Part 3




The best is to look at existence as a holographic multi-dimensional dance of conscious energetic vibrations. These frequencies range from the highest tone of most divine essence where manifestation starts, gradually slowing down to lower vibrations, and eventually to the coarsest form where evolution begins.

Most of the leading new physicists have realized that organic and inorganic forms cannot be broken down to the smallest basic building blocks. The reason for this is that the basic essence of everything in existence goes beyond matter and form. It is more like an infinite network of conscious energetic vibrations interconnected through a multidimensional web of holographic energy fields. Our essences, values, intentions, thoughts and our emotions are different forms of these life energies. Our physical body is also manifested from the same life energies. The solid appearance is due to the vibrational frequencies that are so slow that it appears frozen, solid or not moving.

The relation between existence, the quality of consciousness and the universal energies will be discussed throughout the book. What follow is a quick recollection on where and how our journey has started and the meaning of being-ness. Do not get caught in the physical appearance of the words. It is not meant to interfere with religion or the way we see God. Keep an open mind and let the words assist us in remembering the truth as it is reflected from our pure Essences.




The known is the physical world we live in and everything we have discovered in the past, moment or feature. The unknown is that part of energies that is not yet known or forgotten to us. The unknown is destined to become the known. The unknowable is beyond understanding and cannot become part of the unknown or the known within our present form of existence. We cannot describe it; neither can we experience the unknowable in this form of existence.



Underneath all existence, drawn within its own immensity, is a dormant Divine Essence of infinite power that encompasses everything that is. This unexpressed life force exists beyond any understanding. It is everywhere and within everything at once. Nothing else exists outside it. It is beyond the frequencies of light, mind, space, form or anything in existence. Its infinity makes it invisible, for it is all there is. Even though it appears to be a great nothingness, it contains unlimited potential hidden in a pure energetic silence. These subtle inward vibrations are unlike any other expression of energy. It underlies all the perfection of the Universal Essence, as well as the past and the feature. To us in human form this Dormant Life Force can only be explained as The Unknowable. It is known as the Inner Source of all creation, or the Unexpressed Mind of God.




It is as if a part of the Unexpressed Life Force has came foreword as a complete awakened and conscious Presence, experiencing ITS own infinity. This Divine Presence exists within a Self-created brilliant field of perfect light as the UNIVERSAL ESSENCE. It is within this perfect light field that the Universal Essence, or God-Force expresses itself in fourfold existence. This Light holds the Source of all creation in a complete consciousness of all there is. The Universal Essence is also known as the expressed Life Force, the Source of all creation, or God manifest. The conscious energetic vibrations that animates from it hold only goodness. There is no negative, bad or evil that can exist within these divine vibrations of God manifested.

The Universal Essence, known as God, cannot be hold by one religion, for it belongs to all. The word God is used to describe so many meanings. It is used to describe from subtle gods to physical gods. It lost its true meaning when our God became separate from their God. This is not possible, for there is only one God.

Even though Universal Essence is still just words with many meanings, it is not intended to refer to the many forms we gave God, but symbolizes the Core of all existence. It refers to the Divine Source that is the Creator of all that is. These words are not meant to give you a different perception on God, but a deeper understanding, feeling and experience of His/Her awesome Power. The Universal Essence symbolizes the perfect way the Unexpressed Life Force manifested ITSELF within perfect rays of ITS own consciousness.


The Universal Essence exists as one presence, but is expressed as four individual experiences. These four experiences gave completeness to the Universal Essence as the manifested Source of all creation.

The first expression is DIVINE UNIVERSAL MIND.  This is the awakened expanding power of the Universal Essence. He is filled with perfect images of existence in whole. The Universal Mind is in one with the Universal Essence, for He is the Universal Essence. In the Universal Mind, all Thought images are divine and exists at once, within a universal awareness far different then what we experience through the sequential mind of intellect. We can only refer to the images within the Universal Mind as divine universal light images, for we cannot grasp its true meaning through our limited perception.

The second expression can only be described as a DIVINE UNIVERSAL FEELING. This is a pulling, contracting universal feeling that keeps everything together in the great oneness. It is the absolute experience that indicates the quality of the Universal Thought process within the Universal Mind of Universal Essence. The Universal Feeling is a harmonious experienced of Universal Love & completeness. Although The Universal Feeling exists in Her own form, She still is part of The One Universal Essence, for she is the Universal Essence.

The third expression is a DIVINE UNIVERSAL POWER. It came from within the core of the Universal Feeling. This Universal Power is the Will to create and result from the perfect alignment of the Universal Mind & Universal Feeling. It is through this Power that the Universal plan of Life is willed in existence. The Universal Power is the third expression of the fourfold Universal Essence.

The fourth expression is the Individualization of UNIVERSAL ESSENCE into INDIVIDUALIZED ESSENCE. It is a perfect image of the first three expressions of the Universal Essence individualized in manifestation. It received consciousness outside the Universal Essence, but is in direct alignment with the power it expresses. The Individualized Essence is therefore in one with the Universal Essence.



The brilliant field of light that surrounds the Universal Essence consists of divine energy patterns that are a complete awareness of the processes within the Universal Essence. These conscious energy patterns create experiences that are in direct harmony with the Universal Essence. It is a complete awareness of the images, symbols, light, colors, sound, forms, feelings, power & presences that exists within the Universal Essence.

The Universal Mind consciousness holds an awareness of the highest quality of mind expression, the perfect image of light, beyond intellectual understanding. It holds the highest understanding of conscious existence, synchronicity, peace and harmony in the form of a universal purpose.

From this perfect vibration manifests a universal consciousness of the most Divine Feelings. This perfect Feeling is a direct conscious reflection of the evaluating quality of the light images that passes through the universal mind. The Universal Feeling are manifested in the Universal Consciousness and reflected as an awareness of sensations of universal love, joy & happiness. A Joyful experience of completeness… It holds a universal longing to experience existence in infinite ways.

