Part 2




Our physical experience of existence can also be referred to as the world in our heads, for it is so greatly influenced by the different structures of the brain. Our intellectual processes, our emotional experiences and our instinctive behavior holds the most intense experience of our conscious existence and mutually expresses the understanding of who we are in physical form. If there is no harmonious interplay between these worlds, the journey to the heart will be brutally interrupted. 

These worlds form a small, but intense part of us and they are meant to guide us on the inner journey to the spiritual beings we are. Everything that we experience on earth is limited to the awareness of the worlds in our heads.

Our journeys may lead us through excitement, fear or haunted battlefields, but eventually it will lead us to the world beyond from where our Essences radiate. This is where we can claim back the power of higher will and expresses our true Selves. We are connected to a universal intelligence that always was and will be part of us. We know the love we radiate, and we know our source.

Before we can expand our awareness to the world of spirit and experience the whole beings we are, we have to look at the worlds that keep us in bondage to a limited awareness of physical consciousness. If we want to understand the reasons for our lack of freedom, we have to understand the dimensions of consciousness that we are most aware of and overwhelm us most of the time.

Food is processed through our digestive systems, air through our respiratory systems and water through our circulatory and urinary systems. Obstructions can be caused when food, air or water is not properly processed. If the problem is persistent, discomfort, pain and disease may occur to make us aware of the problem.

          All the experiences from the worlds in our heads, our imagination, as well as the life giving energies from the world of spirit and beyond get processed in our intellectual worlds.

The ways we process all these energies are felt through our emotions. Emotions do not come to us from the world that we experience out there. They form in us so that we can experience how the ways our intellect chooses to interpret subtle energies influence our spiritual growth. 

Energies that are wrongly processed get obstructed and we will experience negative emotions to make us aware of the problem. These emotions are also triggered by misinterpreted information in the subconscious and deep-subconscious minds and influence our thoughts, our actions and our behavior.

If we do not attend to the meaning of these emotions, they will eventually influence the health and harmony of our physical bodies.

We have to acknowledge our feelings. Instead of allowing them to exhaust us from our health and vitality, let them guide us on our journey of self-discovery.


2.2.1 A World of Matter

This is the world best known to us, the world of matter and form on earth. This world includes every human, animal, plant and mineral that can be seen. It contains nature, the elements, the stars, the universe and all the material things we’ve created through our actions.

We are nourished by earth. Air freely flows through our lungs, revitalizing our whole bodies. Vital life giving fluid circulates through our veins, to all cells in our systems. A metabolic fire burns in each cell, as well as in every muscle. Ether is carried around the impulses from our nerves. This is just a brief symbolized expression of a world that seems to have no limits. Yet, this world becomes the limit if we focus just on physical manifestation.

Even if it is only the outline and form of our bodies that seem visible to us, a slight cut on our skin will give us a glance into the exiting living world that is concealed within our bodies. This mysterious world beneath and in our skin performs unlimited tasks, always in harmony, crafting the human body that we perceive. This is the world of physical form, and most importantly, the only world that we can experience with our physical senses. This is where lessons for the inner journey are made visible to assists our growth. This world could become fear itself, or it could be our friend and guide on the inner journey to the heart. As our awareness explores the physical world of form, we realize that it is imbedded in its own consciousness. This consciousness is just an extension of the one consciousness that enfolds all there is.

2.2.2 The body’s main functions

We should know our physical bodies and learn as much as we can about it. It is through this body that we experience life to its fullest.  Be aware of everything that our bodies experience. Our physical bodies have many purposes. Some of them are obvious, for we experience it through the senses that forms part of the body’s world. The other functions are not so obvious, for they are not experienced through our physical senses.

Our bodies are our only means of transport in the physical world. This is our vehicle, the center from where our souls radiate. Our bodies protect us from harsh conditions; it gives us form and accumulates energies that we associate with. Our bodies are the receptors of our physical senses. Everything that we touch, taste, see, smell or hear is experienced within our bodies. Without our bodies, our senses cannot be experienced at all.

Our bodies are an expression of the worlds we cannot see. It is the receptor of our emotions and thoughts. It is only within our bodies that thoughts and feelings can be experienced. Indirectly, our bodies are also the receptors of intuition, insights, dreams, and imagination. If the soul had no body, it would not have been possible to experience anything the way we do now. Our bodies are ultimately the vehicle of our souls through which we can experience life to its fullest.

