Part 4





The Human Field of Consciousness animates from our Essences in the same way as the Universal Field of Consciousness animates from the Universal Essence as ITS consciousness.

We exist within the Universal Field of Consciousness as substance of the Universal Essence. In the same way as the Universal Field of Consciousness consist of many interconnected energy fields, so does we function in numerous systems of multidimensional conscious energy fields. These energy fields consist of conscious energy patterns that represent and influence our psychological behavior, our personalities, as well as our overall well-being. Each dimension or area closer to pure Essence is also a deeper and more evolved side of our nature from where we receive knowledge, experience and power. The challenge is to increase our awareness of our abilities to access all dimensions of our consciousness and align it with the experience of pure Essence-consciousness.

In modern science, numerous investigations around these energy dimensions are done. New sophisticated machines are used to measure some aspects of the lower energy fields, for the higher dimensions are still undetectable. It has shown that a dysfunction in our energy fields may lead to disease. From this perception, disease is seen as a physical manifestation of distorted energy patterns in the higher dimensions of our consciousness. The affect that the deeper dimensions have on our emotional and physical well-being will be discussed later in this chapter.


The totality of human consciousness is multi-dimensional and cannot be described from one perspective. We therefore divide it in seven arenas. It consists of three main arenas that hold the expressions of our Essences in different degrees of consciousness, three interconnected arenas and one arena that are made up of the coarseness of matter.

The three main arenas of our consciousness are: Essence consciousness, psychosomatic consciousness and Physical consciousness.

          The first main arena is Essence Consciousness. It holds the highest degree of consciousness. It opens to a universal awareness that includes all of existence from this lifetime to all previous lifetimes. It includes everything we have interpreted and evaluated from the first individuation of Essence till this moment and beyond. It is not even limited by our imagination and reaches beyond anything we have ever thought of.

          The second main arena is psychosomatic consciousness. It is not as expanded as Essence Consciousness, but still contains a spatial awareness of all of this lifetime, starting from conception till this moment. It also includes everything we can imagine or think of. Everything that we have ever interpreted in this lifetime is part of our spatial awareness

          The third main arena is physical consciousness and is the most limited of the main arenas. It contains mostly our awareness around ourselves, and the people closely related to us at this stage of our lives. We are less aware of the strong influences of the main arenas that underlie it. We connect all life challenges to this specific time in our lives.

Each main arena of consciousness holds the expressions of our individuated Essences in three conscious energy bodies. It holds the expressions of mind, feeling and power in different degrees of consciousness.

          Through mind consciousness, we interpret information and receive clarity of images and symbols. Through feeling consciousness we evaluate information and experience quality that can only be compare to emotions like unconditional love and joy. Through our will consciousness we experience the combined affect of the way we interpret and evaluate information. This brings forth the power to manifest and create in consciousness.


Between each main arena is an interconnected arena that holds, transforms and transmits information between the arenas of consciousness above and below it. We have three interconnected arenas: Divine perceptual consciousness, higher perceptual consciousness, and lower perceptual consciousness.

The interconnected arenas also hold conscious energy patterns that we can compare to cleansing and purification. These dimensions hold information till it is ready for transformation and can be seen as a bridge between the different main arenas of consciousness.

The first and most distilled interconnected arena of consciousness is Divine Perceptual Consciousness. It is the arena where information is transformed both ways between pure individuated Essence and Essence consciousness.

The second interconnected arena is higher perceptual consciousness. It connects and transforms information between Essence consciousness and psychosomatic consciousness.

The third interconnected arena is lower perceptual consciousness. This arena transforms, holds and transmits information between psychosomatic consciousness and physical consciousness. Most of our awareness contains information that is distorted through fear, anger, depression or any other related emotions that are formed through a separate view. This keeps our awareness locked within the lower dimensions of consciousness. Instead of focusing on the true structure of our consciousness, our awareness is aligning with the subconscious and deep subconscious minds of ego consciousness.  


The lowest arena of consciousness holds our physical form imprinted in matter, which is the coarsest and most solid manifestation of conscious energy patterns. It can be seen as a mirror image of all other dimensions. It makes the evolutionary process, as well as our challenges visible through our physical senses. 

