Health & Perception

The way you experience reality have a direct influence over your state of health. The subconscious influences over your wellbeing are an important factor to consider.
It is your responsibility to see the best in every moment – in yourself and the world around you; no matter what your conditions are.

Germs, Viruses, Parasites & Pathogens

Germs & viruses usually get the blame when we get sick. Yet they take control only when there are weaknesses or disharmony in the body’s natural balancing systems. It is certain conditions that draw germs, viruses and other micro-organisms to your body. Usually body cells that resonate low in life force create the perfect environment for these organisms.
Some of the micro-organisms that cause disease are also involved in maintaining health in your body. It is only when the body is in disharmony that they cause disease.

The healthy functioning of the body depends on many factors. Nutrition, water, exercise, emotions, thoughts and believes are equally important in creating a healthy environment for you to live in.


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