The body finds ways to signal us when balance is disturbed in other areas of our consciousness – this includes the consciousness of our emotional, mental and spiritual worlds. The body does this in a physical way through its own structure. Discomfort, dis-ease or pain arises out of our bodies’ ability to draw our attention to disharmony of any kind.

Our bodies are from our physical world and are the most solid expression of who we are. It is very important to know, understand and listen to it.  This is the only one that we will get in this lifetime. Take care of it, for it is through it that we can learn about the many ways energy is experienced. From here we can grow and broaden our awareness of consciousness.




2.3.1 Basic Needs


The physical world provides us with our basic needs. This is our need for nourishing food, water, heat and the air we breathe. It also includes a shelter or home, safety and security, as well as our primal sex drive that secures the continuants of our species.

Deep inside the physical world is a collection of energetic memories that is gathered from ancient times. These memories form part of the consciousness of our instinctive minds and insure the survival of our bodies, as well as the group, tribe or families we belong to, and ultimately our human family. This should extend to a deeper respect for the human race, as well as for all there is in creation on earth and heaven, as far as our eyes can see. This is the physical world we live in and where all our basic needs are met.

Our basic needs are not only about food, shelter, safety & survival; it is also about belonging to a group that we can relate to. This could be our families, our friends, religious groups, tribes, or sport teams. Even if we consider ourselves as loners, the need will still exist. Just the idea that there are others that support our perceptions or beliefs could be enough to satisfy our need to belong.

Another basic need we have is physical elimination. Food, water, air, heat and other subtle energies are taken into our bodies from where it circulates through all our systems. What our bodies don’t use is removed through its channels of elimination. It then recycles through our external world where it’s taken in as nourishment by other living forms. To complete the cycle it becomes the nourishment for us yet again. 

Our basic needs also include our bodies’ instinctive progression to heal & repair when injury or any other interference of its normal functioning occurs. Our bodies are always in a motion of creating balance and perfect health. This is a gift to us from consciousness.

2.3.2 A world of action


Our physical world is a world of physical action. If we look at our basic needs, taking action means collecting food or building a shelter. If we are in a life-threatening situation, our actions will be instinctive. Either we’ll run away, or we we’ll stand and fight.

Whatever we promise ourselves to accomplish, take action. A promise we make without action will lead to no result. Whatever goal we set for ourselves should be challenged by action. With no action, everything we say or plan will end in failure.

It takes action to work, and to collect or to buy food. It takes action even just to eat. If we want to improve our physical strength and stamina, we need to take action by doing exercise. Our dreams can only manifest through deed, no matter how small it may seem. It takes action to accomplish our goals. It takes action to change our perceptions, or even to meditate. Every action we take will cause a certain effect and could bring quick physical changes in what life experiences offer us.

Inner transformation can only be real if their effects cause change in the physical world. We may try to escape the life stresses that shows in our emotions by taking on habits like excessive nibbling on tasty treats, nail biting, smoking, alcohol abuse, being a workaholic, excessive money spending or anything that can be used to coat the overwhelming effect life stresses have on our inner world. There is many ways we try to deal with our inner stresses. Most of us will look for external help through counseling or medicine. Some of us will use the power of the intellectual world to change through the use of positive affirmations, or we will work with inner issues through the journey of self-discovery. Some of us may truly be successful; others may be stuck in a negative cycle. Even though there might be no true progress for some of us, our intellectual minds might try to convince us that we did become stronger in spirit. This could cause poor communication and conflict between the different areas of our consciousness.

If there were no changes in our physical actions, especially around our bad habits, it would mean that no true inner change has happened. Life will not let such an illusion go unseen. It would offer us challenges that resonate at one with the true stresses and personal issues that we cover up from our conscious selves. If no real change has occurred, the habits that we use to conceal these issues with will still be there.  Our actions will show if a real inner change occurs.

The physical world is of great importance for our journey, as long as we are not caught and controlled by it, as for this is not the world from where we truly resonate. It is a powerful expression of life itself to give us stronger guidance on our inner journey. Do not confuse life for an external journey. Enjoy life as much as we should, as long as we always remember who we truly are.


2.4.1 A world of vibrant sensations

Just as matter, emotions consist of energy too. These energies are so faint that it cannot be picked up by our physical senses.  As we enter the world of emotions, we realize it differs a great deal from the world of matter. Emotions cannot be seen. They are invisible to our physical senses, yet we know they exist. Emotions are felt as faint sensations that we experience in and around us at all times.

          Although our emotional world always forms part of us, most of us only become aware of it when we experience strong sensations of overwhelming feelings. Different feelings are experienced in different areas of our bodies. These feelings are labeled with words such as happiness, pleasure & sadness.

