My Book


A Journey From Head to Hearth to Spirit

Jaco Weihmann

(Completed in 1999) 


Chapter 1

Matter, Energy & Spirit

  • 1.1  Great names, evolving ideas
  • 1.2  A world of living energies
  • 1.3  Our influence on conscious energy patterns
  • 1.4  Time and Space
  • 1.5  The Spirit of energy
  • 1.6  The way we see reality and ourselves
  • 1.7  Energetic fields of consciousness

Chapter 2

The World in Our heads and Beyond

  • 2.1 Awareness of the worlds in our head
  • 2.2 The Physical world
  • 2.2.1 A world of matter
  • 2.2.2 The body’s main functions
  • 2.3  Awareness of the instinctive world
  • 2.3.1        Basic needs
  • 2.3.2        A world of action
  • 2.4  The Emotional World
  • 2.4.1        A world of vibrant sensations
  • 2.4.2        The effect and cause of emotions
  • 2.4.3        Emotions and self-awareness
  • 2.5  The Intellectual World
  • 2.5.1        The power of thought
  • 2.5.2        If thoughts take over
  • 2.5.3        A last thought on intellect
  • 2.6  Love from the world in the head
  • 2.7  Beyond the heart
  • The sequential and the spatial mind
  • Essence, consciousness, mind and matter
  • The relationship between consciousness, willpower and perception

Chapter 3

The Anatomy of Existence

  • The universal life energies
  • The known, the unknown and the unknowable
  • The unexpressed life force
  • The Universal Essence
  • The four expressions of the Universal Essence
  • Consciousness of the Universal Essence
  • The universal field of consciousness
  • Dimensions within the universal field of consciousness
  • Individualized fields of consciousness
  • Morphogenic energy fields
  • The human field of consciousness
  • Dimensions of human consciousness
  • Creation of the human field of consciousness
  • Our place in the universal field of consciousness

Chapter Four

The Anatomy of Human Consciousness

  • Arena of the human field of consciousness
  • The seven arenas of human consciousness in short
  • Different states of awareness
  • Sequential awareness
  • Spatial awareness
  • Universal awareness
  • Conscious mind
  • Subconscious mind
  • Deep subconscious mind
  • The powerful influence from subtler arenas of consciousness
  • Conscious energy transmitters
  • Our views of ourselves – Essence consciousness or ego consciousness
  • Individualized essence
  • The four expressions of individualized essence
  • Description of individualized essence

Chapter 5

Conscious Energy Bodies

  • Universal perceptual consciousness – The twelfth energy body
  • Essence consciousness – Psycho-spiritual consciousness
  • Universal mind consciousness – The eleventh conscious energy body
  • Divine feeling consciousness – the tenth energy body
  • Divine power consciousness –The ninth conscious energy body
  • More about essence consciousness
  • Higher perceptual consciousness – The eights conscious energy body
  • Psychosomatic consciousness
  • Higher mind consciousness – The seventh conscious energy body
  • Higher feeling consciousness – The sixth conscious energy body
  • Higher will consciousness – The fifth conscious energy body
  • Lower perceptual consciousness – The fourth conscious energy body
  • Physical consciousness
  • Lower mind consciousness – the third conscious energy body
  • Lower feeling consciousness – the second conscious energy body
  • Lower power consciousness – The first conscious energy body
  • Physical form

Chapter Six

Conscious Energy Transmitters

  • Seventh conscious energy transmitter – Higher mind
  • Sixth conscious energy transmitter – Higher feeling
  • Fifth conscious energy transmitter – Higher will
  • Forth conscious energy transmitter –
  • Third conscious energy transmitter – Lower mind
  • Second conscious energy transmitter – Lower feeling
  • First conscious energy transmitter – Lower will

Chapter Seven

Pursuing Power

  • Tests, lessons & life experiences
  • The lessons within natural life experiences
  • The universal laws of consciousness
  • The law of oneness
  • The Law of vibration
  • Law of action
  • Law of correspondence
  • Law of cause and effect
  • Law of compensation
  • The law of attraction
  • The law of transition of energy
  • The law of relativity
  • Law of polarity
  • Law of rhythm
  • Law of gender
  • The holographic universe

Chapter Eight

Claiming Power

  • Surrounded by mirrors of living energy
  • Different views of one truth
  • Cultures, religion and spirit
  • All challenges are equal
  • The art of inner silence
  • Transformation and personal growth
  • Tracing the subconscious
  • The art of not-doing
  • The art of inner cleansing
  • The art of dreaming
  • Personal and spiritual growth

6 thoughts on “My Book

  1. Dear Jako
    How are you doing?
    Yesterday I told a friend about you. He is a Swiss Business man and travels a lot to South Africa for Business (and pleasure) and he is also very intrested in spiritual Work. I gave him your Website adress. He will contact you, as soon he is in Johannesburg again. His first name is the same as yours: Jack (or Jacob 🙂
    Unfortunately I wasn’t flying to Jo.burg anymore! I hope maybe in September? We will see!
    I would love to work again with you. I have new experiences, wonderful and would love to talk about it to you one day (soon) and ask for your opinion and your experiences in that matter.
    Do you have Skype? Maybe we could skype one day??
    We have a hot summer right now, lovely. Coming Sunday, I drive up to the Engadin, (near St. Moritz in the Swiss Alps) to see Marcus, he stays the whole summer up there in the Alps.
    Hope to get in touch with you soon, a very big hug and lots of light for you

  2. Hi Jaco, Ia m glad you are fine and yes, when I come again to Johannesburg, I wil llet you know in advance. I am also looking forward to see you, take care, bye bye.

  3. Dear Jako
    How are you? It’s been a long time since I heard from you. I was only once in Johannesburg, a few month ago, tried to get in touch with you, but couldn’t, unfortunately. I haven’t been to South Africa for a long time now. I am so sorry, that we don’t stay anymore in the Balalaika Hotel. The Hilton is not as nice as it was before in the other Hotel. I hope to see you soon again and wish you now a lovely time, much Love, Mignon

    • Hi Mignon! It is really nice to hear from you again. If you are in johannesburg, no matter what hotel, please let me know. Would love to see you. My cell number is 0820880375.

  4. Dear Jako
    How are you?
    Just looked at your very nice and professional website!
    For the past 6 month I didn’t fly, worked on ground during this time, but returnd to the flight duty last month.
    I hope to come to JNB soon again, maybe in December? 🙂
    Hope to see you soon!
    Still hope to work with you soon, to learn how you work!
    Please answer my message, if possible, so I know you got my message, thank’s a lot.

    Much Love,

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