From within this perfect feelings that has manifested from the perfect thoughts came forth an awareness of tremendous Power. This Universal Power is a manifestation that came from awareness of the perfect Feeling, as a result of awareness of the perfect Universal Mind images. It contains the Universal will to manifest conscious existence in infinite ways.

Within these perfect light fields exist an awareness of the first Individualized Essences. This is a conscious awareness of the first three expressions of God manifested in existence as a one perfect individualized image outside God, known as the Individualized Essence. It is an awareness of an individualized conscious presence, containing all the perfection and creative power of the Universal Essence, including free will to experience it as it wishes. It is an awareness of the first conscious form of existence. It has not evolved, but was manifested as the perfect image of the Universal Essence.

The conscious energy patterns within the brilliant light field that holds the Universal Essence represents the perfect awareness of God. This is the complete experience of the one Source of all creation. It is the experience of divine Wisdom, Love, Power and an individualized presence in a great spatial wholeness of Universal Consciousness.







From within the Universal Essence, through its perfect light field animates even more rays of brilliant light. It fills space, and is space. Nothing exists out of the infinite boundaries of these light rays. We all are imbedded in this magical Essence of conscious energy patterns. This brilliant light rays is known as the Universal Field of Consciousness.

It is the consciousness of God, the Universal Essence outside ITSELF. The Universal Field of consciousness contains the total awareness of the Universal Essence in all its perfection. It exists within and outside the brilliant light field that holds the Universal Essence; therefore it also contains all the possibilities that can ever be imagined, as well as all the conscious energy fields that is created by our use of free will.

The Universal Field of Consciousness is organized in an endless continuum of multidimensional energy dimensions. These dimensions contain infinite fields of vibrational frequencies. All dimensions are organized according to the vibrational frequencies that it is made out of. The highest frequencies of the Universal Field of Consciousness are the closest to the Universal Essence and the lowest, most dense frequencies gradually move away from its source.

Underneath the brilliant Light field that contains the Universal Essence is the first and most complete dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness.  These dimensions contain the most perfect, synchronized and pure energetic vibrations. From here the Universal Field of Consciousness gradually changes in frequencies till the level where it expresses the physical world we live in.

The Universal Essence is always creating more power in a holographic manner. Each part of power contains a holographic image of the whole. This power is available to us as conscious energy patterns manifested as the Universal Field of Consciousness. It is the totality of God consciousness to experience existence, and for existence to experience God consciousness. It radiates from the Universal Essence in the form of conscious energy patterns. The Field of Consciousness is previously described as a divine substance, life force, chi, prana, Golden liquid light and many other names. These descriptions are symbolic or fractional analysis of something divine. Our intellectual minds cannot translate the core essence of the Universal Field of Consciousness the way it really is.

This divine substance is not just energetic, electric, electromagnetic, light, fluid-like or solid of nature. These terms describe some of the forms it can take. It is a conscious universal energy that is infinite & timeless. Words can only describe it partly. 

Its light vibrations include everything and extend through all levels of existence. It represents the perfect awakened state of divine beings, human beings, as well as the coarsest form. It goes beyond dimensions, levels, time, space and the concept of a holographic universe. All this is a just minute fraction of the Universal Field of Consciousness.

It can be imagined as infinite rays of energetic spiraling light. Within these light rays are countless energy fields that resemble threats of very thin pulsating light streams. 

Thus, the Universal Field of Consciousness exists of different fields of energetic light vibrations. These threadlike energy fields radiate from a source of unimaginable dimensions known as the Universal Essence. They are brought into order and arrange from the purest to the densest according to their vibrational frequencies. Within this infinite range of vibrations existence can be experienced, understood & evolved to become a pure image of the Universal Essence. These polarized vibrations give a deeper experience of the whole.

The difference in frequency creates the energetic movement that is experienced as dimensions. These dimensions are not real divisions. It is different degrees of openness to Universal consciousness. How lower the vibration within the energy field, the more the density and the further away the experience from Universal Essence will be. It will give a limited experience of Universal Consciousness.

It is important to remember that all levels, dimensions and different frequencies exist simultaneously within the same time and space. There is thus no real distance between the different frequencies. By talking about the dimensions closest to the Universal Essence, we refer to the energetic vibrations that contains almost the same frequencies as the Universal Essence, or the conscious energy patterns that relate closest to that of frequencies within the Universal Essence.

In the same way, when we refer to the dimensions that is the furthest away from Universal Essence, it is not distance we refer to, but the frequencies that are the most different experience of the Universal Essence.

This does not create opposites the way we understand it. These differences create countless fields of conscious energy patterns that create infinite ways the Universal Field of Consciousness can be experienced. The most solid experiences are not further away from divine, but have the most limited consciousness of the divine.  It only seems separate to us because of the division of opposites that exists within our perceptions. The whole is infinite and one perfect experience. The different vibrations give infinite experiences of the one greatness.

Even though all dimensions are one continuum of the Universal Field of Consciousness, we divide it in separate arenas, for this will give us a better intellectual understanding. 

All the experiences from the lowest level of evolution, all the hatred and all the pain that is created by our free will, as well as the divines of our spirit is experienced at different degrees in all dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness. This is true even though most of these experiences are created by the use of our own free will, within our Human Field of Consciousness.

        The Universal Field of Consciousness consists of conscious energy patterns manifested from the Universal Essence. It is a divine substance with infinite possibilities. A deeper understanding of the inner alchemy of this magical substance will give us a better understanding of our deeper dimensions, for we are substance of it, as it flow through us continuously. It will give us guidance on our journeys back to our true essences.

        The Universal Essence is enfolded in the highest quality conscious energy patterns of the most divine dimensions. Underneath these perfect spheres are more dimensions. Each dimension of consciousness can be sub-divided into even more sub-dimensions. These sub-dimensions contain the lessons and the challenges that we need for our evolution back to the totality of the Universal Consciousness. The difference in dimensions is meant to give us the experiences we need to expand our individual levels of consciousness.