          This is also where subconscious feelings of fear, anger, pain and distrust are stored. They vibrate within us, around us and flow from there into the environment. Sometimes we are not aware of these feelings, or just experience them vaguely. This is when we are too occupied with our thoughts, actions or the world out there. At other times these feelings can overpower us. When this happens, our bodies experience the effect of these strong emotions as very real sensations. This will draw our attention back immediately so that we can feel where we process life energies negatively.

Our emotional world is where we experience life through feelings. In this world, we also discover our passions & sexuality. In our emotional world, sex is not just a basic need that insures the survival of our species; it is filled with intimacy, sensuality, passion and pleasure that we share with a partner. The emotional world is the world of mutual attraction. Likes attracts likes. A particular frequency of energy that radiates from a person’s emotional world will attract the same frequency of energy in somebody else, whether we like it or not.

This world also includes our personal relationships. This is how we relate one-on-one with individuals in our group and life itself. The way we feel about a person affects the way we relate to that person. It will also affect the way people relate to us. This person could be our partner, a friend or a person we have just met. Our relationships with other people ultimately indicate how we feel about ourselves and how we relate to the different aspects of our own existence.

Creativity from the higher dimensions is also expressed through the world of emotions. It is done through art, writing, music, singing, dancing, or anything that brings our creative side foreword. Being creative means to create something different or new just because we feel good and want to. We can also be creative by preparing a delicious meal, by doing work in the garden, by fixing something in or around the house, with our hobbies, or in a sport that we take part in. Creativity in our work or business can bring back the excitement and pleasure some of us fail to see. Creativity combined with action, intellect and ideas is an excellent recipe for success in business.

          Our emotional world is where we have fun and experience life to its fullest. This does not mean that the world out there should be our only source of pleasure and fun. Joy should radiate from within us, and then reflected back at us from the world out there.

2.4.2 The Effect & Cause of Emotions

Each of us experience emotions differently. If we witness an event as a group, not one of us will experience it the same. The event is the same, but its effect on feelings differs within all of us.  One person may be empowered by a situation while somebody else may be disappointed or humiliated by it. As real as the external events may seem to us, so much more real are the feelings that these events wake up within us. Outer experiences are interesting and are the spices of life. Inner experiences are the only true lessons where we can learn more about ourselves.

A good example is when there is an arrogant person within a group of people that says or does things that most people will find annoying.  His actions or words will affect each person in a different way. One person may get extremely cross and focus all his/her attention on it; another may feel annoyed and try to ignore the person, although affected by it. Others may not notice it and there might even be someone that finds it amusing. Even though the annoying individual only reacts in one way, the response to his behavior will differ within each person. He has only shown to each individual the hidden emotions that is kept somewhere beyond normal consciousness. He did not bring these feelings on to us. If this were the case, we all would have reacted the same on his behavior. He has only awakened within us what we haven’t noticed before. Instead of blaming him for the way we feel, be aware of what was shown to us.

The emotions that cause an obstruction in the natural flow of energy dominate us in the sense that they repeatedly resurface whenever we are challenged by life situations.

If emotions are viewed from the perception of the physical world, we may assume that the situations and physical challenges we interact with cause these emotions. On the other hand, from the perception of the emotional world, we may be overwhelmed by these emotions. Either way, our intellectual minds will eventually convince us that these emotions are caused by the world out there. If emotions are viewed from our hearts, we’ll respect their guidance and experience a constant feeling of inner joy. This feeling may be subtle, but it will empower us tremendously.

2.4.3 Emotions & Self-awareness

Subtle energies flow continuously through our bodies where it is processed. The ways we process these energies are always experienced through our emotions.  These energies are part of our higher selves, our souls, and its source. Within them is all the knowledge we need for the journey to our hearts. Our emotions make us aware of how these energies are used for development of our higher awareness.

Without emotions, we would not be aware of the influences of thoughts and actions on our inner worlds. We will have no guidance on our journey. We would not know if our thoughts and actions open or close our awareness of the inner journey to our hearts. In the world of emotions we are guided by sensations. Through these sensations we can feel if we move foreword or backward on the journey to the heart.



If we look at our intellectual worlds as energy, we will see that it consists of even finer vibrations than the energies from our emotional world. In this world, we have the ability to stand outside our other worlds and observe their activities objectively. Instead of acting instinctively, we can consider all factors of a situation. The intellectual world is where thoughts, mental processes and the interpretation of ideas take place. This is where we give, receive and constantly update stored information.