Matter is thus the most solid form of consciousness existence and represents the totality of our consciousness restricted to the physical world. 


Above the highest arena of consciousness exist our pure individuated Essences. Our individuated Essences are a portion of the Universal Essence. The Universal Essence has not only created our Essences, but has become it.




All consciousness originates from pure Essence. Essence exists beyond consciousness. It is the perfect individualized manifestation from the Universal Essence and receives information in a way that can only be described as light, color and sound.


The first arena is Divine Perceptual Consciousness

It holds our twelfth conscious energy bodies. This is an interconnected arena of consciousness and transform energy from Essence to Essence Consciousness. The conscious energy patterns within this arena of our existence hold our perceptions in all its perfection. It has the potential to arrange electrons, or to transform the basic conscious energy patterns that holds our realities together.


The second arena is Essence-Consciousness. The energy patterns in this arena of consciousness hold the highest degree of awareness around the expressions within our Essences. This arena consists of three conscious energy bodies. They are also referred to as the eleventh, tenth and ninth conscious energy bodies. They hold our divine mind consciousness; divine feeling consciousness and divine will consciousness. These bodies are not limited and reach within all dimensions of the Universal Consciousness. It reaches far beyond the limited experiences of this lifetime. We hold a universal awareness that extend within everything in existence and contain our intentions, our values, our spiritual longing and our will to manifest it in existence. It holds us together as individualized divine beings, for it contains the oneness within our Essences in individuated conscious energy bodies. This arena gives us awareness of our highest purpose for being in existence.


The third arena is Higher Perceptual Consciousness. It holds our eights conscious energy bodies. This is an interconnected arena of consciousness and connects Essence consciousness with psychosomatic consciousness. The conscious energy patterns within this arena of our existence hold our ultimate beliefs. It holds all our beliefs that we ever had, even those we think we have forgotten and those that are formed in previous lifetimes. These beliefs are only hidden in our deep subconscious and subconscious minds. Psycho-spiritual consciousness connects us with all experiences of this lifetime. It is not directly connected to this life experience, but influence it.

The arena of our higher perceptual consciousness underlies psychosomatic consciousness. If our ultimate beliefs are not in line with Essence-consciousness, our false essences will shape our beliefs around lower experiences and dominates as such our Essence-consciousness, our psychosomatic behavior, our personalities and our physical realities. 


The fourth arena is Psychosomatic Consciousness. It holds our seventh, sixth and fifth conscious energy bodies. They represent the different degrees of our psychological behavior. It holds the conscious energy bodies of our higher minds, our higher emotions and our higher power to manifest in form. It is mostly influenced by the experiences of this lifetime; yet it is linked to all the experiences we ever had.

The conscious energy patterns within these energy bodies influence our day-to-day behavior. The reverse is also true, for it can be influenced by our day-to-day behavior. A deeper knowledge of this arena will assist us in living a more successful and productive life, for it is part of us and influences us every day.

This is the arena of consciousness where our intentions from the higher arena is transformed to a higher form of symbols interpreted as ideas. Even though these ideas are not limited in any way, they always are intended to benefit everything in existence, as well as all we can imagine.


The fifth arena is lower perceptual consciousness. This is also an interconnected arena of consciousness. It holds our fourth conscious energy bodies. The physical and psychosomatic experiences within our consciousness are held together by energy patterns that represent interconnectedness, equality and love for all of humanity. This is the key through which we can align with the higher dimensions of our psychosomatic-consciousness. It is also from where the higher dimensions can transmit information to the lower dimensions. It is known as the astral plane and prevents our false essences from contaminating the higher dimensions of our consciousness, for our false essences are dependent on the time, space and coarseness of the lower dimensions. Lower perceptual consciousness contains our awareness of the power of forgiveness and is the area of cleansing and letting go of all negativity.


The sixth arena is physical consciousness. It is the most limited main arena of consciousness and contains our third, second and first conscious energy bodies. It holds the same experiences as spiritual consciousness, but just in a limited way that is locked within the sequential world of space, time and physical form. It limits us to our day-to-day experiences within the physical world and holds our lower minds, our lower emotions and our lower power in the world of coarseness and physical form. Each of these experiences exists as conscious energy bodies within our energy fields and influences our interpretations of life situations. The reverse is also true, for live situations could influence our interpretation of existence.