        The Seventh dimension within the Universal Field of Consciousness is the home of divine light existence. This is where all individualized Essences are created to the image of the Universal Essence. Their degree of consciousness is in harmony with the Universal Consciousness. The conscious energy patterns within this dimension contain the highest ray of spiritual intelligence known to us. It is of purest divine love towards existence in whole, universal wisdom and a divine power that contains the nature of all conscious energy patterns. The medium of communication comes telepathically from the most divine form of our existence to us so that we can fulfill God’s plan according to His/Her Will.

These energy patterns are aligned with the divine mind of our higher selves. Light and sound manifestation that is created within the Universal Mind of the Universal Essence are manifested at their highest frequencies in this dimension. This frequency holds the coding to assure that a fifth-dimensional existence evolve on earth.

        The Sixth dimension of the Universal Field of Consciousness integrates new color and sound waves from the seventh dimension into our existence. It is also the doorway to the seventh dimension. It is thus a bridge between the higher and the lower worlds. Conscious existence in the sixth dimension is in line with the Universal Consciousness, but awareness to consciousness is not as expanded as within the seventh dimension. The concept of wholeness is understood and existence is ready for the final purification before entering the seventh dimension.

        The Fifth dimension of the Universal Field of Consciousness is a higher frequency of spiritual evolution that we evolve to after our physical conscious energy bodies that exist within the third dimension of the Universal Field of Consciousness merge with our higher conscious energy bodies or higher selves. This will occur when negativity and fear is no longer present, and we have control over the mental and emotional bodies. The human form that results will resembles the present physical form, but will be a refinement of it and be transformed into a higher form of God consciousness.

The fifth dimension is where awareness of consciousness is open to mind and thought manifestations. The color and sound waves of the preceding dimensions are transformed to higher thought images. It supports creation according to God’s will and are in alignment to bring heaven on earth. The frequencies of this dimension is higher then that of the physical dense world of earth. These frequencies vibrate faster then the speed of light, thus, manifestation and creation are the conscious experiences of this dimension. It is not limited to space or time.

On this level the mind is in tune with the higher self. It can be seen as a metaphysical world. It is a reality based on abstracts and subtle reasoning. This reality stretches beyond the physical reality and includes the transcendental and supernatural. It is more involve in the process of evolution and the process of moving into the higher consciousness through managing the energies of mind and heart.

The concept of wholeness is experienced in the same way as we experience the concept of dualism. In the fifth dimension, the challenges of dualism are not needed, therefore separateness and negativity does not exist. 

        The Fourth dimension of the Universal Field of Consciousness is also known as the astral plane. This is the gateway to the higher dimensions and hold individualized light beings till they are fully transformed from the negativity that exist in the lower dimensions and ready for the higher planes of existence. It is the changeover between the physical world and the higher dimensions of the Universal Energy Field.

The astral plane is also where unseen forces exist that challenge us every day. In this dimension of the Universal Energy Field, the unpredictability of time is added to the three dimensions of length, width and depth. Time is an extension into the past and feature. Time is also dependant upon matter. Time assist us in awakening our memories of who we are. In the fourth dimension we can move back in past lives and then foreword into the feature. We can return again and again in a cyclical pattern through the totality of our existence. Spirals are circular paths with the dimension of time added. It can move upwards and downwards through a never-ending spiraling path.

Life evolves in a spiraling motion through all the dimensions within the Universal Field of Consciousness. The process of evolution begins at the lowest dimensions and moving on to the higher dimensions. The process of manifestation begins at the highest dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness. From here divine information and existence flow through a downward spiraling path to the lowest forms within evolution. This is a never-ending spiraling path of conscious energy patterns.

The conscious energetic patterns of the fourth dimension are a gateway to the higher, as well as the lower dimensions. This pathway vibrates with the heart and resembles the energy patterns of unconditional love. This pathway is only for those that resonate higher than the physical dense world of matter.   This dimension holds the deeper meaning of forgiveness, which holds the key to the heart. This is where we are provided with the experiences to transform behavior and perceptions that resonate lower than love.

The divine information from the higher dimensions comes to us through downward spiraling energy patterns. We can only describe it as the highest quality light, color and sound vibrations that are created within the Universal Essence. It is manifested into existence where it becomes perfect divine images of ideas within the higher mind of the fifth dimension. From here it spiral down to become higher thought patterns and eventually sequential thought patterns of the rational mind. The forth dimension are the interface between divine thought images in the form of symbols, and the ideas that develop from them as thoughts.

This means that the fourth dimension could block divine information from reaching us, for if we do not align ourselves with the vibrations it animates, the perfect images from the higher realms will appear distorted through our limited level of awareness. Instead of being the gateway to the world of spirit, it will limit us to the self-created information within the third dimension.

This process give us the opportunity to get guidance from the divine world of spirit so that we can assist in the natural evolution of all live in the lower dimensions, including ourselves. Through this process we can align our awareness of consciousness to that of God-consciousness once again.

At the same time the fourth dimension protects the divine world of spirit from being contaminated by the negativity that was created by us in the lower dimensions. All forms of negative energy patterns consist of such low frequency that the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension act as a powerful boundary that holds it, or reflect it back till it is fully transformed and in alignment with the higher dimensions.     

As we are evolving from the lower dimensions, this is the last dimension where dualism is experienced. This includes male/female and things like light and dark. All these are carried over from the third dimension. It is hold within the forth dimension to be transformed before entering the fifth dimension. Within entering the forth-dimensional state of consciousness from the lower dimensions, we strive to work through personal issues and problems related to duality. This dimension must be experienced before the higher dimensions of consciousness can be entered. The reason why Jesus was on earth is to open our consciousness to the forth dimension through his teachings of love and forgiveness. By demonstrating greater love then we experience in the physical, we can move through a time/space continuum to a higher state of consciousness. This type of love eliminates judgment and takes us to the realization of the oneness we can experience within the fifth dimension of consciousness.

        The Third dimension of the Universal Field of Consciousness is of which the humans are part. This is also known as the animal kingdom. In this dimension consciousness is very complex, varying from very simple to the capacity of a human. From this dimension we live interactively with the lower levels. Our level of rational intelligence and degree of openness to consciousness is what set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. The measurement of depth is added to length and width. It is this quality that supports the physical world around us.

