Jaco Weihmann

I am an Alternative Health Practitioner and Transpersonal Life Coach, specializing in Natural Medicine.

My first book Anatomy of Consciousness, completed in 1999,  is published on my blog.

I am the founder of  Earth in Essence, natural products for health, harmony and happiness. It consists of 7 different ranges with a variety of more than 300 products.

Herbalist / Naturopath

I started my studies in 1990 at the College of Medicinal Herbs in Durban, after which I furthered my training at the College of Natural Medicine in Cape Town. My studies included Herbalism, Homeopathy, Subtle Body Work, Aromatherapy, Energy Medicine, Flower Essences, Nutrition and Life Coaching.

Exploring the Beyond

After my studies I had a strong yearning to explore our deeper nature. I was aware of the powerful effect of intent, the incredible synchronicity of life and the intuitive knowing that takes us beyond all reasoning.

I committed myself to my research by working with traditional healers, sangomas, njangas, bushmen shamans and other wisdom seekers from different cultures and backgrounds, hoping to discover more similarities in our differences. Most of our work was interactive experiences and not sharing word knowledge alone. The wisdom of nature, reading natural  energies, using intuition and perceptual shifting received the most attention. It gave me a better understanding of the anatomy of consciousness, human potential, our interconnectedness with nature and the transpersonal dimensions within each of us.

I started my practice  in Johannesburg where my understanding around healing, mind, intuition, heightened awareness and perceptual shifting continues to grow through interactive work with my clients and students.

Please phone or email me for more information

Cell – 082 088 0375


3 thoughts on “Jaco Weihmann

  1. Dude…awesome…so glad u got this blog going!! You have had a profound impact on my life and appreciate the time we can spend together.

    Very powerful is the interactive experiences you mention above versus words…it is always so with us…through our interaction my wisdom downloads all the time…never in the words we share but the INTERACTION we generate via the words!!

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