We translate or process energies that enter our awareness through the world of intellect. These energies are filled with information, subtle nutrients, and messages from our Essences. There is no limit what we can translate through this world. It includes input from the worlds in our head, as well as our imagination, intuition & our thoughts from within. If we don’t process this information, the events and situations from the physical world may appear the same to us all.

Our intellectual world deals with tangible information that relates to physical and emotional experiences in the head worlds, as well as with subtle information like insights or intuition that relates to the higher dimensions. If our intellect is aligned with our hearts, the finer spiritual energies change their form by vibrating at lower frequencies to influence our thoughts. Our intellectual world processes this information and applies it to physical and emotional situations. This process gives us the opportunity to widen our awareness.

If our awareness is aligned with false essence or the negativity of ego consciousness, our intellectual worlds will not receive higher information, but process energies according to the life situations we find ourselves in.

The main purpose of the intellectual world is to be a mental vehicle for our higher mind. It is important to focus our awareness on the higher energies that radiate from the heart and beyond.  These energies are very fine and are not processed in the same way as concrete thoughts. They appear in the form of ideas, insight & intuition. The power that these energies represent depends on how our intellectual worlds interpret them to our awareness.


2.5.1 The Power of thought

The world of intellect is where power is generated. Our intellectual world connects us to our personal power and our confidence. It is the world that connects us to our higher will, which includes how serious other people take our views and ideas and how we are treated on a personal level. This is where we believe in ourselves and enter the world with no fear. The intellectual world is where we realize we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. Our thoughts have the power to shape our perceptions and to create the world that we perceive.  The potential of being successful in life and business is influenced from this world.

On a physical level, thoughts that are in disharmony can drain us from energy and thoughts that are in harmony can generate energy from within.  We experience this as willpower and drive. Thoughts can also draw feelings like shame that deplete our energy levels, or it can radiate as energetic joy from within. 

The world of intellect is where we deal with emotions. This is where we recognize feelings that we are holding down. We accept and work with the way we feel. Buried under layers of stuck emotions is the richness of our power. These cropped up feelings keep our awareness centered in the worlds of our heads. If we acknowledge them, we can release them from our inner worlds and get a glimpse of our true power.

Harmony and balance in the world of intellect has the potential to propel us foreword on our journeys.  By interpreting and understanding life experiences, particularly the painful ones, our perception will broaden and our journey to the heart will become much shorter.

The physical world is about the present tense, the emotional world about the past and present, and the intellectual world is about past, present and future.

Our intellectual world gives us the ability to project our thoughts into the feature. If we are faced with a certain challenge, instead of just reacting, intellect gives us the ability to observe the situation first. We then compare it with what we already know. This could be what we have learned through reading, personal experience or from somebody else. From here we can project our thoughts into the feature where we can predict the outcome of different possibilities. This gives us an opportunity to choose the best way to face these life challenges.

The intellect from this world, combined with creativity from the emotional world and insight from the heart, gives us a doorway to imagination. The beauty of imagination is that it has no limitations. Whatever we can think of, we can see through our imagination and feel through our emotions. Creative imagination is the foundation of organized thoughts and insightful intelligence.


2.5.2 If thoughts take over

Thoughts continuously form in our world of intellect. We are always thinking even if we are not aware of it. Every moment, vital energies are processed through our thoughts. What we think of is our choice.  This is an important choice, cause our thoughts are filled with power.

The different energies that we translate with our thoughts are transferred from our conscious mind to our subconscious and deep subconscious minds. From here, this decoded information is reflected back to us to form the world we know. Repeated negative thoughts capture certain emotions in feelings where it is kept as part of our personalities’ sub-consciousness. The natural flow of energy is restricted by these emotions.

As we have seen, projecting our thoughts into the feature can be well used. It can also be one of the main reasons why we process energies negatively. This happens when the projection of our thoughts into the feature becomes a habit. We will constantly wonder… What will happen if?  What if I don’t pass the test? What if I don’t pay my rent? What if I am not on time for my appointment? Or what if I die tomorrow? Anxiety, concern and worry are mostly formed because of this type of forward thinking, especially when these thoughts overpower us.

If our awareness is focused on the physical world, our thoughts will be associated with our physical comfort and well-being. As a result the normal functioning of the intellect is disrupted.  The main goal of our minds will then be rational problem solving based on your survival principle, which is about physical survival & physical well-being. If our awareness is focused on our emotional world, our intellectual world will be dominated by thoughts associated with emotional comfort and well-being. The main goal of the mind will then be problem solving around feelings, our passions, creativity and our self-worth. If we feel unworthy in our emotional worlds, the messages will be picked up and interpreted by our intellectual worlds. Even if we send conscious messages such as “I want to be successful.” This message will be cancelled by the opposite message from the emotional world. The harmony between our deeper nature and our personalities are influenced by our physical, emotional and intellectual worlds. An action in the physical world may create a feeling that, through our intellect, creates a specific thought that reflects back to the feeling and so increase its intensity.

