Natural Mood Enhancing Perfumes, Body Mists & Air Fresheners

Powermists are specifically designed to aid with self-empowerment and personal growth. The subtle resonance of each fragrance mirrors a certain quality of mind. The fragrances are carried to the olfactory glands from where they influence neural impulses.  

 Powermists create a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious minds. It opens a channel for bio-feedback and subconscious re-programming. Each fragrance comes with

powerful affirmations that increase the focus when used with meditation, visualizing or any self-empowerment exercises.

These gentle fragrances delight the senses and make you conscious of your body, your feelings, your mind and your inner being. Self-awareness is important for reality shifting and heightened awareness.



Chakras are conscious energy centres that represent the different areas of life (or different dimensions of consciousness). Your strengths and successes differ from area to area, yet all areas are connected and influence one another greatly. Each area mirrors your perception, believes, thoughts, emotions and behaviour to a different degree.

These perfumes and the affirmations that go with them are designed to aid you on the journey of personal-mastery. 


I have everything I need – I create material prosperity – I am grounded – I am connected to earth and nature –


I feel beautiful – I am filled with joy – I am creative – I have an intimate relationship with every person in my life –


I am confident – I accomplish everything I set my mind on – I use my thoughts to create beauty in my life –


I love unconditionally – I love and accept all of who I am – I am loved – I am balanced – I am in touch with Body, Mind & Spirit –


I express my truth – I know I create my own destiny – Silence opens me to wisdom – Words shape my future – I trust –


I am one with all that I am – I am spirit, I am human – I am open to infinite wisdom, love and power – I enjoy every moment being who I am right here right now – 


I feel beautiful – Luminous patterns of living energies surround my being – The love and happiness I feel radiates as bright colours in my aura


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