This dimension is dominated by a carbon-based material existence. It is ruled by our five senses of taste, sight, smell, hearing and touch. All these senses are connected to the physical world around us. This dimension is also referred to as the dimension of solidified thought. From this dimension everything seems real because of length, width and depth. From the higher dimensions it is seen as spiraling patterns of conscious energy.

The density and the slowness of energy also give us the impression of limitations. This is because it takes so much effort to create within density. It makes it difficult for us to understand the power of mind and the way it rules thoughts to manifest form. In this dimension everything is seen as dualistic. It is divided in good and bad, or black and white… We encounter pain, suffering and emotional challenges while experience life on this plane. We tend to bring emotions foreword that was caused in the past and blame them on situations that happens now. 

As our consciousness expand the opposites like yes and no will slowly fade away. Each event in our lives takes on new meanings and is analyzed in the context in which it exists. This is a sign that we are evolving out of the third dimension through the fourth to the fifth. Time and space can be very confusing in the third dimension.

The conflict, dissatisfaction, sorrow and suffering are all caused by our selfish desires. We can master certain arenas within us by transforming our conscious energy patterns and evolve to higher dimension, enriched by the lessons of the third dimension.

        The Second dimension within the Universal Field of Consciousness is known as the plant kingdom. Life exist hear in the form of beautiful patterns in nature.

        The First and lowest dimension of the Universal Field of Consciousness is called the mineral kingdom. It is the dimension where life energies begin to flow and consciousness exist here in the atom. Consciousness is experienced in the form of magnetism, gravity and chemical properties. This is where solidification of thought form is experienced in the lowest form of conscious energy patterns known to our existence.

Now that we had a brief look at the different dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness, it is important to remember that all dimensions within the universe exist simultaneously. There is only the moment of time and everything exists within it. The higher we develop our consciousness, the more we can see into the higher dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness, as well as our own consciousness. All exist equally in this great oneness. The only difference is in the frequencies of conscious energy patterns, and all patterns can be transformed.



Within the Universal Field of Consciousness are many different manifestations of individualized Essences. They exist as forms of conscious light. These conscious light forms include the individualized Essences that are manifested in full consciousness. It also holds individualized developing conscious light beings and the individualized conscious sparks with the most limited awareness of consciousness.

The level of consciousness within each light form depends on the dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness where the light forms have awakened. Each light form is given awareness according to the quality of the energetic vibrations of the Universal Field of Consciousness where it came to rest. The level of awareness of each conscious light form is in relation with the vibrational frequencies of the dimension it has awakened in. The different frequencies within the Universal Field of Consciousness create enormous possible experiences for all the light forms that exist in individualized fields of consciousness.

Through it the vastness of what it means to be divine oneness can be experienced. Each and every conscious light form is part of the divine, as it is from the divine. This is even so for the individualized conscious sparks, which is the most limited of conscious light forms.

The conscious light forms that have awakened in the higher frequencies are in line with the universal consciousness. These light forms did not evolve, but became manifested as individualized Essences with full-individualized consciousness. The awareness of these beings is in correspondence with the Universal Consciousness that animates from the Universal Essence.

If the awareness of the light beings only developed in the lower vibrations, consciousness will be limited and has to grow through evolution to become full-individualized conscious beings. Through evolution and with our guidance, even the lowest of vibrations, the individualized consciousness sparks can be transformed to the image of its divine origin. We are part of this one great wholeness.

Each light form exists within a holographic electromagnetic energy field. Everything that is, may it be solid, subtle, or divine, are surrounded and interpenetrated by unique electromagnetic fields. These fields hold the manifested, or evolving forms, as well as the levels of consciousness of each conscious light form.  They surround even the most dense and solid objects like rocks and stones.

A pure individualized form of Essence, uncontaminated by any negative experiences resides within each light form. It animates from within the most divine to the coarsest form. It exists within each light form as a perfect conscious holographic image of the Universal Essence and is imbedded within a brilliant field of Light. This light field resonates of such divine energy patterns that it is protected from the irresponsible use of free will within the lower dimensions. This is true for everything in existence, even though not all are aware of it.

We are limited by our own individualized consciousness. We have to raise our own consciousness to align & become one with the God-force that resides within each of us. On the lower levels, consciousness could be locked within a stone or other solid objects. But even a stone contains an individual conscious spark that can move through different levels of evolution to become developing consciousness. This may be done through occupying many forms. It goes through different degrees of consciousness, till it eventually becomes aware of the divine presence within itself and earns as such the free will we all have.

The universal laws of consciousness organize all these energetic interactions, for it is these laws that regulate harmonious growth, raise consciousness, and ensures the perfect enfoldment of evolution.

We exist in the Universal Field of Consciousness, within our own electromagnetic energy field. This field is known as the Human Field of Consciousness. The Human Field of Consciousness is the most important to us, for it contains everything we need so that we can accomplish all our goals and reach our destinies.







Within this Universal Field of Consciousness exist invisible organizing fields. These fields are not the same then the individualized fields of consciousness, but are influenced by the life experiences of these different conscious light forms. These organizing fields form a blueprint for all form and behavior.

As with holographic energy, these fields affect are the same over distance as over close range. It exists beyond space and time and past events influence other events everywhere else. These fields are referred to as morphogenic energy fields. They are created and shaped by everything in existence. Each group of species has its own basic energetic map of consciousness in the form of morphogenic energy fields.

If one member of species learns new behavior, a very subtle, micro small change will occur in the morphogenic field of that species. If the same behavior is learned by more members of the species and repeated enough, the morphogenic resonance will affect the entire species. If enough animals within the species have changed, the effect will go beyond physical, mental or emotional learning and affect the whole species in accordance.

This means that the behavior of any one of us influence us all, even over distance. It also means that if enough people are open to a reality of higher quality then the one we live in now, all our realities will change in accordance.