This arena is where we experience everything separate, for we take apart and analyze. Unfortunately we forget how the whole appear and build a separate view of existence.  


The seventh arena holds the manifestation of physical form in matter. It is held together by the combined vibrational patterns of our total consciousness, of which our lower will conscious energy bodies form the basic energetic blueprint through which the coarser energies is shaped. All the universal energies that are transformed through our fields of consciousness are transmitted within physical form. Our physical bodies can be seen as a complex map of consciousness crafted in coarseness and indicates how we interpreted, evaluate and will divine energetic information into our existence.

The coarser of the energy particles limited itself to the empty space created by will consciousness where we perceive it as our physical bodies. The complexity of consciousness can be seen in the trial of coarser energy patterns that is left behind as physical form.  


Together, psychosomatic, lower perceptual and physical consciousness hold a strong individualized experience of our existence. The arenas above psychosomatic consciousness reach beyond this lifetime. Lower perceptual consciousness is related to the physical world and is the easiest to see. The higher dimensions are subtler and needs expanded consciousness to be seen.

Just as it is in the physical world where the quite and peaceful once are not notice and only the loud, aggressive behavior is easily seen, so is the deeper side filled with calmness that easily goes unnoticed if our awareness is focused on more loud and fearful areas of morphogenic energy fields in the lower dimensions of consciousness. The experiences in the higher dimensions are powerful, but not as overwhelming forces. They need super-sensory awareness to be experienced, for their subtleness makes them invisible to the normal senses. 

The lower dimensions are experienced through our physical senses, while the higher dimensions need a high sense perception to be experienced in their fullness. This is some of the reasons why the subtler complete dimensions is not noticed, and later forgotten…

The frequencies that animates from our conscious energy bodies slow down as they decrees from a higher to a lower awareness of consciousness. The lower energy bodies hold a stronger experience of our physical realities than the higher dimensions. We gain the most intense experience through the lower dimensions, yet they only contain a limited awareness of what life experiences really means. We gather information and the needed experiences in the energy bodies of our physical consciousness, but we should focus our awareness on the higher arenas of consciousness and gain as such the wisdom to see our existence for what it really is, for all information originate from divine and is part of divine. 

As our awareness is centered on the physical world, we only perceive a reflection of these higher dimensions. Our false essences re-create these dimensions within lower perceptual consciousness in our deep subconscious minds. The lessons they hold are more linked to our physical experiences. As we evolve and center our awareness on the higher arenas of our consciousness, the challenges that face us will change accordingly.

          The subtlest dimensions of consciousness contain all other dimensions and experience them with the greatest clarity. The more solid dimensions are thus flooded with the perfection of the higher dimensions. It does experience the higher dimensions, but just vaguely as a chaotic mixture of experiences that we interpreted through the ego-consciousness of our false essences. The view from the lower dimensions is coarse and distorts our understanding of the refined perfection that underlies it.

          Instead of seeing our conscious energy bodies as a tremendous source of power that represents dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness, we see it as a vague description of certain attributes we have.

To experience the highest dimensions with clarity, we have to increase our awareness of our own consciousness to the highest form. If the lower dimensions of our consciousness align their frequencies with the higher dimensions, the information they hold will be experienced with clarity.




The different arenas of consciousness are related to different states of awareness. Each state of awareness is also aligned with a state of mind-consciousness we know as the conscious-, subconscious- and deep subconscious minds. These states of mind consciousness carry all our experiences of existence in relation with, or out of relation with Essence consciousness. These states give us a better understanding of the way we perceive all our arenas of consciousness.




Sequential awareness includes the portion of existence that influences our present life situation. Our awareness is focused on ourselves and anyone or anything that concern our wellbeing. This awareness is around our physical senses and body sensations. Anything outside this is not seen as part of us. It is our awareness of the world of matter and includes time and space in a logical sequence.




