Natural Animal Remedies


Animal Calmer – R65.00

Stress, shock, trauma, anxiety, neuralgia & depression.                                 

Antifungal Mix – R65.00

External & internal use, worms, parasites, wounds, infections & rashes.

Pet Immune – R65.00

Strengthens the immune system, fights disease, and builds resistance to disease.                                                                                                                     

Lung & Chest Tonic – R65.00

Any mucous related problems, difficulty in breathing, strengthens the lungs.                                 

Circulation Toner – R65.00

Poor circulation, heart problems, high cholesterol, blood pressure problems & inflamed veins.                      

Pest Control Formula – R65.00                                                    

Internal remedy that controls tics, fleas, internal worms & other parasites.                                  

Bone & Muscle Health – R65.00

Rheumatism, arthritis, gout, bursitis, fibrosis, joint or muscle inflammation.   

Urinary Formula – R65.00

Kidney problems, bladder problems, water retention, natural antiseptic                                              

Antiseptic Salve – R65.oo

Septic wounds, rashes, ringworm, inflammation, antifungal antiseptic                                               

Wound Salve – R65.00

Healing of wounds, sores, cuts or any type of inflammation.                            


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