Within the Universal Field of Consciousness exist divine conscious light beings that is manifestations of our individualized Essences. They are enclosed within multidimensional cocoons of conscious pulsating energy patterns. It is mirror images of the Universal Essence and the Universal Field of Consciousness. The difference is that the Universal Essence underlies all in existence.

The cocoons of light hold the manifestations of our individualized Essences. Within each cocoon exist the same infinite rays of light as is in the universe. It is a reflection of the dimensions within the Universal Field of Consciousness. These light rays, as well as the pulsating streams within them are in constant movement, flowing to and from the Universal Field of Consciousness.

We are the individualized Essences within these cocoons of pulsating light. These cocoons of light represent the conscious energy bodies within the Human Field of Consciousness. We are created in the image of the Universal Essence. Everything that animates as conscious energy patterns from the Universal Essence; flow through the Universal Field of Consciousness and through the Human Field of Consciousness. These images of conscious energy patterns can either transform our perceptions to expand consciousness, or be transformed by our perceptions to fit our levels of consciousness.

We were endowed with conscious life while in the presence of the vibrational energies that emanate from the source.  Thus, our total consciousness is in alignment with that of our creator. The only thing that keeps us apart from our pure Essences is the choices we make through the use of our free will.

The resting beings that were awakened at a later stage then us received conscious awareness according to the quality of energy patterns within the dimensions they has awakened on. How lower the vibration of the dimension is where the sparks of consciousness has awakened, how less expanded their consciousness of divine essence will be. Everything in existence are interconnected with full consciousness, Through the process of evolution, with our assistance and the guidance from the universal laws of consciousness, any conscious spark can grow to the pure essence we all are originally made of.

We are in human form to assist in evolution of consciousness. Our assistance is of threefold benefit: We can gain the final experience needed to become one with the source, we assist in the evolution of another being and we assist in the evolution of consciousness.

Imagine again this cocoon of pulsating light. It exists simultaneously within all dimensions of the universal consciousness. This cocoon of light holds our divine Essences, our intentions, values, will power, thoughts, emotions and form. It contains different degrees of consciousness, as well as all our psychological functions.  Within the surface of the cocoon shines a brilliant concentrated light. This light contains a countless number of fine pulsating energy streams. The area within he Universal Field of Consciousness where this light is focused on awakens the power that animates from that dimension. This light can move in any direction on the surface, or within the cocoon of light. The area from where the light animates cause a similar response in a specific dimension within our own conscious energy bodies. Imagine the infinite number of thin light streams pulsating between the concentrated light within your conscious energy bodies and the energy dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness.

The cocoon of light represents your psychological function and your openness to consciousness. The infinite energy patterns of light that flows through you represent your experience of consciousness. The brilliant concentrated light within the cocoon represents your awareness of consciousness. The area within the Universal Energy Field where it is focused on represents the dimension of consciousness that you experience. The fine light streams within the concentrated light represents your believes, the infinite thoughts you have and the countless choices you make. This in whole represents all your experiences, the quality of your perception and your openness to consciousness. 

Most of us do not have enough will power to move the concentrated light to different dimensions within the Universal Field of Consciousness, or to rearrange the infinite streams of pulsating light within their awareness. This means that most of us have a restricted perception and do not have sufficient energy to challenge our negative believes. Transformation, growth and a higher degree of consciousness can only be experienced if we are willing to change our perceptions.       


The first, and most divine conscious energy patterns within us form the most perfect dimensions that hold our Individualized Essences. Our Divine Essences is the image of the Universal Essence and contains all the perfection it holds in an untainted body of conscious light.

The dimensions that contain our spiritual longings, our intentions, our values and our will to be in this form of existence follow this perfect dimension.

Underneath, within and around these dimensions exist the conscious energy patterns that represent the combined frequencies of our perceptions, which indicate the degrees of our consciousness. 

The next dimensions consist of the cocoon shaped energy fields that hold our psychological behavior in the form of conscious energy bodies. Each energy body represents a different degree of our consciousness.

It also represents the way new information from the higher dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness is transformed in a downward spiraling path to physical existence. Because this divine information is new to us and from dimensions beyond our level of understanding, we can only imagine the way it start as the most perfect innovative light, color and sound vibrations.

These frequencies are first brought into our awareness through the highest dimensions of our energy bodies. From here it is shaped to images and experiences and transformed to divine symbols within the spatial mind. The information spirals then downward where it is interpreted by our rational minds as thought energies. These thought energies are transformed to emotional energies and finally to physical energies where it influences the world of matter, just to spiral back in a never-ending cycle.

All our conscious energy bodies must be aligned with our Divine Essences for this information to reach us in its perfect state. A blockage in any area of psychological function in the form of a negative belief will result that the information will be ignored or misinterpreted by our intellectual minds. It influences the whole process of evolution and create even more distorted believes.

These distorted believes are held within our sub-conscious minds as conscious energy patterns that always influences our perceptions. These beliefs strengthen the negative morphogenic energy fields that relates to them. In turn, these destructive morphogenic energy fields strengthen the negative beliefs we hold. Instead of shaping our perceptions around the information from our Divine Essences, we shape our perceptions around the distorted beliefs we hold within ego consciousness.


Each energy body is associated with a specific energy transmitter.  It is through these transmitters that energy is transformed or transmitted from one dimension of consciousness to the next. This means that there are specific transmitters within our energy systems for sensations, emotions, thoughts, memories, ideas, intentions and divine experiences from the higher self.

Even though the differences between the conscious energy patterns are explained as layers, dimensions, or bodies. They are not. Each dimension can be seen as a more conscious version of who we are. The higher dimensions are the more expanded conscious version of our selves. The lower dimensions are limited conscious version of who we are.


The seventh conscious energy body within the cocoon of light follows the most divine layers that connect us to our Essences. It is associated with the higher mind. It is also associated with knowing and understanding the relation between our physical and spiritual worlds. Through its energy transmitter we can experience the way our perceptions are shaped around spirituality.