Spatial awareness contains time and space, but as one continuum with no logical sequence. Everything that happens to us in this lifetime, as well as everything that is experienced in this lifetime form part of our spatial awareness. The influences of everything are simultaneously and we experience the affect of the portion we focus on.  Spatial awareness includes our imagination, our views of spirituality and our understanding of God. All these experiences hold their own energy patterns and are enhanced by experiences in the physical world that has the same quality patterns. Even though our spatial awareness are hidden or overshadowed by the sequential world of form, it influences our physical experiences tremendously. From a spatial awareness, our consciousness evolve to an understanding that everything in existence s part of us and we love it all.




Universal awareness is not limited by time and space at all. It exists beyond time and space. Our universal awareness is not directly connected to us and therefore more difficult to perceive as our spatial awareness. It reaches far beyond our imagination and includes things that we cannot imagine in this lifetime. It reaches beyond our understanding of spirituality and includes an untainted understanding of the interconnected oneness of all there is and all there could ever be. It is thus not limited to this lifetime, our imagination or this universe. This type of awareness is open to an experience of love that cannot be explained.




Our conscious world relates to our physical understanding of awareness of consciousness. It is linked to a world of sequence, man-created order and relates only to a certain portion of our existence. It is concerned about the daily experiences of our lives. Everything that concerns this part of our personal lives form part of the conscious world. Our conscious worlds are not concern about events, situations, thoughts or feelings that has happened long ago. Traumatic experiences that are too overwhelming are also hidden from our conscious worlds.

          All negative and positive experiences are connected to the moment it happened and we do not realize their connection with the subconscious and the deep subconscious worlds, which are our connection to all our previous experiences.

          We are controlled by the experiences hidden in the subconscious and deep subconscious worlds, yet we create thoughts, emotions and power that relates to personal needs and everything that concern us in a personal way at this stage of our lives. On a bigger scale, we do not realize that our conscious worlds connect us to everything on earth that exists at this moment. Thus, we are influenced by all the events everywhere in the universe in the sequential order it happens.





The subconscious world relates to psychosomatic consciousness and a spatial awareness, which includes everything of this lifetime. It is a reflection of our psychological behavior.

It includes all our actions, emotions and thoughts that we have experienced in this lifetime in a great spatial awareness underneath our conscious worlds.   

All our experiences flow freely through our subconscious worlds from where they influence our conscious awareness. Overwhelming life situations, traumatic experiences and misinterpreted information are also part of the subconscious mind. These experiences are limited and do not have a free flow through our fields of consciousness to the Universal Field of Consciousness. It seems to be stuck within lower perceptual consciousness and determines as such how we experience reality. These negative experiences exist within a spatial awareness and are not visible to our physical experience of consciousness. We therefore assume they are from the world around us and not from within our own subconscious minds. This information will keep us stuck to limited experiences that are tainted by lower emotions of fear, anger, sadness, or any other related feelings.

The only way we can align our subconscious awareness with the true information that is held within psychosomatic consciousness, is to transform all the lower experiences it holds to its original quality. 

Stuck conscious energy patterns strengthen the experience of separateness, for through it we see ourselves as separate. Powerful morphogenic energy fields of the same quality strengthen this affect.     




The deep subconscious world relates to a Universal awareness and is connected to all the experiences we ever had, even those before this lifetime. It includes our first individuation from the Universal Essence. Everything that has ever happened from the first experience of existence is held within our deep subconscious worlds. This world is aligned with Essence consciousness and is only indirectly connected to physical consciousness through our dreams. It underlies the other levels of consciousness and has a great influence on our psychological behavior, which in turn influences our physical behavior.  From this dimension, control is injected in alignment with our intentions from Essence consciousness, or ego-consciousness. This state of consciousness is measured as Theta brainwaves.

Most of the information that is held within the deep subconscious mind is tainted, for it overshadows the true information that is held within Essence consciousness. Even though the deep subconscious relates to the arena of Essence consciousness, it is most of the time only connected to the lower dimensions of the Universal field of consciousness.




From the conscious world, we mostly create thoughts, emotions and will that relates to who we think we are, which includes everything that is important to our personal lives. This creates thought forms that connect us with bigger pockets of related thought forms around our total life experience. It is also drawn to an even bigger thought pocket that contains all related experiences from all life forms in this lifetime. These experiences can either be positive or negative, depending on the quality of our thoughts, emotions or will.

