Healer’s Touch

Combine the healing power of touch with nature

A combination of aromatherapy, herbalism and human touch. We use only the purest quality vegetal oils, essential oils & herb extracts.


All the ingredients used are 100% natural and blended just for babies. We use herb extracts, plant oils and essential oils that is pure and gentle. Good for a sensitive skin.

Baby Bum (100gr)  – R75.00      

 A gentle yet powerful ointment made from beeswax, herb extracts and pure essential oils. Used for nappy rash & inflamed bum. It is a natural moisturizing ointment that heals ans softens the skin. 

Baby Calm  (50ml) – R65.00      

A gentle calming oil. It is harmonizing, relaxing and soothing. Used for irritability, anxiety or a peaceful night’s rest. This gentle oil is also a good moisturizer and skin healer.

Baby Chest (50ml)  – R65.00   

A gentle oil that soothes and relaxes the lungs. It is warming and healing. It loosens phlegm and relieves coughing and congestion, with antiviral and antibacterial properties.              

Baby Tummy  (50ml) – R65.00 

A Gentle soothing oil that relieves stomach spasms. It calms & relaxes the stomach muscles . Used for flatulence, grip, stomach cramps and indigestion.                

Sweet Dreams Mist (50ml) – R40.00

A Gentle natural mist with calming and relaxing properties. Spray it on a pillow, a blanket or in the room for a beautiful night’s rest for your baby.   


50ml oil blends prepared from the finest natural ingredients. Herb extracts, natural oils and 100% pure essential oils are combined to create these heavenly oils. It is used as massage oils, bath oils or as a skin moisturizer. Uplifting the body, mind and soul. 

 Relaxing Spa Oil – R65.00

This is a perfect oil for relaxing the body, the muscular system and the mind. It creates a good space for relaxing, meditating. Slowing down and enjoy the gentleness of being in your own body.        

Uplifting Spa Oil – R65.00

Invigorating and energizing. Increases energy and uplifts the mind.    

Sensual Spa Oil – R65.00

Sensual massage oil with aphrodisiac fragrances.                              

Therapeutic Spa Oil – R65.00

Inflamed muscles, muscle aches and cramps. tired body.      


Each 50ml Oil-Rub is a unique combination of medicinal herb extracts, therapeutic plant oils and pure essential oils.

…Used as massage oils, friction rubs oil or add to the bath…

Arthri-Rub – R75.00                 

 Helps against inflammation, reduces pain, used for arthritis, gout, and rheumatism.   

Chest-Rub – R75.00                  

Assists in enhancing healthy functioning of the Respiratory system.

Cardio-Rub – R75.00                 

Improves blood circulation. Used for palpitations, anxiety attacks and high blood pressure    

Circu-Rub – R75.00                    

Improves blood circulation. Used for cold hands and feet, poor circulation & pain relief   

Digesto-Rub – R75.00            

Indigestion, gas, stomach cramps and other problems of the digestive tract.

Inflammo-Rub – R75.00               

Inflammation of joints or muscles, arthritis, gout, pain, poor circulation 

Lymph Drainage Oil – R75.00

Assists in promoting best functioning of the lymphatic system.  

Sino-Rub – R75.00              

Assists in relieving sinus congestion and other related symptoms       

Healing Oil – R75.00                

Sores, burns, nappy rash, insect bites, stings, cuts, wounds, acne marks, eczema & psoriasis.  

Toning-Rub – R75.00            

Skin and body tissue regenerator. Cellulite, varicose veins, stretch marks. Firms skin   


Lip Balms (10gr) – R25.00

A variety of Natural lip balms that soften and moisturizer your lips.. Sunburn, damaged & sensitive lips. 

Lip Balms (10gr) R25.oo

A variety of Natural lip balms that soften and moisturizer your lips.. Sunburn, damaged & sensitive lips.                                              25.00

Complex Herbal Creams


Medicinal herb extracts, herbal tinctures, therapeutic plant oils, and the healing fragrances of pure essential oils are blended in a gentle base to create this range of unique therapeutic facial creams.

Healing Cream – R65.00

Sores, burns, nappy rash, insect bites, stings, cuts, wounds, marks, eczema & psoriasis.               

Acne Cream – R65.00  

Fights inflammation, regulates oil gland secretion, healing & prevents scar formation               

Sunshine Cream – R65.00

Used for fungal, viral or bacterial infections. Candida, athlete’s foot and septic wounds       

Soothing Cream – R 65.00

Very useful to relief pain associated with arthritis, gout, inflamed muscles and internal pain   

Lady’s Cream – R65.00

Relieves hot flushes & menopause related symptoms. PMS, Relaxes muscles, lessons cramps    

Stretch mark cream – R65.00     

Skin & body tissue regenerator. Rich in vitamin E Prevents scar formation and improves skin texture         

Varicose veins cream – R65.00 

Strengthens veins & capillaries, improves circulation. A specific for varicose veins.                         

Cellulite cream – R65.00            

Very useful against cellulite, improves circulation & detox. It firms and improves skin texture.               



African Potato Cream – R55.00  

Cancer sores, rashes, sores, wounds and cuts. Anti-inflammatory & healing              

Aloe Cream – R55.00                

Rough and damaged skin, stimulates cell regeneration                  

Buchu Cream – R55.oo              

Wound healing and cleansing, bruises, urinary tract infection, rheumatism.

Cancerbush Cream – R55.00      

Wounds, fevers, rheumatism, inflammation & swollen glands         

Arnica Cream – R55.00            

Bruises, internal injuries, rheumatism, inflamed muscle, sport injuries   

Lavender Cream – R65.oo       

Antiseptic, aches, pains, and sore joints.  Softens and tones the skin   

Tea Tree Cream – R55.00         

Useful for skin infections, antiseptic and antifungal, cuts, sores, insect bites & burns.

Comfrey Cream – R55.00           

Wound healing and anti-inflammatory, promotes tissue regeneration & cell renewal    

Marigold Cream – R55.00          

Skin inflammation, external bleeding, wounds, bruising and strains.   

Witch Hazel Cream – R55.00    

Improves skin texture, moisturizer, and encourages cell renewal      

Yarrow Cream – R55.00                        

Stops bleeding, wound healing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory        

Therapeutic sprays

Sportsmen Sprays (15ml) – R35.00        

Sport injuries, warming up, sprained muscles, muscle cramps       

Lavender Spray (15ml) – R35.00    

Prevents infection & inflammation. Used for burns and wounds.       

Antiseptic spray (15ml) – R35.00

Septic wounds, inflamed wounds, cell renewal, fungal infections    

For Men

Shaving Cream (100gr) – R65.00            

Softens beard, moisturizer skin, natural skin emollient and prevents infections         

Aftershave Lotion (100ml) – R65.00       

Prevents infections and skin irritations, softens, cleansing and refreshing.

Men’s Moisturizer (100gr) – R60.00        

Balancing moisturizer developed to protect the skin against harsh conditions and stress.          

Natural Repellents

Mosquitaway cream (100gr) – R40.oo    

Repels mosquitoes and relieves itchiness due to insect bites                  

Insect Repellent oil (50ml) – R45.00      

Repels tics, flees, mosquitoes and other insects                                        

Lice a’ nit spray (50ml) – R65.00          

Apply ones or twice a day till lice has disappeared.                          

Lice a’ nit cream (100ml) – R65.00         

Apply ones or twice a day till lice has disappeared.   


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