A specific group of people can also influence our thoughts. People that work together think and feel in many ways the same. In this case we can choose to accept beneficial thoughts and reject harmful thoughts.

Our intellectual world is also the world where conflict arises. Our head could say one thing and the heart another. In our hearts we may know that we have handled a certain situation wrong. We can see it in the way it affects us or someone else. If we are controlled by our thoughts, we’ll try to rationalize the benefits of our action through reasoning. This will cause conflict between our head world and the deeper knowing of our higher existence. We will feel this in our bodies. The results are confusion, distrust, fear and suppressed emotions.

          The world of intellect is where we can easily confuse power with force. We discover the false power of control – To dominate, or to be dominated.  Force is powerful, but always opposed by resistance, therefore never permanent, for it does not radiate from pure consciousness.

Disharmony and imbalance in the world of intellect can lead to self-centeredness, dominance, control, worry, aggression, and the ability to inflict harm to other people and ourselves.

2.5.3 A last thought on intellect

Thoughts give us choice. Although thought is a subtler energy than emotions, it is still restricted to the world of the head. Thought can either be used to focus our awareness on the high quality energies that provide spiritual nutrients to assists us in our journey to the heart, or it can be used to distract us from our journey by focusing our awareness on the worlds in our heads. If our awareness is focused on our head worlds, we’ll be controlled by our thoughts, believing the control comes from the world out there. Our reality will be created by this narrow perception, thinking this is all there is.

If we focus our awareness on our hearts, thoughts will be in our service. Instead of being controlled by them, we’ll use them to process life energies so that we can understand them better and use them wisely on our journey to our hearts.




With our perception caught in the worlds of the head, love will be viewed from the area where our awareness is centered. Love will be associated with a mixture of feelings and needs. It includes intimacy, passion, physical attraction, possessiveness, dependency, control, addiction, eroticism, lust, glamour, fame, primal sex drive, novelty and need for partnership. These are only some of the things we choose from to combine in a special cocktail we call love. Each mixture is unique and each person will have his or her own perception of it.

This love is usually fluctuating from happiness to sadness; always varying in the degree it affects us.  When we are frustrated, the accompanied emotions often reveal an underlying anger, fear or dependency that this “love” had masked. 

When we center our awareness on our hearts, some of these experiences may still exist in us; as for they are imprinted in the human energy line of which we are part. The difference is that we will now know that these are just life experiences and not love, as for love has no emotional fluctuations, no limits, and no expectations…



It is a world that is not a world, neither a dimension, for it is beyond the stars and the most distant galaxy – beyond the heart, our organs, cells, DNA, atoms, and the smallest of energetic units. Beyond the frequencies of all the colors, everywhere around us, a super small, subtle holographic reflection… interpenetrating all we are. Beyond thought, the silence between the breaths. Where the mind does not wonder to the feature or the past, neither try to understand the moment, for predicting the feature, it is still the moment, by claming it happened now, it already became the past.

          The past, feature and moment are only a faculty of the rational mind, and the rational mind is only a reflection of the true mind. A reflection cannot hold true power. Beyond the times of the mind is a time where past, feature and the moment become one.

As Intent interpenetrates all, time divides for us to learn. It is another sequential reflection of a world beyond sequence. A world that cannot be discovered by thought or reason. A world as infinite as everything we have discovered in the physical arena of life. This world is not meant for what we experience in the lower worlds of the head. The physical world is just an expression of this true inner world. To find it is not through thought, neither is it through emotions. The doorway lays in the eternal now, these senses still dormant, not mastered, but essential to…

Remember our thoughts and our emotions might become our obstructions if we are not somehow detached from them.

Only you can discover the true inner world, for only you can develop your super-subtle senses within yourself. Guidance is from everywhere; your perception brings it to life where you want to see it.

The true inner journey is as infinite as infinite can be infinite, and how disappointing to those with pride, those looking down on those intellectually beyond in their blinded sight.