The sixth conscious energy body is associated with divine heavenly love that encompasses everything in our present existence. It is a love that reaches far deeper then the way we know love and includes all life. All life forms are precious manifestations of God and all should be cared for, protected and nurtured. The energy transmitter within this energy body let us experience the way we understand universal love. It also gives us the ability to see through the masks people wear so that we can experience what their true intentions are.

The fifth conscious energy body is associated with a higher will, which is more connected with the creative aspects of our higher minds. The energy transmitters here are associated with the way we experience the power of the word through speaking things into being. It is also associated with listening and taking responsibility for our actions.

The forth conscious energy body within the Human Field of Consciousness is associated with the vehicle though which we love, not only the people close to us, but all of humanity. The energy transmitter in this dimension let us experience the way we interpret the balance between giving and receiving love unconditionally.

The next three conscious energy bodies are linked to the physical world. It includes the conscious energy patterns of our thoughts, emotions and our actions.

The third conscious energy body is associated with our mental life and linear thinking. The third energy transmitter gives us the experience of rational thoughts.

The second lowest conscious energy body is associated with the emotional aspects and feelings of human beings. The energy transmitter within this body let us experience these emotions.

The first and lowest conscious energy body contains the dense human form and is associated with physical function and physical sensation, like feeling pain or pleasure. It is also associated with automatic and autonomic functioning of the physical body, including instinctive behavior. 

Each energy transmitter is related to a certain nerve plexus, as well as a specific body system. In the next division we will have a deeper look at the psychological functioning of each conscious energy body within the Human Field of Consciousness. We will also look at the relation between the energy bodies and the energy transmitters, and how it affects our perception, behavior and physical health. 



The Human Field of Consciousness is created, shaped and formed around our beliefs and all the experiences that have ever flown from it. It includes the awareness of our most divine essences, our souls, our thoughts, emotions and our actions. The Human Field of Consciousness is not who we are, but an animation from our inner core. It holds all the facets of our psychological functions, which is determined by our beliefs and the way we interpret life experiences.

Our psychological experiences determine the form, quality and quantity of the conscious energy patterns within our energy fields. These conscious energy patterns establish our individualized form. It also indicates the quality and magnitude of our power. Our physical bodies are the vehicles for all these conscious energy patterns. We are not our bodies; neither are we our energy fields. These are animations from our inner core and indicate our awareness of the Universal Field of Consciousness. It reflects how expanded or limited our individualized consciousness of the Universal Consciousness is. 

Our physical bodies are the end product of our energy fields and not the cause. Our physical form are shaped and molded around the conscious energy patterns within our energy fields. These energy patterns are to coarse, heavy or dense to be carried further and are left behind where it leaves a trail of energy particles as physical form, indicating the path of conscious energy. Our physical bodies are the densest manifestations of conscious energy patterns. These energy patterns are not who we are, it is the degrees of consciousness we experience. It is the result of all our experiences in this lifetime and all the lifetimes before this one.

In the beginning we were created to the image of God within the highest dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness. We were given full consciousness of our existence and the awareness of an awesome creative power within ourselves. We were all part of this great experience of oneness outside God, yet not separate from Him/Her. Through us flow images of the divine wisdom, love & power that animates from this. Even though we are part of a greater oneness, the sense of being individual was tremendously strong and gave each one of us the opportunity to experience the consciousness of the God Force in our own unique ways.

Through the use of our free will and the creative abilities that reside within each of us we have experienced existence in countless ways, all perfect experiences that add to the evolution of ourselves, as well as the whole Universal Field of Consciousness, which is the consciousness of God. We use our Mind energies to create, our feeling energies to experience and the power that animate from this creative process to expand the power within the Universal Field of Consciousness. We give expression of this in the physical world as form.

As we are the perfect individual image of God, so are our physical appearances the individual image of all our experiences over many lifetimes. It is the individualized image of our level of consciousness. All these experiences gave a deeper understanding of who we are. It also gave us a deeper experience of God Consciousness and God, the Universal Essence.

As we are created to God’s image, He used us as Him to assist in the evolution of the conscious sparks within the lower dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness. These energies are not negative or less equal than us. The Universal Field of Consciousness holds many experiences. The lower energy patterns hold less expanded versions of the one great consciousness. This creates more ways the Universal Essence and the individualized Essences can experience the wonders of existence. Every image that was ever created by the Divine Thoughts of God exists as conscious energy patterns within the Universal Field of Consciousness. Some of the light beings that have awakened on the lowest dimensions are encapsulated within the coarseness of the density in these dimensions as conscious sparks. These beings are from God. What they experience is experienced within the consciousness of God.

God did not cause punishment on these beings, or on Himself. The differences within the Universal Consciousness are experienced as part of the great plan. By experiencing consciousness to all its extremes, and by experiencing it in its most limited form, we all can learn what God consciousness really is. The evolving process of the light beings through all the layers of consciousness gives a deeper understanding of this awesome power. It also gives an opportunity to learn, gain wisdom and to evolve the self. The whole of consciousness, including the Universal Essence is in an evolutionary process that is infinite and timeless. The negative experiences that were created by our use of free will were never part of this plan.

The differences within the Universal Field of Consciousness give us the endless experiences of consciousness and the opportunity to evolve. To explain the importance of these differences we’ll have to imagine that it is possible to separate one single conscious energy pattern from the rest of the Universal Field of Consciousness. This separated energy pattern will animate a subtle energy field that will slowly weaken. It will eventually sees to exist, for it needs to experience existence through interacting with the energy fields of other conscious energy patterns.

If we could place another single energy pattern close to the first one, the energy fields that radiates from both will interact with one another. The first energy pattern will experience the energy field of the second energy pattern. It is the same for the second energy pattern, which will experience the energy field of the first energy pattern. The difference between the frequencies of the two conscious energy patterns enhances the experience of both energy patterns and as such expands consciousness of both patterns.

