Natural Beauty


Herb extracts, therapeutic plant oils and pure essential oils are used to create this unique range of skin care products.


Cleansing, the first step in taking care of your skin.

Neroli Cleansing Cream (100g) – R75.00

Rosemary Cleansing Scrub – R75.00

Deep Cleansing – R75.00

Toning, the second step in taking care of your skin.

Revitalizing Toner (50ml) – R55.00

A Natural skin toner that cleanses and revitalise the skin. Tightens skin pores.             

Moisturizing, the third step in taking care of your skin

Moisturizing is the most important part of a skin care program. moisturizer are available in pure oil for, or blended into a neutral cream base

Oily Skin Moisturizer – R75.00

specific combination of herbs, essential oils and plant waxes for an oily skin. 

Dry Skin Moisturizer – R75.00

specific combination of herbs, essential oils and plant oils for a dry skin.  

Mature Skin Moisturizer – R85.00

specific combination of herbs, essential oils and plant  oils for a mature skin                

Day Moisturizer – R75.00

A light moisturizer that is easily absorbed by the skin. Suitable for all skin types.                    

Deep Moisturizer (50g) -R85.00

Full moisturizer that encourages cell renewal,  and improves skins texture.          

Shea Butter & Rose Hip Cream (50g) – R85.00                                

Softens, moisturizes & heals. Rich in vitamin C & E.  revitalize the skin.Special Care for the Face

                                                                 Facial Oils

Medicinal herb extracts, nutrient-rich vegetal oils and pure therapeutic fragrances distilled from the core of plants & flowers are blend together to create these unique range of facial oils and creams for a professional beauty therapy.                                                                                                                                             

Anti-Ageing Oil – R95.00 

Specific combination of herbs, plant oils & essential oils to aid in slowing down the skin’s ageing process 

Restorative oil (30ml) – R95.00

Prevents the formation of wrinkles. Fades already existing wrinkles.  

Essential Night Treat (50g) – R95.00     

A rich moisturizer that fades marks, freckles and wrinkles. Protects skin from blemishes.  


Body Spa Moisturizer (250ml) – R75.00    

Natural moisturizer for all skin types. Contains herb extracts, vegetal oils and essential oils. 

Body Spa Moisturising Oil (150ml) – R75.00

Natural moisturizer for all skin types. Contains herb extracts, vegetal oils and essential oils.    


Restoring Hand Lotion – R55.00

For rough & damaged hands. Softens, moisturises & heals. Fight infections        

Hand Spa Lotion (100ml) – R55.00            

Moisturizes and softens, leaving your hands beautiful and healthy. Fight infections            


Restoring Foot Lotion – R55.00

For cracked heals, rough and dry feet or infected feet. Softens, moisturises & heals     

Circufeet Spa Lotion – R55.00 

Improves circulation in feet & legs. Softens, moisturizes & warms the feet 

Relaxing Foot Spa Lotion – R55.00 

For tired & sore feet. Calming & relaxing. Moisturises, softens & heals.    

Revitalizing Foot Spa Lotion – R55.00

For tired and sore feet. Energizing and uplifting. Moisturizes, softens & heals.                                        


Anti-Dandruff moisturiser – R55.00 

Rid the head of dandruff, fights parasites and moisturises dry scalp.    

Hot-Oil-Hair-Treat(50ml) – R65.00

Inflammation of joints or muscles, arthritis, gout, pain, poor circulation                          

Deep Conditioning Hair tonic – R65.00 

Softens and revitalise dull and split hair      


Cuticle oil – R65.00

A combination of natural oils, herb extracts and essential oils. Softens, heals & for infections      

Anti-Fungal Nail Oil – R65.00

A combination of herbs & oils with antifungal, antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties

Nail strengthening Oil (50ml) – R65.00

Strengthens nails. Used for brittle nails. For strong & healthy nails. Heal nail cuticle.          


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