Only if we are aware of the oneness that already exists. Interconnectedness, the gateway to love and true understanding of the feeling life is, and that is called seeing. This seeing is a reflection of our true meaning. Interconnectedness is the gateway to understanding, knowing and meaning… Feelings are the only energies subtle enough to enter the gateway to the true inner world. And at the end all that is known and matter is the feeling we experience in the world out there, not the experiences, not the actions, not the knowledge, but the feelings… the feelings you have created in you, and all those around you… and only the real feelings, those you create consciously and subconsciously, knowingly and unknowingly…

All that can enter the true inner world is feelings… This may be the world where the source of all creation reflects from, or beyond, super-million-micro-small beyond infinity…but not in the world out there!


The question of mind and brain comes a long way. Did our brain create the world of our mind or did our minds create the brain and world of matter? The question already point out that we contain the knowing of two distinct parts within us. The world of matter is the world that is perceived by the instrument in our head, the brain. This includes not only what we see, but also everything we perceive through our awareness, or consciousness. It includes our thoughts, emotions, actions, senses, and the physical world, including what we made visible to us in the universe. Just as our physical brain is divided in two areas that operate as one, yet unmistakably different from one another, the world of mind is divided in two distinct sides.

For the sake of understanding, we will refer to the two sides of mind as the sequential side of mind and the spatial side of mind. The sequential side gives us the conscious world of awareness we live in, including our brain and our understanding of it. It contains our physical form, our emotional structure and our rational mind.

The spatial mind does not contain the three dimensions of space and one dimension of time, as we know it. This side of our awareness is thus not limited to space or time as we are. This side predates the sequential mind. There is know time, or place for rational thought, or to interpret what an emotions is pointing out. The spatial mind generate a knowing that goes beyond thought and emotions. This is when you know something is wrong with somebody close to you, or when the phone rings while you walk to it, knowing whom the call is from. This does not happen that often to the average person. The reason for it is that the sequential mind takes energy first before we can use the spatial mind. Most of us just have sufficient energy or power to maintain the view of the world that we have now. There is no surplus energy for just moving beyond the borders of the daily routine. It takes to much effort, for most of us do not know how to utilize power. Our awareness is limited to the amount of power available after it is used for its normal daily functions.



Beyond matter, mind and consciousness exists our core nature and is expressed as pure Essence. Essence is of the highest vibrations of wisdom, love and power. It is subtler, as well as less limited then consciousness. It underlies consciousness… Consciousness is an awareness of Essence. Consciousness, on the other hand, is of higher vibration and subtler then mind… Consciousness is therefore less limited then mind. Mind is the understanding of consciousness.

The highest frequency of mind is the universal mind. It is followed by our spatial mind. Our spatial mind is subtler, therefore less limited than the sequential mind. Spatial mind underlies sequential mind. The beliefs in our spatial mind give rise to the thoughts in our sequential minds. Thoughts are of higher vibration and less limited then emotions, therefore influence emotions. Emotions are subtler and less restricted then physical form. Energies of emotions influence the energies of matter.

This means that essence give rise to consciousness, which give rise to mind, which give rise to the three-dimensional world of matter.

Essence is found in everything and is everywhere. At the end, everything is ultimately interpenetrated with essence, consciousness and mind.

The biggest part of us exists outside the boundaries of linear time and 3-dimensional space. Everything is interconnected and form part of a great wholeness. It is instantaneous present, past and feature. In the same way a small part of the whole, like a cell holds the image of the whole body, one experience in life hold the images of all of existence.  In the spiritual realms exist no limits. We are individualized reflections of the whole. All our thoughts, emotions, words and actions are experienced through a universal awareness of wholeness.    

We are individualized, not separate. We are interconnected within the whole as the whole, synchronized with everything else that exists. This means that we are not restricted to our bodies, emotions or our thoughts. We have access to all the information in the universe as well as all the dimensions in existence.

We are interconnected to all things and as such form part of all things. Therefore we hold the fullness of the universe within our energy fields. 

We need to expand our awareness to experience the more subtle areas of consciousness within us. When linear time and three-dimensional space is transcended to the higher aspects of spirituality, negativity and opposites disappear.

Dualism like mind/matter does not really exists. Reality is inclusive and interlocking. We use our senses to get information about any given situation. Our senses influence the situation we perceive and, in the same way, the situations influence our senses.

All this also means that specific memory is not located in any one place in the brain or body; it is distributed all around and within us as fields of conscious energy patterns.




Our journey does not take us from one physical place to the next; it takes us through subtle layers of self-created beliefs and ultimately to the inner core of our true Essences. The greater part of our existence is not visible through our physical senses, our emotions or our rational thoughts. This makes it difficult to grasp in full the complete beings we are.