If we add more conscious energy patterns, infinite potential experiences are created, for these experiences create a multi-dimensional experience of consciousness, life and existence. The differences within the Universal Field of Consciousness create the experience of dimensions. In the same way, the differences within our conscious energy fields create the many experiences through which we can expand our consciousness and enjoy the deeper meaning of existence. We expand our consciousness through the differences we experience. The whole Universal Field of Consciousness expands and evolves to infinite experiences of peace, love, power and form. 

We have come a long time ago to this dimension of the Universal Field of Consciousness. It was before existence was the way we know it now. It was before the many re-births of evolution on earth. It went as far back as the First Beginning. It was long before anything in history was recorded the way it is now. Our purpose was to assist in the evolution of the individualized conscious sparks that has only received awareness in the lower dimensions. These beings have not yet experienced the higher dimensions of the Universe. All the experiences they have is new, all the things they are involved in are governed by the universal laws of consciousness and assist in expanding their consciousness to the same degree as the Universal Field of Consciousness.

These light beings have evolved to a degree of consciousness where they were ready for our assistance and further transformation. We were assisting according to the will of God. Our will was in alignment with God’s will. The will of God does not limit us in any way. Even if we live in its accordance, we have still infinite choices to make. We can experience the power of God in endless ways. All these experiences are aligned with peaceful thoughts, the feeling of unconditional love and the power it animates.

The density and coarseness of the lower dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness was very limited to us. The density of this world has made it difficult to remember our true origin. We were bombarded with challenges and conditions in these dimensions. In the beginning all went well. Our assistance was given in many ways. But as we were caught in the density of this world, we slowly forgot our true origin and assume that we are the lower dimensions. We have forgotten that each one of us is individualized from the Universal Essence to experience the joy of being in existence. We have also forgotten that we are divine individualized Essences.

We began to see ourselves as separate. This caused us to compare in ways we have not done before. The experience of separateness has opened the doorway to many new negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings. The power that animates from these creations was never experienced before. We were mesmerized by the experience of separateness.

Unfortunately we have started to use our free will in new ways that created energy patterns of negative destructive qualities. It made us experience power as exclusive and separate from God. The conscious energy patterns that were created through this had a tremendous impact on the whole evolutionary process. These negative images were incorporated into the lower dimensions, as well as the whole process called evolution. They exist as conscious forms of morphogenic energy fields, which are limited to the lower dimensions.

Our beliefs, the choices we make, and our thoughts create feelings, words and actions that are not always in tune with the plan of God. Even though our choices have a tremendous impact on the natural creative process from God, not anything we choose to create will be denied. We have free will and the power to create. This creative aspect in us will not be blocked by the higher power of God, for this will undermine the gift of free will.

The negative energy patterns that are created by us is destructive of nature and have a great influence on the slower and less complicated energy patterns that are growing through the natural process of evolution towards the perfection we all are part of. These energy patterns, as well as our openness to consciousness are hold within the lower dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness where it cannot contaminate the higher dimensions.

All the negativity, destructive emotions and evil were created by the use of our free will. Instead of giving guidance and assistance in the evolution of less conscious life forms, we became part of the process. Through our choices and the guidance of the Universal laws, we have incarnated in physical form. We were the observers and creators that work in harmony with God to fulfill His plan. Instead we became part of the process as the process. Most of us have re-incarnated many times to this life form, for the challenges are tricky and we keep ourselves in bondage to the lower dimensions for many reasons. Even though each one of us are individualized Divine Essences, we contain all the experiences of our souls, as well as the experiences of an evolving being with no knowledge of the higher dimensions.

We are not robbed from any gift of God. We are still the perfect beings, created to Gods image. We still contain that perfect part that is not contaminated by any negativity. It is a Divine Essence, created to the image of the Universal Essence. We had many experiences in the physical realm where we assist in evolution, but at times we were caught in the negative forces that was ones created by us.

All the experiences we ever had, all the choices we made and all the negative beliefs that we yet not have transformed exist around each of us in the form of conscious energy patterns. It is hold within a metaphysical entity that has formed through all our experiences and represents our levels of consciousness. We can also see it as our self-created Essences or ego-consciousness. The level of each soul’s consciousness determines the dimension within the Universal Field of Consciousness where it will be incarnated on. It also determines the life lessons that needed to be accomplished for further development of the soul. 

Within us exist our individualized Essence in all its perfection, untainted by the negativity within the lower dimensions. We contain all the experiences we ever had, as well as an evolving light being that will grow with us as part of us. Through our guidance everything that exist within our energy fields can be transformed to the same quality as that of our divine essences. This is our personal purpose.

The evolving innocence is locked within the lower bodies of our energy fields. It is limited to the physical, emotional and intellectual bodies.  Our Higher Selves, our Souls and our Will radiate from within our higher dimensions from where it holds this form of existence together.

In the same way the Universal Energy Field radiates from the Universal Essence as God Consciousness; so does the conscious energy patterns around our Essences represent our openness to consciousness.

We are incarnated within human form on the third dimension of the Universal Field of Consciousness. Here we experience limited consciousness. We experience all higher dimensions through this dimension. In the same way this dimension represents a less expanded version of Universal consciousness, we also experience a limited awareness of consciousness. The different dimensions of consciousness within the Universal Field of Consciousness holds the lessons and challenges we need to accomplish before we can expand our awareness to Essence consciousness.

Each of our conscious energy bodies represents different areas of psychological behavior. These different dimensions of consciousness are linked to one another with spiraling energy vortices. They can be seen as energy conductors that transmit energy from one dimension to the next, to the physical body.

Some might assume that our energy field are radiating from our bodies. The body is not the cause of our energy fields; it is the effect of our energy fields. The physical body is the most dense conscious energy body and the lowest dimension of our energy fields. It is the end product of the conscious energy patterns that exist within our energy fields. By aligning the lower bodies with the higher bodies, we create the opportunity to align with the pure essences that exist within each of us from where all conscious energy bodies radiates in pure perfection.

If our awareness of consciousness is evolved to the highest dimensions, every conscious energy body will be an image of a corresponding level within the Universal Field of Consciousness. Our will is aligned with the will of God. This is from where we can assist in the natural divine process of evolution of consciousness without creating any negative energy patterns.