          It further extends to our previous experiences of existence, as well as the morphogenic energy fields that contain eons of thought forms of all that ever was. It holds the quality of all same morphogenic energy fields that was ever created by all life forms, yet we are still connected to our own individuality within all of this. This means that the quality of the energy patterns from our thought forms are connected to a unimaginable powerful morphogenic energy field that absolutely force the reality we chooses onto us. This is why it is so important to be aware of every thought we choose.

          Each thought that passes our rational minds follow the same pathway and strengthens as such a negative perception, or a positive perception.  Either way, the information we reflect back to ourselves from the subconscious, or deep subconscious mind has a tremendously overwhelming influence over the way we perceive reality. These dimensions are in line with an ultimate creative power. The way we utilize it depends on what we hold within our higher dimensions of consciousness.  It has a very powerful influence over the way we think, our views of the world, spirituality and our understanding of God.

All dimensions of consciousness should be aligned with Essence consciousness to receive the pure information it holds. By transforming ourselves, we transform a portion of the universal field of consciousness. We transform the negative and empower the positive within all arenas of our consciousness, as well as in all the dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness.


Our subconscious and deep subconscious minds might seem like a different dimension of reality that is separate from us and contain many forms of evil forces.

Because of the separate view of ego-consciousness, we assume at time that these dimensions are worlds outside ourselves and are trying to take over our world of peace and serenity. We must realize that the unknown forces connected to our imaginations and beyond are only a collective pool of very powerful morphogenic energy fields we relate to through the combined affect of our thoughts, our emotions and other feelings. We are as much responsible for the creation of these forces, as they are for the negative influences in our lives.

The darkness of the subconscious can only be perceived if we are partly the cause of it. By transforming the negative frequencies of our thoughts, our words, our emotions and our actions, we transform the conscious energy patterns within our subconscious minds that relates to it. We also assist as such in transforming a collective pool of related frequencies that exists as a universal morphogenic energy field of negative power.    





Information is transmitted between our different conscious energy bodies through the means of conscious energy transmitters. They draw energy from within our Essences, our conscious energy bodies and the Universal Field of Consciousness in a spiraling path of upward and downward motion. The energy that is transmitted holds experiences of the clarity, the quality and the quantity of the conscious energy patterns within each energy body. Thus, it contains clarity as mind, quality as feeling and quantity as the power that influence form. Each conscious energy body are linked to a specific energy transmitter. This means that we experience each dimension of our consciousness, and the psychological behavior it relates to through specific energy transmitters. These experiences are transmitted to our physical realities where it influences our health, wellness and vitality.

Our energy transmitters can also be seen as spinning fields or energy vortices that are formed by the differences between the interactions of our conscious energy bodies. It produces as such a combined experience of all conscious energy bodies, but from the awareness of a certain energy body. 





Before we look any deeper at the Human Field of consciousness, we have to acknowledge how the ways we see ourselves, as well as the ways we interpreted life situations influence our realities.

The Human Field of Consciousness is aligned with the totality of the Universal Consciousness. It radiates in full perfection from our Essences. Our Essences is the core of our existence and underlies consciousness. It holds only perfection, yet we perceive the information it holds as tainted through our self-created egos. Our divine Essences can never be tainted, it can only be perceived as tainted through a distorted perception. How then does it happen that we foster such limited views of ourselves?

The transition of conscious energy patterns through our energy transmitters is an ongoing process. Divine Information is transmitted in a downward spiraling path from the most distilled awareness of conscious existence to the limited consciousness of the physical reality and back upward to the highest level again.

          We experience these images firstly within our Essences. From here it enters our conscious energy bodies. These energy bodies enclose our Essences in cocoons of light and enhance as such the experience of individuality.

It is firstly transmitted through Divine Perceptual Consciousness to our arena of Essence-consciousness. The images move then through higher perceptual consciousness, to our psychosomatic consciousness; from where it moves through lower perceptual consciousness to our physical experience of consciousness, which include our thoughts, our emotions our vitality and our awareness of the physical world where it influence our form.

After we experience this information from all dimensions to its fullest, we transmit it back through the different layers of our consciousness to the highest degree of our existence. These different degrees of consciousness create a multidimensional holographic experience of each image that was ever created within the Universal Mind of God.  