Each culture and all the different religions describe the meaning of our existence in their own unique way. They may differ in many aspects, but all agree that there are more beyond existence then what we can perceive through our normal senses.

The invisible part within each of us is described in many ways. It is known as Divine Soul, Higher Self, Spiritual Being, Divine Being of Light or as the Perfect image of the Creator. This part of us holds our true being, the Eternal Self. We all have some vague image of this spiritual presence that exist strongly within each of us. Unfortunately, most of us are overwhelmed by our ego masks and shows only awareness of the physical experience.

But what does it mean to exist? Who is that part within us that acknowledge we have a higher self? What is it within us that acknowledge our bodies, our emotions and our thought as if they were merely puppets in a play? Who is that part within us that can take us thoughts from one place to the next or back to any moment in the past? Who is it within us that never change even though we experience fear, anger or sadness at times?   Who is it in us that never forget our true existence no matter how long our awareness is focused on the physical world?

Without consciousness we will not be aware of our existence. Therefore we will not exist. Is consciousness then the foundation of all existence?

We were awakened with a gift of consciousness. Through this gift we can experience the totality of our existence. Our consciousness contains the experience of our Divine Essences symbolized by light, wisdom, love and power. It contains the experience of an innocent spark that yet has to evolve to divine consciousness, and holds all the possibilities of good and evil created by the use of our free will.

Our Fields of Consciousness contain all the vibrations, light & dimensions that exist within the Universal Consciousness. Whatever we experience in the world out there is a reflection of energetic vibrations that exist within our fields of consciousness. We are only conscious of what exist to us due to the choices we make, for with each choice we create.

We cannot be consciousness, for we have consciousness just as we have bodies, feelings and thoughts. Consciousness is an eternal gift to us, for everything that is part of the Divine Essence, or Source of all creation, is reflected within us.

Beyond and within all different forms of consciousness is a complete awareness of all that is. This universal consciousness exists within a continuum of many dimensions and decrease in quality within the lower frequencies of its own energy field.

We exist within these different levels of Universal consciousness as individualized personifications of our Creator. We received full universal consciousness within the highest dimensions, but we are only aware of the degree of consciousness we focus our perceptions on.

Our journey has started long before life was the way we know it now. We have experienced divine essence, moved through subtle energies and eventually to more dense, course form. Being human in a three-dimensional world is the experience we have chosen at this moment. The pure connection to our divine origin is still there, but it has become vague or lost in the denser coarse energies of the physical world.

The affects of the life energies that revitalize us physically, mentally and spiritually are known as power. The quality of our power depends on the quality of our thoughts and emotions. Almost all the power available to us is drained by our habitual life routine. This routine includes our actions, thoughts, emotions, as well as the self-created beliefs from our limited perceptions. So much power is wasted on unnecessary habits that there is hardly enough available to maintain good health, or to face new challenging life situations.

Most people have just enough power to maintain their own daily habits and routine. It wouldn’t be surprising if most of us do not have the surplus power to start new endeavors or to discover the divine faculties that is hidden within us. To increase our power, we have to acknowledge how we use the life energies around us each moment of every day.

We are conscious individualized images of pure essence created within bodies of light. We received the gift of eternal life and the power to use our own will freely. Will is a divine power that gives us the strength to create. Thus, we were given a divine Power and the responsibility to use it freely. With this gift we can change our perception & transform consciousness. 

Free will is a gift of enormous power, yet be careful when you use it. As a creative force, it is connected the morphogenic energy patterns of all the good and all the evil that was ever formed through it. Therefore it is very important to remember our divine origin when we use it.

It gives us the freedom to choose the experiences we associate ourselves with. The experiences that we are mostly conscious of are the experiences we associate our essences with. We may not always like what we think about, or our thoughts might be about the negativities of something else that trouble us. It might even be thoughts that we have suppressed in our subconscious minds… All these are still thoughts we choose to represent our perceptions, our openness to consciousness, and the way we utilize power.  We have the choice to hide negative experiences from our conscious awareness, or we can use our power and transform them to positive experiences.

What we see within ourselves depends on how open our awareness to consciousness is. The quality of our thoughts and the types of life situations we focus our perception on indicate our levels of consciousness. On a quantum level, all our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions create energy fields of different dimensions. The combined energetic vibrations of these fields cause a certain frequency that is unique to each individual. This creates specific morphogenic fields of beliefs that hold our perceptions.

Our perceptions align us with a certain range of energetic vibrations. Anything within the universal consciousness that contains a higher energetic vibration then that of our awareness of consciousness will not exists to us. We can only perceive the vibration that co-exists on our levels of consciousness and below.