        The different frequencies of energy within the Universal Field of Consciousness create different experiences of consciousness. This creates different degrees of understanding consciousness.

The Universal Field of Consciousness consists of many dimensions. Each dimension has its own sub-dimensions. These sub-dimensions resemble all other dimensions of the Universal Consciousness. Thus, each dimension contains all dimensions in the form of sub-dimensions. In the same way, the different degrees of consciousness within our own energy fields resemble the dimensions of the Universal Consciousness.  The higher dimensions within the Universal Consciousness are not experienced in their true divine beauty. They are distorted by our limited views of existence. This means we only experience a reflection of all the higher dimensions, for we can only perceive them through our present levels of consciousness.

Even though the experiences on earth hold all the higher dimensions, we are limited to a vague reflection of their true meaning. Our lessons are in relation with our openness to consciousness and are mostly around dualism. The higher the level of consciousness, the more refined the test, lessons and experiences will be. Our spiritual growths expand our awareness of consciousness through the wisdom we gain from all life experiences. It also makes us realize the deeper meaning of all things that we previously have not noticed.

As our consciousness expands, we become aware of subtle things that were always there, but not noticed before. This deeper awareness makes it possible to notice the lessons we have previously not seen. These lessons can only become our challenges when we are ready for there appearance. This means that not any challenge, test or situation is too huge to handle. It is only when we forget our divine origin that we might foster the false belief that life situations are bigger than us. If we assume that we are merely evolving beings with no knowledge of the higher realms, any experience that holds new lessons will be seen as dark and therefore feared. Not any situation can overwhelm us unless we give it the power to do so.

It is important for us to know on which dimension in the Universal Field of Consciousness our awareness is focused. We live on earth, which at this time exist within the lower dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness. It holds the conscious awareness of the first, second and third dimension of the Universal Field of Consciousness and gives us the experience of the physical world the way we know it now.

The first dimension can be seen on earth as the mineral kingdom. It is where evolution starts in the form of a divine spark, not yet aware of the light it holds. As any other dimension, it contains a vague reflection of all dimensions within the Universal Field of Consciousness. The sub-dimensions of the first dimension contain lessons, test and experiences in the most limited form. Consciousness is experienced as gravity, magnetism and chemical properties. 

        The second dimension of the Universal Field of Consciousness is reflected on earth as the plant kingdom. From here evolution went upwards to more complex forms of existence. The different degrees of consciousness in the second dimension are experienced as upward spiraling energy patterns. Motion, patterns and colors are integrated into consciousness.  

Motion can be seen as the evolution of gravity, color is the evolution of form and patterns is the evolution of chemical reactions. Each different experience in the second dimension is a more evolve form of the previous.

        The third dimension of the Universal Field of Consciousness is known as the animal kingdom. This is where we reside. It is also divided in sub-dimensions or degrees of consciousness. These sub-dimensions are a reflection of all the dimensions within the Universal Field of Consciousness. Our energy bodies, which are also an image of all the dimensions, are more aligned with the sub-dimensions of the third dimension than they are with the true dimensions of the Universal Field of Consciousness. 

In the first Sub-dimension of the third dimension, consciousness starts on a very simple level from organisms with just view nerve cells, to brain cells, eventually to the development of the instinctive brain that can be seen with all reptiles and amphibians.

Survival of species holds the most important tests.  Emotions are minimized to instinctive reactions that only happen in the moment. It motivates the animal to fight, flight, eat or mate. It also reflects the first dimension within the Universal Field of Consciousness where the most limited awareness of consciousness is experienced. Instinctive reactions happen in the same way chemicals in the mineral kingdom response automatically in specific conditions. 

From here awareness of consciousness evolve to the second sub-dimension of the third dimension. This can be seen in the evolution of the mammalian brain in the animal kingdom. Even though survival is still important, nurturing of the young is added to the evolution of consciousness. In the higher levels of consciousness of the second layer new facets of existence are experienced. Animals choose their own mates and long-term relationships are formed.

This is also where emotions slowly evolve to more than just instinctive behavior, yet it is still controlled by life experiences. Emotions resemble a subtler experience of the colors, patterns and motion within the plant kingdom, but with a deeper experience and meaning.

We, as human beings have reached the higher sub-dimensions of third dimension. We are presently busy preparing for entering the fifth dimension through the portals of the fourth dimension. Within the third sub-dimension of the third dimension, we as human beings became aware of our intellect.  We hold the solid form, the gravity, the magnetism and the chemical activities of the first dimension. We also hold the upward spiraling growth, the patterns and the colors of the plant kingdom.

        Within us is the reptilian brain from where we react instinctively, our emotional or mammalian brain that hold all our feelings and instinctive understanding of nurturing, and our more developed intellectual brains through which we can project our thought from the present moment to the past and to the feature. It gives us the ability to reason. Our thoughts are not limited to what we experience, but allow us to make infinite choices and create as such endless possibilities.

Intelligence does not end at rational thinking, for our hearts holds many neurons, or brain cells, indicating the fourth sub-dimension of the third dimension. This is intelligence of the heart. We are still facing all the challenges within the lower dimensions, yet the way we see them are more refined and subtle. We understand these experiences and keep them as part of our wisdom, knowing that we are part of everything else in existence.

Thus, we are experiencing growth of consciousness within the higher sub-dimensions of the third dimension of the Universal Field of Consciousness.

The lessons we learn from the tests on earth bring us closer to the meaning of unconditional love, interconnectedness and the knowing that we are one and the same. It also prepares us to master our thoughts, emotions and actions. Even though all the natural life experiences of the third dimension has their own time and sequence, we can separate them and arrange them in fields according to the energetic frequencies, or the degree they relate to our psychosomatic function. Every sub-dimension contains lessons in the form of natural life experiences that propel us foreword on our journey to Universal consciousness. If the same lessons that push us forward are misinterpreted, we will be kept in bondage and evoke negative energy patterns within us.


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