          If any information is distorted by our limited views of the world, the misinterpreted information will be propelled back to our deep subconscious minds, which relate to our Divine Perceptual levels of consciousness from where it will overshadow the distilled images within our Essences. Our values, intentions and purpose within our distilled Essence-consciousness will be dominated by the personal gain of our coarser self-created egos.

This distorted information will then be transmitted from a mirror image of our perceptual consciousness in the deep subconscious mind back to our lower conscious energy bodies where it is perceived as reality. It strengthens a false view of existence that is hold in morphogenic energy fields. These fields are created by eons of thought forms from all of existence. It reaches beyond this lifetime and have a tremendous influence on evolution of existence within the lower dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness, including our physical form.

          Each one of us has created our own false Essences in the form of the opinions we hold of ourselves. We are overwhelmed by these unreal entities, for they hold control over our views of the world in energy pockets of beliefs that is formed around misunderstood life experiences. Our false essences are shaped around separateness and selfishness. This keeps our awareness restricted within the lower dimensions, for in the higher dimensions exist only oneness.

          This distorted information is stored in the deep subconscious and subconscious mind that is limited to the influences of physical consciousness. From both these states, the true information our Essences transmit is overshadowed by false beliefs and perceptions.

          The Universal Laws of Consciousness will bring situations within our lives that will challenge these distorted beliefs and open the opportunity to transform them and align our awareness as such with Essence-Consciousness.

          It is difficult to see the higher dimensions of our consciousness for what they really are.  We only experience them through the view of the world we hold, for this is where our awareness is centered. We must become the wisdom and experiences within the higher dimensions of our consciousness through practicing what they represents before the information they hold could be understood.

          What we perceive as ourselves is just a certain degree of our totality. It does not contain the full awareness of our Essences-consciousness. We mistakenly assume that a limited arena of the Human Field of Consciousness is who we are. It is not. Who we think we are is just a dream; for we mistake a limited degree of our conscious awareness for whom we are. Our physical bodies are just the most solid awareness of our consciousness. It is conscious energy patterns that is slowed down and held within time, space and coarseness. This is what gives it the realness it appears to have.  

          By mistaking ourselves for a portion of our consciousness, we separate ourselves from the pure wisdom that resides within our Essences. When our awareness is focused on the limited consciousness of lower thoughts, emotions and coarseness, the false essences or egos are empowered and overshadow our divine Essences. Instead of transmitting our Essence-experience to the physical world, our false essences transmit our ego-experience through our deep subconscious and subconscious minds to the physical reality.

The self-created essence clone itself as an image of our individualized Essences.  It contains a vague reminder of our Essences, just with coarser form and a limited awareness that is build around separateness and selfishness. From ego-consciousness, our values, intentions, desires and will to create is for self-gain, or ego-gain.

          Our false essences realness depends on the quality of the energy patterns within our consciousness. It exists only in the time, space and coarseness of the lower dimensions of physical consciousness. Our Essences exist beyond consciousness. It is timeless and creates consciousness. Our false essences cannot exist in the moment. It exists as a powerful individualized morphogenic energy field that relay on the illusion of sequential time, separateness and self-gain that supports and feeds its own needs. It thus only exists from a physical perception.

          It is our false essences or ego-consciousness that keeps us locked within the lower dimensions of our consciousness. Through spiritual growth, unconditional love and forgiveness, our false essences slowly disintegrate and we align once again with untainted Essence-consciousness.   

          Divinity cannot be experienced by the view of our false essences. We learn about our power, our souls and higher selves, but the separate perceptions from ego-consciousness hold a great deal of doubt. This doubt may originate from the deep subconscious mind. Our false essences create as such their own perceptions around spirituality, religion and the meaning of existence. We have thus forgotten who we are and assume that we are our egos. As such we experience a separate life in a competitive world of opposites, pain, anger and fluctuating pleasure with sadness. 

If we do open ourselves to the higher knowledge from our individualized Essences and experience our challenges flawlessly, we gain the wisdom that expands our awareness of consciousness. The higher levels of consciousness will also open high sense awareness around negative beliefs that was previously formed and not noticed. These situations become our new challenges that will propel us to even higher levels of consciousness, till we reach a state of Essence-consciousness, and eventually pure Essence.