We contain the timeless wisdom, love & power of our divine essences, as well as the awakening innocence that are growing towards being divine essence. Within each of us is a reflection of everything life contains on all levels of existence. This is not in its separate form, but a holographic reflection of all there is. Every part of the reflection is a complete image of the whole. It is only through our perception, or our level of consciousness that we perceive everything as separate. Thus, it is true that every one of us is a microcosm of the macrocosm. 

Our purpose on earth is to raise consciousness, to remember our divine essence, and to learn more about our true being through life experiences. The key to all this is through awareness. We contain everything within us that needs to be changed around us. This is our part in transforming consciousness as a hole. Within us are the positive and the negative experiences we are assigned to. Transform the negative experiences and let the positive experiences evolve so that everything within us become one with divine consciousness. We do not have to be concerned about the world out there.  Transform the experiences of uneasiness within our inner selves, for the world will change in accordance. This is our power.

Within us are life energies, or power that radiate directly from the source of all creation. Unfortunately, we experience most of this power through the density of the third-dimensional world. Our daily routine, life situations and the negative aspects hidden in our subconscious minds absorb most of our life energies. It blocks the true power of these energies.

Instead of being empowered by it, we let everything that flow through us be contaminated by our negative believes that is hold within us.  Besides for barely sustaining life, this leaves us with not enough power to take control over our thoughts, emotions & perception. Instead of discovering new aspects within us, we’re caught in habitual routines that we belief is the way of life.

With not enough energy or power to be in one with our divine essences, we assume our limited view of the world is the only reality and lower our consciousness to experience only that. Just the belief that we are our egos, personalities, thoughts & emotions takes a tremendous amount of energy and leave little for our purpose of raising consciousness through self-discovery. 

At this point of being human, we contain more power then we think. All of us have the same amount of power available to us, but not one person use it the same. Every thought, every emotion and every word has a great influence… not just on you or those it is projected on, but on the whole subtle process called evolution of consciousness… 

Now is an important time to realize the limitations in the way we look at ourselves. Without experiencing the boundaries of our perceptions, our understanding of the beings we are will be limited. Our access to universal power is as such restricted by our own views of ourselves. The only way to gain access to this power is by taking control over our perceptions. If we don’t, we limit ourselves to a world where we blame the situations around us for what is happening within us. The experiences that are meant to guide us will become our enemies.

We’ll be caught in a search for happiness from the outside world. It may be through success, fame, popularity, beauty, relationships, money or controlling others. At times it may feel as if we have found the happiness we were looking for, just to realize that we are still searching. Our own limitations appear in the form of anger fear or sadness, yet we blame the appearance of these emotions on the situation that brought them to the surface.

It does not matter how restricted or limited our perceptions are. Knowing what our perceptions are open the doorway to all our power. When we describe ourselves, it is easy to think of all the good qualities we can add to this description.

Our perception is not build on images of who we like to be. Al that is real to this is a vibrational frequency that resembles want or desire.

Our perceptions are build on how we experience all the situations life bring to us. This may be through real life experiences, something we read, or shocking news on the television. These situations contain certain messages beyond the physical appearance. These messages are not specific, but unique to each of us and appear in the form of vibrations. They are meant to bring anything of the same frequencies within our subconscious to our awareness. Hidden emotions that exist within us as conscious energy patterns are set alive and we experience this through our thoughts, feelings and actions.  This is what our perception holds. It is brought foreword for the purpose of transformation. 

We have to take an honest look at all our thoughts and emotions. This is our reality and represents our levels of consciousness. We can only change the experiences we represent. Are you willing to change? If the answer is yes, make sure your perception is open to it.

Let our views of the world be so open that the words we read or the situations we experience become less important then what we have learned from the experience within us. Look at the meaning behind the situation. Listen to & observe everything that happens around us.  The importance of any situation is, firstly in the pureness of its intent, and secondly in the feelings, thoughts and actions it brought forward in us.

Do not take a situation or teachings apart to find the deeper meaning in it. The deeper meaning can only be found within ourselves. We should not close our awareness to anything around us. Realize life is a learning school. Everything that happens to us has meaning. That includes what we perceive through our senses, what we think and what we feel.

The meaning of spirituality does not lay in the situation or in the truths of the words that is spoken to us, but in the way we interpret it and experience it within. Everything that happens to us is a means to help us to understand ourselves better. It assists in raising consciousness in ourselves, as well as the world in whole to its purest form.


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