume influence our lives.

Thus, the negative feelings we hold onto may give us a negative impression about ourselves, or those related to us and can lead to depression. As long as these negative feelings are not hold onto, they will be transformed and balance will be kept within our awareness of consciousness. If we hold onto any negative feelings, they will influence the structure of the conscious energy bodies of our lower feeling, which will influence our thoughts, our physical power and our physical bodies. It will thus strengthens the false essence that is created within the lower dimensions of the Universal Consciousness and through repetition, it will enter our subconscious and deep subconscious minds, from where they will control us as part of our realities.

Emotional consciousness contains all the colors of the rainbow. Positive feelings appear as bright colors of cloud-like energies. Negative feelings shows up in darker, dirtier shades of color.

This body must learn discipline and independence. It must learn to detach from all that is not part of the perfected plan before it can unite with the higher frequencies that surrounds it. 

It is also the source of power that moves the electron force when we are in alignment with our Divine Essences.






Physical sensations

This dimension of consciousness is also referred to as the first conscious energy body. Lower will consciousness hold our physical power. The magnitude of this power is in alignment with the interactions of our thoughts and our emotions. This level of consciousness is in direct correlation between the energy flow and our senses in our physical bodies.

This means pain is associated with a disturbance in the first conscious energy body. It is also in relationship with the energy flow we experience in our bodies.

The first conscious energy body underlies the physical body. It is the densest of all the bodies and resides in the third dimensional frequency of the earth plane. This is the body template and is the vehicle that transports our vitality, our emotions, our thoughts, our higher will, our souls and our higher selves. This body is created out of the thoughts, feelings, words, and actions of the individual who governs it.

This body must learn sensitivity and discernment before it can connect to the higher conscious energy bodies. 

If we are aligned with this conscious energy body, we will feel good about ourselves and enjoy all the physical pleasures that our bodies bring to us. We will feel connected to our bodies, take care of it and feel the need for exercise and healthy foods. We will know what is good for the health of our bodies and what is not. Each of us has an individual experience and develop therefore unique needs. Instead of relying on the advise from other people on what is good for our health and what is not, we can relay on ourselves for this knowing. We will develop a strong and healthy physical body and enjoy the pleasurable physical sensations that go with it. It includes the pleasure of feeling our bodies, the energized feeling of vitality, and the enjoyment of physical activities, physical contact, sex, and sleeping.  Lower will consciousness bring us in tune with the bodies natural rhythm. We eat when we are hungry; we rest when we are tired. We take all the needed action to ensure health and wellness of the physical body. The pleasures all our senses give us are also experienced in lower will consciousness. Whatever is experienced within this level of consciousness manifest below as reality.  If we are aligned with ego-consciousness, we will experience fluctuating sensation between comfort and discomfort, happiness and sadness, health and disease. We will experience our physical bodies as weak and will not like to connect with all the pleasures that are associated with it.

Some of us may even hate physical activities of any sort. Some might love to eat, but not to be touched. Some might like to listen to music, but does not want to eat. Some might work out physically and strengthens this layer as such, but the benefit is short lived if it is to strengthen the separate thought of ego gain. We will search for power from the world around us. When we abuse our bodies, we lose connection with the senses and may experience disease. When we are aligned with Essence consciousness, we can transmit the highest quality power to our first conscious energy body and influence our physical bodies in a positive way.

          This dimension is also seen as the state that holds conscious energy patterns with a frequency between that of matter and energy. Some might assume that this body is a radiation from our physical bodies. This is not true. It might radiate through our physical bodies, but not as a product of it. It is the blueprint for our physical bodies and holds our physical form as such together. Thus, lower will consciousness is formed before our physical bodies. Our physical bodies are shaped within its structure. This body holds the energetic form of all our organs as well as our whole form.

In an active strong person this field manifests as thick, coarse, dark, blue-gray levels. Athletes and dancers exhibit more lines of energy that are thicker, higher charged, and bright blue.  The opposite quite, sensitive, non-athletic individual shows a thin, fine level, which is light aqua-blue.




This is the physical manifestation of the quality, the quantity and the clarity of our total experience of consciousness. It is the coarsest form of conscious energy pattern and holds only awareness of form, gravity and chemical properties.

          Our physical bodies are formed out of the totality of our consciousness. It is the end result of the way we interpret, evaluate and experience the conscious energy patterns within the Universal Field of Consciousness. It is where we manifest the negative, as well as the positive aspects of our consciousness in physical form.

The sequential world divided and separates information and put it then in logical order. This means that our physical bodies does not reflect all the experiences our consciousness holds at once, but in a certain time within a certain space. The information of our spatial awareness is experiences in certain portions of time and affects different areas of our bodies.

The body does not only contain our five senses that act as receptors for seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching. The same senses can also be tuned in to receive subtle guidance from higher dimensions of consciousness. Apart from this, we have other subtle receptors within our bodies. These energy receptors are connected to our energy transmitters and give us a physical experience of the way we relate to all conscious energy patterns beyond our normal physical means, or the senses it holds.

Each part of our physical bodies has subtle receptors that receives, transmits and transforms spiritual energies from universal impulses, to light impulses, to energy impulses, to electric impulses, nerve impulses and chemical impulses that influences our physical bodies. All this happens in a holographic matter. It is only in the physical world where it receives sequence, time and space.

Each dimension of consciousness can be seen as a more conscious version of our self. Within the higher dimensions exist the lower dimensions. The lower dimensions are limited conscious version of our self.

Each level contains thus a higher vibration that makes it radiates further then the level below it. These dimensions occupy the same time and space, it is just the vibrational rate that creates different patterns, which creates different experiences and qualities within the Universal Field of Consciousness. The only way we can experience these levels is to move up in consciousness to experience each higher level. Our consciousness must have the same frequency then the energy dimension we want to experience.

The way all the different degrees of consciousness affects our physical bodies are through our energy transmitters. These energy transmitters give us life experience in this form of existence.




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