          The way we view our Selves and interpret life situations determines the quality and the frequencies of the conscious energy patterns within our energy fields. At this stage, most of us align our awareness with the third dimension of the Universal Field of Consciousness. Our higher conscious energy bodies are thus not perceived for what they really are. These conscious energy bodies are seen from the third dimension of the Universal Field of Consciousness. We are only conscious of the true qualities of the energy bodies that exist on our levels of awareness and below.  The higher dimensions of our consciousness are tainted by our limited perceptions. 

          Awareness of our higher conscious energy bodies are not restricted to this limited view, yet intellectual understanding alone cannot propel us to higher dimensions. We have to experience all tests that come to us flawlessly. We have to choose thoughts of the highest quality at all times. These thoughts create emotions of the highest quality and as such, we experience power and the affect of it to its highest quality. In this way, we can transform our perceptions and expand our awareness of ego-consciousness to Essence-Consciousness.

Anything we experience through our awareness adds to the greater evolution of all in existence. The awareness we have received in the beginning of a life cycle is taken back at the end of the cycle where it mature and enrich the Universal Essence.  The wisdom and the trauma that we gain through these experiences are kept as conscious energy patterns within our deep subconscious and subconscious minds, or within the arenas of Essence consciousness or psychosomatic consciousness, depending on the quality of the conscious energy patterns.

As we start a new life cycle, these conscious energy patterns slowly integrate into our new conscious energy bodies. It keeps us aware of our challenges and in an upward spiraling path through which we expand our openness to consciousness without starting from scratch at the beginning of each new journey.

We are surrounded and interpenetrated by a pulsating universal wave of creation and evolution. Everything consists of conscious energy patterns that are transformed, shifted and transmitted within the universal creative process. This creative wave flows through us and we flow through it. It creates us and we create it in a timeless cycle with no end and no beginning.     




To understand the Human Field of Consciousness, we have to know who we are. We have to know from where our consciousness originates, for our true existence can only be found beyond consciousness. We are our Essences. Our Essences are divine individualized experiences that encompasses all four Universal Expressions in a unified whole.

          All the experiences our Essences hold are part of a greater whole. Within our Essences exists no consciousness; it animates consciousness.  Our Essences hold the highest knowing, the perfect experience, a tremendous power and all patterns of existence. It is one with everything else, yet individuality is part of the experience within each Essence.    

All Essences hold the Universal Essence in its fullness, yet in a uniquely individualized way. This individuality does not separate our Essences from the Universal Consciousness of God; it endows each Essence with a unique experience and a specific purpose. Essence is a different experience of perfection for each person. It is the individuated divine within each of us.

Each individualized Essence transmits its perfection to all other individualized Essences through the surrounding space of Universal consciousness. This creates countless energy fields between all Essences. These energy fields hold the infinite experiences of the One Universal Essence.

Each Essence is thus the Universal Essence that is individualized into a perfect, unique side of ITSELF. Our individualized Essences can only be seen for what they really are if our awareness of consciousness is in line with the totality it holds. Only then can we internalize the understanding that our Essences are God individualized and the Universal God at the same time.

Our Essences can be found everywhere. It is in our bodies, our psychosomatic behavior, our perceptions, and within our Essence-consciousness. It reaches the totality of the universe. It is in all consciousness as well as the Universal Consciousness.

The only place where our Essences are ignored is the area of ego-consciousness. It is overshadowed with problems and lower experiences like distrust, unhappiness, discomfort, fear and anger. The frequencies that these emotions transmit oscillate of such poor quality that they align our awareness with the lower dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness. This is because we do not except the individualized God within us… These lower experiences are only hold together by our ego-consciousness.

          Our Essences reside beyond the area of the unconscious mind. This state is experienced when the activities of the physical brain slows down to a state of equilibrium and silence.  It is beyond the deepest brainwave state that is known as Delta. This state opens our awareness to a state beyond universal senses, which hold the highest experience of existence.

Unfortunately, only a few people have mastered the ability to be fully aware when reaching this state of consciousness in its untainted form. Most of us are totally unaware when we are in this state of mind. It is when we reach deep sleep beyond dreaming. It is not possible to connect to the pureness of this state if we hold on to any negative emotion or thought forms, for this taints the pureness our Essences hold. 

