Anatomy of Consciousness

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A Journey from Head to Heart to Spirit


Deep inside us resides an ageless yearning to understand the essential nature of ourselves, as well as all things that play part in our lives. The purpose of this book is to open our awareness to the inner experiences that offer a better understanding of who we are. It makes us aware of the subtle, yet powerful abilities that live within each of us as dormant instruments of power.

It is also meant to give us guidance and insight on the true inner journey. This journey takes us through many dimensions of consciousness back to our untainted essences. No person can tell us exactly what our challenges or purpose in this life is.  It is for each one of us to discover the meaning of our own lives and to pursue the power that can create the realities we want. 

We not only wish for health, we also want a better understanding of the challenges life offers, the emotional changes that affect us so deeply and the meaning of just being human. We want to know why we’re sometimes filled with energy and at other times depleted of it. We want to know why some people are healthy and others are not. We want to understand why fear, anger, depression, happiness and love influence us all so differently. We want a better understanding of the conscious energy patterns that connect us to the divine will of God. We want to experience our true power and be in control of our own lives on all levels of our existence.

Unfortunately most of us experience life as a wild roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. External factors influence each of us in a different way. Irritability and anger crawls up on us when least expected. Happiness is followed by sadness or pain. Some of us are aware of a deep longing inside us, others are haunted by an unknown fear. All this leaving us unsure of whom we truly are.

Instead of associating only with what we experience out there, we can see how inner experiences influence our outer world. The world in and around us is a complete living network of constant interactions. Any direct effort to change the world will be of no avail. The only place to start any changes is from within. We can be absolutely honest with ourselves. We cannot overlook negative thoughts and feelings. Observed, experienced, understood, changed, released and replaced them; otherwise they will fester within us. We cannot run away from the challenges life presents to us. We’ll find ourselves just running straight back into them. This time they will appear with all might. The feelings and thoughts that life’s challenges show in us can at times be overwhelming if we do not know their real meaning. Life did not draw them to us… it only brought our attention to the mental and emotional energies that we unknowingly related to. We are only controlled by unforeseen situations if we’re not ready for their appearances.

Do not face the challenges life offers with fear or doubt, but with courage, love and understanding. Our emotions will become our friends and messengers, and our thoughts will become the doorway to wisdom, joy and power. Everything in and around us is there to help us in discovering the powerful beings we are.

The Meaning of Words

It is not easy to understand the inner journey using just rational words. Words are symbols, and like any other symbols, each person finds different meanings in their appearances. The basic meaning of a symbol may seem on the surface the same, but deep inside all of us, each symbol has its own meaning.

The meaning of words is influenced by cultures, beliefs, personal life experiences and what we have learned from others. Words have its own meaning to each of us. To understand their implications, See words through the perception of the one that uses them. Do not force words to fit your frame of mind. Let your view of the world be fluid and see the words from the perception of the person you listen to. This does not mean that you must believe what you read, but rather that you should understand the information from the framework of the writer’s mind. The feelings and thoughts that the writings awaken in you are also your challenges.

Words are not always what they seem to be. By separating a word from the context, you deny the true meaning behind it. Words only get meaning when the intent of the source is understood. Intent is the real importance behind each word and can only be seen in context of the whole. The meaning of the word is not in the word itself; it is the purpose of the writer, as well as the reader’s intentions that give meaning to the word.

Words are a powerful way the rational mind expresses what it knows, feels and wants. Misunderstanding words can cause sadness, fear, division and even war. To avoid the obstacles of words, do not look at them out of context of the whole, for words only get their true meaning when the pieces are molded back together to give it form. Whatever you read or listen to, see the whole, for if you don’t, the true meaning of words will be lost.

Some aspects of the inner journey cannot be explained in the normal way of rational thinking. These aspects form part of our spatial mind and cannot be experienced by our senses, our emotions, our thoughts or by reasoning. Words do not always have the depth to give these aspects the importance they deserve, for words is an ability of our sequential minds. The spiritual realms resonate at such a high octaves that it is out of reach of our normal senses. Words that are chosen to explain the spiritual side of us can easily lose their meaning, for they are related to earthly things.

By using words in a context of the whole, by giving them deeper meaning, and by seeing them through the perception of the writer; they might symbolize or resemble the true meaning we want to capture.

The reader is thus more important than the writings, for without the true understanding of the use of words from the reader, the meaning of the writings will be misunderstood or go unseen.

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