          To experience this state is also referred to as the unknowable, for even though it could be experienced, the experience exists beyond consciousness and cannot be explained for what it really is.   


Each individualized Essence is one manifestation of four divine expressions. These four expressions are the oneness in which our Essences exist.


The four expressions of our Individualized Essences


The first expression is Divine Mind. It manifests as our Higher Selves. The same breathtaking light images that are experienced within the Universal Mind of God are experienced within the divine Minds of our Essences. It can be compared to peace and serenity.

Each Essence experience all light images, but each light image are unique to every Essence, for the gift of Mind is from God and unconditional. We thus have the freedom to experience this creative power and interpret the images of light it holds in infinite ways.

The second expression is a Divine Feeling. It manifests as our Divine Souls. The quality of this feeling is in accordance with the quality and the quantity of the images within our Divine Minds. In the same way as the Universal Essence experience the most pure feeling that can only be described as a Universal Love, so does our Individualized Essences experience the unique features of this feeling filled with compassion for creation and beyond.

The third expression is a Divine Power. It manifests as our Divine Will. The interactions and bonding between divine mind and feeling create a conscious energy field of tremendous Power. It has the strength to create and manifest the uniqueness of the light images and feelings our Essences hold as reality within the Human Field of Consciousness. Within our Essences, the expressions of mind, feeling and power exist in oneness as a divine creative force.

Within our Essences exist no separateness between these three expressions. They exist in the oneness of a divine experience of being. It is only through the fourth expression that divine mind, feeling and will becomes individuated; yet uniquely still part of the oneness.

The fourth expression is a Divine Field of Consciousness. It manifests from the blueprint of divine power. It gives us a deeper understanding of mind, feeling, will and the way it manifest in our consciousness.  Our Essences are also endowed with a full awareness and the power to transform, shift or expand this divine field of consciousness in any way we wishes.


We are the micro-cosmos of the macro-cosmos. Our conscious energy patterns are a reflection of the universe. Each Essence is the center of the universe and is the highest creative force beyond all manifestation, creation and evolution within the Universal Field of Consciousness. Our Essences are the most pure and refined form of spirit and contain such perfect vibrations that their frequencies are beyond reach of any destructive forces.         

Essence is you and everything else at the same time. When we experience Essence, we become what we focus our awareness on, for we are our Selves and anything we want to be. Essence is the subtlest manifestation of divine energy and it vibrates of such high frequencies that it encompasses, interpenetrates and is all things…    

Our Essences are the deepest, most divine part of who we are. It has not evolve through life experience to unite with divine, is a direct manifestation from divine. It is created to the image of God, filled with all the perfection of the UNIVERSAL ESSENCE. This is our essential nature, our individualistic reflection of the fourfold expression of the Universal Essence. It is the source of our perfection. It is our goodness, our wisdom, our love, our power and our joy. It is also the source of all our creative energies.

It is only from our Essences that our lives can truly change. This is where we experience great spiritual highs, ecstasy and enlightenment. This is from where we can be everything we want and from where we can face the issues that we have previously avoided. No negativity can be hold; it is transformed and released. Our Essences let us feel calm, relaxed, safe, filled with joy and enhanced with a sense of Self, all at the same time.

Our Essences was here before this life. It is here during this life and we will experience it after this life. Thus, our Essences exist beyond space, time, coarseness and consciousness. The light that animates from our Essences can expand infinitely. 

Within our Essences, all for expression exists in oneness. All the conscious energy patterns that spirals through it are shaped and transformed within conscious energy bodies that exist in different degrees of consciousness before it spirals back through our individuated Essences to the Universal Field of Consciousness. 


Description of individualized Essence.


Our Essences consists of untainted universal energies. Even though we cannot perceive it, we can imagine it as a brilliant bright star-like light of many colors that animates from the center of our energy fields. It encompasses all of existence, reaching far beyond the limitations of our consciousness, and holds all dimensions of consciousness in perfection. The core of our Essences animates in all its brightness from about 5-8 centimeters above the naval, in the middle of our bodies.

          It is filled with energetic lines and brings forth the light, color and sound for creating our experiences of conscious existence.



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